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Pavlov's Children

Little Douglas

    The double A - Side release featuring ‘Little Douglas’ and ‘Repeat Prescription’ is available on seven inch vinyl with hand-made, embossed sleeves designed and assembled by the band.

    The Pavlov’s Children line up of Rishi Shah and Thomas LaRoche formed last year and have so far only played a handful of live shows in and around London. Using tape loops throughout their music, they write and record on analog modular synthesisers which Shah designed and built himself to create the band’s unique sound to great effect.

    Tim Burgess

    A Gain / Stoned Alone Again Or - Seahawks Remix / Hours - Tandy Love Remix

    O.Genesis present a super Limited 12" Pressing, exclusive to Piccadilly Records, of remixes from Tim Burgess' recent, critically acclaimed, album "Oh No, I Love You".

    Seahawks delivers a stunning 11 minute remix of "A Gain//Stoned Alone Again Or (Seahawks Remix)", exclusive to 12", whilst on the flip Tandy Love aka Andy Votel brings his remix skills to "Hours".

    Average Sex

    Melodie EP

      London band Average Sex have announced the release of their second EP ‘Melodie’, released on Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Recordings. The EP was produced by Tim Burgess and James Spencer and recorded in Cheshire and is the follow-up to the acclaimed debut EP ‘Ice Cream’ that was released in December.

      With Average Sex it's love at first sight and love at first listen - just depends whether you see them live or hear one of their records first. If you like girls, boys, guitars, melodies and something to dance to then Laetitia, Sam, Louise, Finn and Jamie might well be your new BFFs. Finding love, falling out of love, slashing tyres, eating ice cream - all the major subjects are covered in classic three-minute pop gems that you will still be humming days later. Their songs are gorgeous and their gigs are hectic. And now they have a new EP with four reasons to love them more: ‘Ne M’Oublie Pas’, ‘U Suck’, ‘Melodie’ and ‘Sociopath’ are future classics.

      Average Sex are like the band you've been matched with on a dating site, so be free and go meet them for a drink

      November 16th 2017 Tim Burgess tweeted, asking his followers who they would recruit if they were putting together a band: “Who would you have in your supergroup? Excluding Charlatans, mine would be: Vocals: Me & Ladyhawke Guitar: Josh Heyward (The Horrors) Keys: Martin Duffy (Primal Scream) Bass: Debbie Googe (My Bloody Valentine) Drums: Steffan Halperin (The Chavs/ Klaxons)” The difference was that Tim's band was not only a real band but they had also recorded an album. As I Was Now was recorded in Cheshire in December 2008 by a group of friends and is now being released, nearly ten years later.

      “We were complaining about how boring things were between Christmas and New Year, so we got together to record some songs. Some songs were more complete than others, others appear on this record more finished than others.” Tim Burgess 


      LP Info: Limited signed copies available!

      Tim Burgess

      Inspired Again

        Limited edition pressing of 300 copies on 7” of “Inspired Again” taken from the Record Store Day album “As I Was Now”. The single comes backed with an exclusive track, a cover of Suicide’s “Cheree” .

        Richard Youngs


          Youngs recorded the album in his hometown, Glasgow, as a cycle of chamber songs, a 21st century update of the solo album – one musician playing all the instruments in a small one-room set up. The album itself began with Youngs collecting his own percussion samples: from handclaps, a battered old cymbal, an extractor fan vent, FM radio interference, cassette hiss and a kick from “a disastrously ‘80s sounding drum machine”. These were then used to programme beats, played back at randomly determined tempos in durations mapped to randomly chosen major label songs.

          The original plan was to send Belief out to the ‘major’ labels and collect the rejection letters as an art project. But, as soon as the album had been mixed, Daniel O’Sullivan (Grumbling Fur, This Is Not This Heat) played the songs to Tim Burgess and before the mail art project could take off, Belief became Richard’s debut for Tim Burgess’ O Genesis Recordings label.

