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The next release in the Phonica Special Edition series comes from Ukrainian duo Asyncronous who first came to our attention after hearing their critically acclaimed debut on Berlin label Slow Life, 'The Art of Fighting In A Dream'.
A Phonica favourite, it provided the soundtrack to many days in the shop throughout the year, culminating in its inclusion in our top ten Best Singles of 2019!

The Phonica Special Edition series is focused on one-off projects, special remixes or collaborations, highlighting music that is slightly left of the dance floor and pairing it with unique artwork.
This time featuring a beautiful piece by celebrated Ukrainian artist, Mykyta Storozhkov.
The pair initially joined forces in an effort to explore human imagination and life experiences through music, focussing on creating feelings and atmosphere rather than be constrained by genre limitations. The result on this EP is a hazy cosmic trip through their universe of synth swells, deep sub bass and meticulous percussion.

The journey begins on 'Padma Kirtanam' with a constant drone providing the backbone to a building tension scattered with drums. The tension releases and makes way for A2 'Shinkansen', a beautiful track with minimal drums and dubbed out synths which echo around the listener's ear. Closing the A side 'Volta' continues this aesthetic but adds a 4x4 kick drum upping the groove to a cosmic deep house jam.

'Avalanche' kicks off the B side of the record with a syncopated bass line and skitterish hi hats. The energy is at its highest level here and only stops to make way for the next track 'Blocks of Despair'. The tempo drops and drum hits reverberate above stretched out bass notes creating arguably the most heartfelt tune of the release.
The EP ends with 'Midnight Sun' an ambient excursion that invites you to drift off with Asyncronous into outer space.

Today we have many opportunities to discover the world and travel through it without leaving your own room. In the age of globalisation, with the help of knowledge, technology and imagination, you can instantly teleport yourself to mystical temples of India or see the sun above the polar desert at midnight. No more borders - we are connected like never before, as if we are not at different ends of the globe, but on a single and indivisible continent that is not mapped but exists in a plexus of global events, information flows and digital environment.
This is our common home. Our new Pangaea.

In 1978, Nova performed for Obama. Well, kind of: Nova was the band for the Punahou School prom in Honolulu, Hawaii, and a young student named Barack (known then as “Barry”) was in attendance.
Backtrack to 1976, and Nova was the opening band for Donald Byrd at the nearby Blaisdell Arena. The day was Sunday, June 27. The following day, Isaac Hayes would perform on island for the admission price of $1.
Nova, led by singer Checo Tohomaso, was one of several go-to party bands during the golden era of Hawaii funk and soul music in the mid-1970s through early 1980s.
The band’s infectious gospel-funk-disco can be heard on their sole release, a self-titled 1980 LP that feels like one big party recorded live in the studio. (Check out the Marvin Gaye-inspired “I Feel Like Getting Down” on the 2016 ‘Aloha Got Soul’ compilation on Strut Records).
The story is all too familiar, however: funk band releases LP, the music goes dormant in years to follow, and today original copies sell for hundreds online.
Not long after the album’s 1980 release, Checo met Marvin Gaye, who was living on Maui (where George Benson also resided). Shortly after, Marvin invited Checo and his counterparts to join his multi-city tour across Europe. Videos of Checo rocking keyboards, percussion and singing background vocals for Marvin Gaye’s last European tour can be found online.
Checo, born in Florida yet raised in lush Manoa Valley as well as Okinawa, Japan, now resides in Vancouver, Canada, where he leads the VOC Sweet Soul Gospel Choir and continues to deliver his signature sound: high energy, positive, “sweet soul” music.
AGS-7010 features two non-stop groovers with a 7” edit by Roger Bong on the A-side. LP reissue in the works!"

Nova Gain Records returns with the purple side of disco life. Mr. Konfuze deliverers a funky nu-disco anthem with big beat-ish drums, soulful vocals and massive dancefloor bass. Colour up your dj bag musically and physically and get one of these limited 7 Inches!

Elvis Presley

Bossa Nova Baby - Green Vinyl Edition

    Originally featured in the Elvis movie (& soundtrack) Fun In Acapulco and released as a single in 1963, “Bossa Nova Baby” was recorded by Elvis with a legendary vocal group backing him up; The Jordanaires.

    Fast forward 47 years. In 2010, the third official posthumous album of Elvis Presley created from scratch was released: the Viva Elvis album [MOVLP233]. This highly energetic remix album of famous Elvis soundtrack songs was specially produced for the Cirque du Soleil show Viva Elvis, complete with dance, acrobatics, live music, and video clips.

    Another four years down the line, a large global beer company decided to feature the Viva Elvis remix for “Bossa Nova Baby” in one of their epic commercials.

    This calls for an exclusive Elvis Presley 45 on beer bottle green vinyl, featuring both the original and remix of “Bossa Nova Baby”! Strictly limited to 1500 numbered copies. Party on!


    7" Info: 45 RPM 7” single with large dinked jukebox hole. Includes original and new remix. 1500 numbered copies on beer bottle green vinyl. Just 250 for the UK


    Nova Lox

      MGR is the solo project of Mike Gallagher from Isis. "Nova Lox" is a sonic narrative of post-rock splendor underscored by barely perceptible shifts in the aural firmament, the perpetual inertia of ringing notes, and the low hum of inevitablity. The five ominious and untitled instrumental passages contained within are headphone music for the drone damaged; the stirring, vaguely sinister murmurs of a half remembered occurrence.


      Bossa Nova

        Originally released in 1990, "Bossanova" was seen as something of a let-down initially, (it was always going to be tough following such a huge album as "Doolittle") but Frank Black has since said it's his favourite. There are rockers here but it's on the mellower moments that they really excel.


        Ltd LP Info: On 180 gram vinyl for the first time.

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