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Pre Dawn / Indoors

Burial releases two new tracks on Nonplus, and consequently they're falling more on the side of fast and clubby than the moody and ambient numbers he's been saving for Hyperdub. Just in case anyone didn't know, it's ten years since the release of "Untrue", which many are calling the most important electronic album of the last decade, and current interest in Burial is as voracious as ever. "Pre Dawn" sees the South London pioneer drop a full throttle techno bomb but executed in his totally idiosyncratic style. Vast enough for the bigger stages but moody enough to rock a backroom, it's undeniably Burial through and through and sees a cavernous kick rocket ghostly melodies into the air whilst grating, tearing washes of sound drift over the mix. "Indoors" drops the shoulder into more familiar territory, but it's still frantic and fast paced as an incomprehensible (female?) vox penetrates unceremoniously through a slew of pitch black fog and scorched electronics. One of Burial's most fierce and out-there productions to date; bold, uncompromising and challenging; Burial die-hards are gonna fall for this big time...


Matt says: It's hard to ignore Burial at the moment, as "Untrue" celebrates its tenth anniversary. With many touting it to be the most important electronic album of the last decade, it's nice to see Bevan keeping his adoring fans happy and dropping a brand new double header, rich in his pitch black, ghostly style. Impressive.

Various Artists

Think And Change - Limited Vinyl Box Set

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    Basic Soul Unit

    Swept Up / Mindstorm

    Basic Soul Unit has been a fixture on Toronto’s techno scene for the best part of the last decade, with releases on Mathematics, Crème Organization and Mule Electronic, while Skudge have made their name with a unique sound and an independent approach which has seen most of their material released through their own imprint. Both artists show an interesting insight into Boddika’s curatorial approach for the label, and are indicative of the move towards 4/4 techno that the producer has been making for a while now - with both producers sharing a similarly weighty, yet deep approach to the genre that Boddika has been moving towards in his recent collaborations with Joy Orbison.

    Having made a name for themselves over the last few years as avant-garde, forward thinking producers who set trends instead of following, Instra:mental lay down a full length album showcasing where their productions are at now rather than being a summary of where they’ve come from.

    Tracks like "Aggro Acid" and "Talkin Mono" give us crude analogue acid modulation at its rawest that twists and gurgles across the sound spectrum with mesmeric manipulation, whilst others such as "Memory Implant", "Waterfall" and "Plok" take us deep into synth arrangements that have become synonymous with their name. Alex Green and Damon Kirkham have studied every avenue to seek out new and interesting possibilities for originality within a tempo range, with most of this album focused on the 120-140 bpm range. They take elements of eras gone by and revitalise them with the use of old skool equipment mixed with modern production techniques. As usual their impressive hoard of vintage hardware plays an integral part in their characteristic sound. Whether it be techno, acid house, dubstep, drum & bass or electro that they turn their hand to, the Instra:mental sound shines through and makes genre irrelevant.

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