          Average Sex

          Ugly Strangers

            “I got a call from Finn, the drummer in my solo band, who told me he'd just joined a brilliant band that I needed to listen to” says Tim Burgess about how he discovered the band. “Within a minute he'd sent a link and within 2 minutes I'd heard everything they'd recorded and they were my new favourite band. They have the pop sensibilities and the hooks and melodies that never leave your head.”

            Interview by Tim Burgess with Average Sex vocalist Laetitia Bocquet and guitarist Sam O Donovan:

            Where do you live?
            Laetitia: Homerton, East London
            Sam: Seven Sisters, London

            Where did you meet?
            L: Sam and I met at the Victoria through Finn, who later joined Average Sex on drums.
            S: We first properly met at a Yummy Fur gig at The Victoria

            What are your lyrics about?
            L: ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Hey Boy’ are about unrequited love and frustration. We’re done is about failed relationships. And ‘Ugly Strangers’ is about using alcohol to escape your real problems.

            You mentioned that The Victoria (pub in Dalston) was an important place in the story of the band - how come?
            L: When I wrote ‘Ugly Strangers’ I was having serious mental health issues and I was partying a lot to get away from myself until getting treatment. My friends worked at the Victoria so I was drinking there almost every night. When writing the song, I had a very vivid image of the Victoria in my head. The chorus is about all these nights there. The rest of the song is basically about life being shit, hence drinking to ‘be happy’.

            Where did we meet?
            L: I think that I first met you when we supported the Charlatans at the Hippodrome!
            S: I first met you properly at Tim Peaks Isle of Wight 2014

            Who cuts your hair?
            L: My mum or myself
            S: Me

            Who are your favourite bands?
            L: Most influential for me on this project would be Garbage, Young Marble Giants and 1960s French Yé-yé babe Jacqueline Taieb.
            S: REM, Weezer and the Ramones (mostly).

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Laura says: A joyous piece of guitar pop from this London five piece. It rattles along with pounding drums and scuzzy guitars, topped with Laetitia's nonchalant, cool as f*** vocals. Oh, and did I mention it's catchy as hell too! Ones to watch I think.

            Daniel O'Sullivan


              Tim Burgess’ curated imprint O Genesis Recordings present VELD, a new solo album of luminous pop incantations, electroacoustic music and shimmering drones from composer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel O’Sullivan. Whether solo or in his varied collaborative projects, O’Sullivan’s work is remarkable in the way it infuses familiar everyday experience with traces of the uncanny, the secret and the magickal. VELD distils these tangled realities into a wonderfully rich and complex record — one of O’Sullivan’s most immediate and moving pop albums to date, yet one that's strikingly dense and allusive, alive with enticing sonic diversions, hypnotic mantras and eerie biomechanical rhythms.

              VELD was written and recorded between 2010 and 2016 while O’Sullivan was living on Tower Gardens Road, during the same phase that also nurtured other collaborative projects including Grumbling Fur (with Alexander Tucker) and Laniakea (with Zu’s Massimo Pupillo). This was also the space where O’Sullivan assembled and arranged Ulver’s 12th studio album ATGCLVLSSCAP and the last two Æthenor LP’s (O’Sullivan’s “automatic composition” group with Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) and Steve Noble). The house was a kind of parallel world, an oasis of the strange and the mystical in suburban North London belonging to Ian Johnstone (artist, permaculturalist and muse of the late Jhonn Balance of seminal English experimentalists Coil), who passed away in 2015. The album is dedicated to Ian and his home who, explains O’Sullivan, was a friend, inspiration and grounding space over the years.

              Their influence has audibly seeped into O’Sullivan’s intuitive, exploratory approach to music. His varied work is united by a love of bricolage, a fascination for drawing sounds and ideas from across disciplines and aesthetic worlds into a shared orbit. Traces of his many projects all meet and mingle in VELD: from his solo music as Mothlite to the lysergic songcraft and space-time vortices of Grumbling Fur and Laniakea, the reality-distorting zones of Æthenor and Ulver, the electronic pop of Miracle (with Zombi synth maestro Steve Moore), and his recent involvement with another pioneering London group, This Is Not This Heat.

