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Nostalgia 77

The Loneliest Flower In The Village

For the past 20 years Nostalgia 77 has become a catch all for the musical life of Benedic Lamdin. His schizophrenic offerings range from songwriting sessions, soundtracks, excursions into Soul and in this case Jazz. The Loneliest Flower in the Village is an album that sees Lamdin reunited with longtime collaborator and arranger Riaan Vosloo and experienced veterans from a host of Nostalgia 77 projects.

'It had been a long time since we'd gigged or recorded so the idea was as much a little reunion in the studio as any grand plan to record an album' says Lamdin. 'The idea wasn't to do anything new (the material is both a few originals and a few covers), more just hear these players and their easy familiarity with each other after the disruption of Covid'.

Playing a clutch of originals by Riaan Vosloo and James Allsopp and covers by long term influences from South Africa such as Chris MacGregor and Abdullah Ibrahim, the emphasis is on strong melodies and open reaches for the soloists. The title track draws upon the song written by South African bassist Johnny Dyani and the result is spectacular; British jazz at heart but awash with references to South Africa and its strong jazz heritage.

'I'm pleased to say that I think this record is the best account of how the band (playing in this lineup since about 2010 ) sounds live. Full of energy and ranging from serene to firing on all cylinders.'


1. Dakar
2. Ishmael
3. The Sun Is Big
4. The Hooper
5. Flower
6. Love In Outer Space

‘Measures’ is the second album from the Nostalgia 77 & The Monster guise, bringing a flavoursome take on instrumental jazz. The collection of songs sees Ben Lamdin's long time collaborator, bass player and arranger Riaan Vosloo stepping to the fore, bringing six original compositions. The album also contains nods to the two dominant influences on this group over the years, in renditions of Sun Ra's otherworldly 'An Island In The Sun' and British firebrand (and previous Nostalgia 77 collaborator) Keith Tippett's 'Thoughts To Geoff'.

Nostalgia 77 and the Monster is the second incarnation of the Nostalgia 77 Live band, his original Nostalgia 77 Octet having been disbanded after the death of drummer Graham Fox. Lamdin and Vosloo’s aim was to produce an album ranging from the chaotic to the meditative. On ‘Measures’, Vosloo's writing strikes a delicate balance between strong themes and free space for the improvisers - a perfect canvas for the impressive cast of Kit Downes (piano), James Allsopp (reeds), Fulvio Sigurta (trumpet), Tim Giles (drums) and Vosloo himself on bass. The record captures the fiery fluidity of the band’s live performances.


1. Measures
2. Apple
3. Archipelago
4. Thoughts To Geoff
5. Island In The Sun
6. Arches
7. Scallywag
8. Rules

Nostalgia 77

A Journey Too Far

    Benedic Lamdin’s fifth solo album under his main Nostalgia 77 alias, to add to a host of live, collaborative and experimental side projects.

    A beautifully crafted album of blues, psych and jazz-inflected folk songs, showcasing another leap forward for producer, musician and songwriter Nostalgia 77; continuing his partnership with the beguiling singer Josa Peit, the LP also features guest vocals from Jeb Loy Nichols (Island).

    Nostalgia 77 And The Monster

    The Taxidermist

      'The Taxidermist' brings together the spoils of a handful of experimental recording sessions which took place earlier this year, featuring some of the UK's most eminent jazz talents on the current scene; on hearing the resulting material, Nostalgia 77 s label Tru Thoughts snapped it up for an album release. The title track which was the first cut to make it out of the studio, before the album had even been conceived - was premiered on BBC Radio 2 by Jamie Cullum, alongside an in-depth interview with Benedic Lamdin (the man behind Nostalgia 77).

      Here is an insight into the motivations and the madness behind the 'Monster', in Lamdin's own words; "Did you ever have a family pet that died and which you stuffed so that it would remain with you for ever more? Behaviour like this is hard to explain and it may have to remain one of life's mysteries. No matter, here Nostalgia 77 presents a fond autopsy of the monster. Welcome it into your home, your heart and wonder! After performing the music from Nostalgia 77's last acclaimed LP, gruelling touring, and long and alcoholic lunches, it seemed only natural to go into studio to record the band live. This set of cinematic instrumentals ranges from serene to sinister, searching to sanguine. An expanded line up with two keyboards harnessed the prodigious power of piano man Mathew Bourne and organ grinder Ross Stanley. James Allsopp and Fulvio Sigurta on reeds and trumpet are both Jekyll and Hyde. All four are held secure by the engine room of Tim Giles drums and Riaan Vosloo's bass.

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