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No Ceremony ///

No Ceremony ///

    After building up huge excitement all over the internet, winning fans at specialist and daytime radio, and touring with the likes of Crystal Fighters, Friends and New Build, it’s fair to say that the release of the debut album by NO CEREMONY///, on their own NOC/// label, is eagerly awaited by many.

    A gorgeous, haunting, collection of the most exquisite pop songs with melodies that will lodge firmly in your head for days.

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    NILE MARR OUTSTORE TONIGHT 🚨 The new album from @NileMarr is out today and to celebrate we’re hosting a launch par…
    Fri 3rd - 12:34
    Ace to have Arthur in yesterday 🐶 8 and a half months old! #dogfriendly #cockapoo
    Fri 3rd - 9:47
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