              While distinctly a solo-led record, VELD is animated by the same roaming, impulsive compositional spirit as his collaborative work. While grounded in pop music — which O’Sullivan describes as the ideal vessel for channelling more celestial energies — its dreamlike soundworld draws inspiration from across both natural and human landscapes. Its influences range from Ray Bradbury (whose story ‘Veldt’ inspired the album’s title) and Gurdjieff to Borges and Anais Nin; St. John’s Wort and Psylocybin to Tottenham Cemetery and Streatham Common; Cocteau Twins and Judee Sill to Alice Coltrane and Tony Conrad.

              Written during a time of great personal upheaval and growth, these are songs steeped in thoughts of change and growth: the joys, fears and strangeness of parenthood and family life, loss and grief, the passing of time. Yet they’re also inspired by the transformative, self-obliterating potential of sound and music — its ability, explains O’Sullivan, to weave together multiple voices, forms and aspects of the self into a unifying whole. So throughout you hear O’Sullivan’s voice merging and phasing with guest vocalists including Linn Carin Dirdal, Jael Reasoner and Astrud Steehouder, as the music surges from astral pop songs (‘Scorpio Rising Blues’, ‘Sabotage Devices’, ‘Luminous Fibres’) to dubbed-out electronics and burning feedback (‘Plutonians’, ‘The Projector’), fractal sound collage and spidery guitar pieces (‘Doe A Deer’, ‘Be Honour You’). The result is a record whose songs evoke multiple universes and other possible realities, making it O’Sullivan’s most unified and self-contained solo work to date.



                London four piece DIY punk outfit TEAR have today announced the release of their debut mini-album; 'VINYL01', due for release on 17th March via Tim Burgess' label O Genesis Recordings. The band signed to Tim's label in late 2015 for the release of their first EP, and have since been busy making a name for themselves through a string of intimate shows and festival performances. Alongside the news, the band have shared a brand new track; the fierce and focused 'Careless Again' (listen out for the Fleetwood Mac 'The Chain' influenced crescendo).

                The seven track mini-album contains the raw power that TEAR are renowned for across their live shows; it is a fully charged and sonically tight collection of female-fronted, lo-fi rock music that will be sure to earmark the band as ones to watch in 2017.

                Horsebeach / The Pheremoans

                Alone / Removals

                  'Alone' by Horsebeach captures their dreamscapey sound which has seen them get two albums in Piccadilly Records end of year review in recent times. The Pheromoans check in with' Removals' and 'My Two Careers' splitting their side of the split 7" into two beauties but be sure to play at 33rpm to avoid potential health risks when dancing

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Andy says: The Horsebeach track is like a dream set to music: beautiful. On the flip Pheremoans sound alternately like The Pastels and The Blue Aeroplanes on the two tracks showcased here. Excellent stuff.

                  Tim Burgess & Peter Gordon

                  Same Language, Different Worlds

                    The Charlatans frontman originally met New Yorker Peter Gordon in 2012 and they decided then on a music collaboration. Burgess had been a long time fan of Gordon’s work with Arthur Russell and The Love Of Life Orchestra. The album was produced by Gordon in New York and features many of his and Tim’s previous collaborators: Ernie Brooks who played with Arthur Russell on the first Modern Lovers album, trombone player Peter Zummo, conga player Mustafa Ahmed and Nik Void from Factory Floor.

                    "What I love about working with Peter is that in the late 70s with Peter Zummo and Arthur Russell and all the New York cats at The Kitchen, they were all making futuristic records," Burgess enthuses. "Now Peter in his mid-60s is still looking to do that. It's the world that I want to be in."

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Laura says: If you're only aware of Tim Burgess from his Charlatans releases, then you may be surprised by this album. Working with veteran composer and musician Peter Gordon, Tim explores more experimental / avant soundscapes, with his softly sung vocals floating over pulsing beats while keyboards bubble and whoosh, saxophones wail and trombone, congas and guitars drift in and out of the mix.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    2xColoured LP Info: Limited clear vinyl.

