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Building from a reputation of enthralling live shows, Dublin based singer and musician Maria Somerville delivers her debut LP, "All My People", a collection of works recorded across Dublin, Cornamona and Inis Óirr. 

Somerville draws on conventional folk forms alongside post-punk, traditional Irish motifs, starry eyed pop and hypnotic drones to create wholly original music that is a product of its environment. Channeling the wilderness of the Irish landscape through dense, ethereal soundscapes and bare boned percussion, Maria adds ghostly vocals that are ever present and all encompassing, like crystalline glints of sunshine peeking through dark stormy clouds. The duality of darkness and light is at play throughout the releases seven tracks, hinting at an uneasy optimism during difficult times. 

Misha Gray's Prehistoric Jazz Quintet

Where The Wild Things Are

    A flute made out of a vulture’s wing bone was recently discovered in a cave in Southern Germany. Carbon dating shows that the instrument is 35,000 years ago. The position of the holes on the flute corresponds to the pentatonic scale. This means that the pentatonic scale has been with humans for longer than writing, agriculture and civilization. The mysterious, beautiful and powerful sound of pentatonic scales is found in almost all musical styles, from Oriental, African, folk, blues and Indian classical music.

    This provided the inspiration for Misha Gray’s “Prehistoric Jazz Quintet”, which performs a variety of extended compositions, tonal poems and structured improvisations in an attempt to explore how the core of music has resonated deep within humans since the dawn of Man.

    “Where the Wild Things Are” is the band’s second album, which features the eerie suite of the same name, as well as the totemistic track ‘Cave of the Forest King’. The album features Misha Gray as composer and pianist, Nick Walters on trumpet, Kyran Matthews on tenor sax, Hugo Harrison on bass and Johnny Hunter on drums.

    Lunar Sounds

    The Void

      Lunar Sounds are a 3-piece DIY rock band from Leeds. Main interests include spreadsheets, cake, and supernatural TV shows with a strong female lead.

      Graham Jones

      The Vinyl Revival And The Shops That Made It Happen

        ‘The Vinyl Revival And The Shops That Made It Happen is the story of the vinyl revival through the eyes of those who made it happen, the independent record shops. It explains why more than a hundred more record shops have opened since 2009, and how others have gained the reward from their hard work. Budget turntables, manufactures, supermarkets, chain stores, clothes shops, pressing plants and even the government are among the many who have benefited from their efforts.

        Graham Jones has spent 32 years travelling the UK selling to independent record shops and visited more record shops than any other human. This book guides you around the record shops of the UK who sell new vinyl. He has gathered some fascinating and funny anecdotes told him by our much-loved record shop staff so that when you visit you will feel like you already know the characters behind the counters. It is perfect for vinyl fans to keep with them on their travels around the country.

        Intriguing anecdotes include:
        ** The shop manager who sold his vinyl collection to save his life.
        ** Record shop owner wins £148,000,000 and sets up his dream shop.
        ** The shop where John Lennon cried.
        ** How an international rock star was mistaken for a motor vehicle.
        ** Rock star offers to be best man after a proposal of marriage takes place in a record shop.
        ** The shop where a customer saves the day by giving world famous band a lift to the stadium in his Ford Focus.
        ** The record shop who attracted a huge crowd for a signing by world famous soul singer only for him to send one of his backing singers to fill in for him.
        ** The Buckinghamshire record shop who pretended they were in Yorkshire.
        ** The record shop blown up by a bomb.
        ** The shop owner who sold his house to buy more vinyl.

        Dos Floris

        The Widowed Earth

          Described as "Kate Bush re-imagined by Radiohead & Sigur Ros but a thousand times better" Dos Floris has a unique sound. The Widowed Earth, her debut album, marries sublime, heavenly textures with energetic propulsion and winding sung tales. A gem of a record.

          Energetic and raw electronix in the same style as their iconic first release. Tracks for dimly lit spaces, perhaps with a strobe, perhaps not. Definitely big at the Islington Mill / Gesamtkunstwerk frat parties. "Lou" is distorted to obvlivion, low kicks and fizzing hats joined by a undulating synthline, practically on the edge of collapse, all meet on a crisp distortion flatline, performed and recorded straight to cassette in one take. "Lou Gone Out" takes the same sonic ethos squashes the masters even more, creating a barely audible slice of tape hiss narcosis which only the real freaks need to apply for. Seriously, this is one of the straight up filthiest tracks I've ever had the joy to review - hats off lads! Finally, "See Through This" ends on a shimmering, icey green lake set in some sub-zero mountainside, suspended in time and existing on a spiritual plane. Out there muzik for out there people. Mastered & cut by Matt Colton.

          Radio 4

          Live In France

          One time only fan club pressing of this Radio 4 "Live In France" LP. It was recorded live in Paris in the spring of 2003. The sound quality is great, in fact it sounds like it came straight off the board. There were 1000 pressed and when they are gone, that's more will follow.

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