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Serious good hazy house moods here from Baltra who skirts perilously close to Seinfeld's all-conquering grip of lo-fo house territories through a seriously radiant and atmospheric EP that'll appeal to anyone who's enjoyed the inspired takes on deep house that this new crop of house superstars have developed. Think last year's "Time Spent Away From U" on Lobster Fury, Ross From Friends' and Berlin's Erdbeerschnitzel.

Scorched house music that likes the levels in the red; its voluptuous pad swells and searing strings jostling for position across a side-chained, tape compressed aesthetic that makes drums snap and hats sizzle.

Favourite track for us is "Can't Explain It" - a guaranteed serotonin-drainer with glowing pads, a nigh-on-euphoric vocal ident and baggy, sloppy breakbeat - absolute perfection!

From the calm and dreamy lands of Oregon arrives this majestic EP. Luscious and gentle yet dark and deep electronic music inside this beautifully presented 12". On the A side we have been gifted two dancefloor friendly house numbers. A1's 'Every Moment' is a frolicking gentle affair that has elements of immersive Detroit techno embedded. A2's 'Reach Out' leaves the techno element out and focus on straight deep house 90s style with catchy vocal sampler included and infectious bass. Solid number, folks. My favourite on the package. Flip this diamond to the B side and you have first a funked up, chill out number which starts simple and ends up with more complex layers of seductive notes. This one will empty the dancefloor but will do wonders in your living room. One for the discerning listener. The closing act on B2 is a refreshingly cute drum 'n' bass tune. It will make you think of LTJ Bukem and pals. Time travel back to mid 90s again. I effusively recommend 'Select Gestures' as long as you do not expect any groundbreaking genre pioneering exercise. Buy on sight? Resounding yes.


Sil says: A seriously good 4 tracker EP containing a bit for everyone. The discerning listener will be surprised by the quality exuded here. Not just the music, Select Gestures comes packaged in a matte black sleeve complete with sticker and A6 insert! Great debut.

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