                    Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

                    Various Artists

                    Tim Burgess Presents Vinyl Adventures From Istanbul To San Francisco

                    Tim Book Two: Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul To San Francisco follows a road trip undertaken by Tim Burgess tracking down records recommended by the likes of Ian Rankin, Iggy Pop and Kim Gordon- it's a celebration of vinyl and those that collect it as well as those that sell it.

                    The compilation, ‘Vinyl Adventures from Istanbul to San Francisco’, is recommendations of the great and the good in life from The Clash chosen by one of The Vaccines to Willie Nelson picked by one of The Clash. No rules. Love sit comfortably beside Joy Division, Isao Tomita next to Duane Eddy. And it’s unlikely you’ll find an album with music by Fad Gadget, Tchaikovsky and Allen Ginsberg.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Andy says: This is the compilation album which accompanies Tim's wonderful book about, well, me, you, him, us, ALL OF US music obsessives who have, ever since we can remember, gravitated to independent record shops, rubbing shoulders with kindred spirits on that never ending search for our next musical hit. This album features songs chosen by Tim's friends who feature in the book. As such it is beautiful, bonkers, unique and varied. You really should get the book AND this record. Friends in music!

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    2xColoured LP Info: Limited edition white vinyl.

                    Beds In Parks / Cabbage

                    I'm A Warhol / Dinner Lady

                      Bios about bands always mention other bands, it's kind of how it works –

                      Beds In Parks started as a two piece with Finn and Joanna's shared love of The Velvet Underground and The Jesus and Mary Chain - they both had history with Finn swapping the drumming duties in. Hatcham Social for guitar and sharing vocal duties with Joanna Curwood, formerly of The History of Apple Pie. The results bring to mind Belly, maybe some Mazzy Star with a definite hint of Vaselines. But they mainly sound like Beds In Parks

                      Cabbage - the Manchester based 5-piece serve up an idiosyncratic, satirical attack in the form of discordant neo post punk. The band are a group of young males who have fallen into solitary, half-mad grooves of life and given up trying to be normal or decent. With a collective desire to express themselves creatively, artistically, and in a semi rebellious - but ultimately meaningful nature - Cabbage are here to fight for all that's pure. Oliver Rodrigues in 1825 said: “The power of the arts is indeed the most immediate and fastest way to social, political and economic reform,” and Cabbage join and submerge in that struggle and inevitable victory.

                      R. Stevie Moore

                      I Go Into Your Mind

                        O Genesis loves R Stevie Moore and we jumped at the chance to release a 7" single with three amazing songs.

                        The world needs to know more about R Stevie and O Genesis are among the cheeriest cheerleaders along with anyone with seriously good taste in music - I Go Into Your Mind featured in Tim Burgess's top 5 songs of all time and we've seen how many records Tim has so that really is something. He's been a best kept secret for too long and the mission to make him a household name starts here

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Laura says: I Go Into Your Mind is a gorgeous, shimmering dream-pop song, and a perfect introduction to the world of R Stevie Moore.

                        There's no real A&R department at O Genesis. Nobody has the set task of tracking down bands that can be converted into dollar via some record company band mangling machine. It's way slower and more mellow than that - we all listen to music all the time, it's what we talk to our friends about. One of those friends is Paddy Considine, and his band Riding The Low had supported The Charlatans - he brought us a CD of a band he knew from Portland Oregon and said he'd told them about O Genesis. We all had a listen and we got in touch with the band.

                        So this is them, Eyelids, or Eyelids OR as they are to be known over here. They have a past involving being members of The Decemberists, Guided By Voices and even one of Stephen Malkmus's Jicks but now's about the present and the future. There's a Big Star, Teenage Fanclub thing which hooked us in but there's way more than that. There's a fully formed album, 854, that's coming out on O Genesis and we've had the chance to cherry pick some extra tracks too including material produced by Peter Buck and songs you'll be whistling for weeks.

                        So that's it, no A&R department just recommends from friends. Just like it should be

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        CD Info: Initial copies include a bonus disc featuring 4 cover versions, while stocks last.

                        Tim Burgess

                        Track Of My Life / Like I Already Do


                          The list of who Peter Gordon and Tim Burgess have worked with makes for some impressive reading. Tim's includes The Chemical Brothers, Kurt Wagner and R Stevie Moore while Peter's roll call contains the names of Laurie Anderson, Arthur Russell and David Johansen. Count in their 'day jobs' of The Charlatans and Love of Life Orchestra and a collaboration between seems like it might just ticks every box.

                          They enlisted some help in the shape of legendary percussionist Mustafa Ahmed and Factory Floor's Nik Colk Void and they drafted in harps, cellos and saxophones. A collaboration where the results bring out the best in everyone involved. The glacial build of Like I Already Do and the wistful beauty of Tracks of My Past, a classic record store day release in that it's an intriguing partnership on paper with the resulting songs seemingly managing to go beyond expectations.

                          The Membranes / Throwing Up

                          The Universe Explodes / Toothache

                          Several hundred miles and more than a couple of decades separate the first releases of these two bands, but in other ways they are cut from a similar cloth and a split single on O Genesis is their perfect home together. One band that are old hands and sounding fresher than ever, with another who've only just started putting records out but sounding like they've been doing it for years.

                          FORMAT INFORMATION

                          Ltd 7" Info: Limited edition - 300 copies only.

                          ‘Over You’, recorded and self produced in London last year, was mixed by Tim Burgess and Jim Spencer and features eleven tracks including the forthcoming single ‘Medicine’

                          Meet Throwing Up. Their music is the sound of a kind of sticker book collage of the best of the past and the present, with one eye on the future. There are clues that they're from London and it's 2013 but they could be from anywhere, anytime in the last 30, or even the next 10 years – ‘Over You’ builds a house on these raw foundations. With their whistle at the bus stop hooks and snappy tunes their songs are stripped back, yet so catchy too… it’s Agit pop like we’ve not seen in a while. A little bit of something to shake the mainstream up but happy to be a poster on your bedroom wall too – We love Camille and Clare and we reckon the world will too. We love Throwing Up and they’re what we really need right now!

                          Throwing Up began early last year when Camille Benett (vocals/guitar) and Clare James Clare (bass/vocals) both formerly of unhinged girl-rage rock quartet Headless teamed up with drummer Andrew Moran. The trio have since built up a great reputation for their explosive live shows which combine the emotional impact of their songs with irreverent delivery and theirs is a sweet spot somewhere between self-awareness and youthful innocence.

                          Tim Burgess

                          Oh No I Love You More

                            Tim Burgess's album Oh No I Love You was released in October 2012 on his own, OGenesis label. It was co-written with Lambchop's Kurt Wagner with contributions from members of Clem Snide, Factory Floor and My Morning Jacket as well as lo fi legend R. Stevie Moore. Although a solo album it was a collaborative effort and soon enough there was a companion album, Oh No I Love You More. Remixes by friends who'd taken a shine to the original songs that had been recorded in Nashville.

                            Oh No I Love You was met with critical acclaim, Paul Weller called it "Tim's magnum opus". The Times concluded that Tim was "running Damon Albarn close for the title of busiest Britpop alumnus" and The Guardian claimed it was "Burgess at his best".

                            The singles White and The Doors of Then were A listed on 6 Music and played everywhere from Radio 2 to XFM to Bali FM.

                            Tim played sold out shows at The Union Chapel in London, Manchester Cathedral, The Oran Mor and The Royal Northern College of Music. The songs took on their own lease of life and before long enough remixes and alternative versions of the songs were gathered in from Tim's friends - enough for a whole album. This is it. Oh No I Love You More.

                            Kurt Wagner lends a world weary timbre to his spoken word version of A Case For Vinyl // Tim duets on Ours with Italian actress/ director Asia Argento // Anton Newcombe, The Brian Jonestown Massacre head honcho transforms The Doors of Then into a chant friendly psyche stomp // R. Stevie Moore's covers The Economy while Django Django, Perc, Factory Floor, The Horrors and The Seahawks take the album from it's Nashville home to every style from woozecore to even a hint of dubstep.

                            Tim Burgess

                            The Doors Of Then

                            ‘Doors Of Then’, is the second single to be taken from Tim’s current solo album Oh No I Love You and the A side and the full length version of album track ‘Tobacco Fields’ on the B. The video for ‘Doors….. was was edited by Tim from archive footage from the album recording sessions. Both the single and album were recorded in Nashville, produced by Mark Nevers and co-written with Kurt Wagner.

                            ‘Doors…’ also features guitar by Nashville legend R.Stevie Moore who recently released an album on O Genesis.

                            Just clearing out our customer order section and found one copy of this. First come first served!

                            “The root of this album goes right back to a Kurt Wagner show in Manchester. It was the quietest yet the most powerful live performance I had ever seen and afterwards I carried Kurt's guitar to the car for him. I took the chance to ask him if he would ever consider writing a song with me. "Sure Tim, you write the music and I'll write the words". That one song turned into an album and almost ten year's after we first talked about it, the album is ready and it's called Oh No I Love You Kurt gave me the number of producer Mark Nevers in Nashville. He said Mark's studio, The Beech House was the perfect place to record. We got together members of Lambchop, Clem Snide, My Morning Jacket. We used strings, brass and a gospel choir. Chris Scruggs, grandson of the legendary Earl Scruggs came and played on a couple of songs and lo fi legend R Stevie Moore stopped by and we recorded a track in one take. Further contributions came from Factory Floor’s Gabe Gurnsey and Nik Colk Void and string arrangements from head High Llama Sean O'Hagan”. - Tim Burgess

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Laura says: This second solo album from Tim is very different from anything he's produced with The Charlatans.
                            Co-written with Kurt Wagner from Lambchop, Tim's description of it as a 'North Western' album sums it up brilliantly: It's a wonderfully soulful album that combines Nashville country influences with northern (English) attitude. The more I listen to this, the more I love it!

                            FORMAT INFORMATION

                            2xLtd LP Info: Bonus remix vinyl: OH NO I LOVE YOU II
                            (A1) The Doors Of Then (The Spaced Cowboy Mix - Tom Furse)
                            (A2) Tobacco Fields (Perc Remix)
                            (A3) A Case For Vinyl (Walls Remix)
                            (B1) Anytime Minutes (Factory Floor Nik Colk Void Remix)
                            (B2) White (Factory Floor Gabe Gurnsey Remix)
                            Also includes 12x12 lyric book.

                            Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

                            Nik Colk Void (Factory Floor)

                            Gold E

                            ‘Gold E’ (45rpm) was performed and recorded by Nik Colk Void (one third of Factory Floor) Sept 2011 at Mono House, London.

                            An added element to this release is its sleeve which is a hand cast polyurethane plastic version of the record.

                            Her idea is to cast the record in a material which over time will degrade therefore changing the sound.

                            The concept being that the record is a living sound piece.

                            Limited to 300 copies only.

                            STAFF COMMENTS

                            Laura says: This is gonna disappear in a flash, so get clicking if you want a copy!

                            Jack Underwood


                            "A few months ago it was decided that OGen004 would be a vinyl and digital release of some poems by Jack Underwood. We had no real idea how much interest would be generated by a 7" single of poetry but everyone who had heard Jack's poetry seemed to like it and the idea was we would treat it like any other release of a song by a band - we thought that if we didn't make out we thought it was a little odd that nobody else would."

                            Debut single from this Leeds via Manchester via London duo on the fledgling O Genesis Recordings label.

                            Replicas, Helena Gee (vocals/ guitar) and Ashiya Eastwood (vocals/ guitar/ keyboard), formed at the end of last year and have been quietly building a growing fan base around the country with their enchanting slant on moody, yet melodic pop.

                            Produced by Tim Burgess, the new single is a three track EP featuring ‘Hearts Beat’, ‘In The City’ and Disappear’.

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