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Girl Unit

Song Feel

    UK mastermind Phil Gamble aka Girl Unit makes a powerful return with Song Feel, his debut full-length album and first release since 2012’s acclaimed EP Club Rez, featuring Kelela, Taliwhoah, Ms Boogie and more.

    An essential member of London’s eclectic Night Slugs camp, he’s back with a fully developed body of work featuring six key vocal collaborators. While still steeped in low-end pressure like his past work, Song Feel reaches toward a classic timelessness: time-honoured elements of production sit seamlessly alongside the most contemporary sounds, as Girl Unit densely layers radio gloss and big melodies over beats that take influence from a variety of Club and Pop sources.

    Since the start Girl Unit has always taken influence from pop, preferring to hear music with vocals both on and off the dancefloor. Here he has created a unique sonic environment for each of his collaborators to tell their story. The record opens with ‘WYWD’, featuring R&B iconoclast and long-time collaborator Kelela gliding over intimate street soul sonics and luminous funky leads. Next, a volatile West Coast bassline and stadium-size dancehall percussion guide British singer Taliwhoah through elegant synth washes on ‘Stuck’. On ‘Wreck’, Brooklyn rapper Ms Boogie spits hardcore verses that twist and turn along GU’s erratic lows, creepy atmospheres and drillin’ drums.

    ‘Pull Up’ featuring Tampa’s Thast delivering a menacing confrontational flow over gliding subs and eerie staccato. Los Angeleno Rush Davis sings metaphysical soul over a saccharine choir on the slow-burning ‘Evidence’. Lastly, London’s Brook Baili dances with big piano chords and jubilant basslines on the radio-ready swing of ’24 Hours’.

    Though Girl Unit gave his features free reign vocally, clear themes of changing relationships in a modern era emerge across Song Feel, lending the record a curiously frothy yet intimate sensation. In-between, blissfully stripped-down instrumental interludes bind everything together, giving the album’s host and creator some much-deserved solo time.


    A1. WYWD Ft. Kelela
    A2. Stuck Ft. Taliwhoah
    A3. Sucker Free Ft. Ms. Boogie
    B1. Head
    B2. Pull Up Ft. Thast
    B3. Evidence Ft. Rush Davis
    C1. B.A.C.K
    C2. 24 Hours Ft. Brook Baili
    C3. Roll
    D1. Pure Gold
    D2. WYWD Ft. Kelela (Remix)

    Jam City

    Earthly Versions

      After the incendiary beauty of ‘Dream A Garden’ Jam City returns with an EP of bass-heavy, club-ready extensions of standout album cuts.

      ‘Crisis’ and ‘A Walk Down Chapel’ are given the 'Earthly' treatment; the chugging, emotional and delirious new sound emerging from the impromptu club night and mix series.

      The previously unheard ‘Dream ‘15’ is a closing signal soaked in the ecstasy of riot, marrying the modern psychedelia of ‘Dream A Garden’ to the relentless, low end intensity of Jam City’s infamous live shows.

      Jam City

      Dream A Garden

        This is a record about love and resistance. After the broken frigidity of ‘Classical Curves’, Jam City return with an urgent, fearless and strikingly sensitive album of modern pop songs, both crushingly heavy and glitteringly light.

        Made by modest means, made by any means, the DIY origin of the record speaks to the artist’s faith in the power of music to not only transcend but also to confront, unsettle and suggest an alternative to the total colonisation of art by neo-liberalism. Always raw, always in the red.

        There’s no question that you’re listening to the same artist responsible for some of the most intense and influential club tracks of the last 5 years, on an album that could only be realised by Night Slugs. ‘Dream A Garden’ is not a total break from the world of ‘Classical Curves’ but rather an inversion: what becomes of the people struggling to live and love beneath the chrome-plated, vacuous and superficial machinery that we must fight to see beyond?

        While drawing on a diverse musical history (sound system guitar dynamix, punk, hip hop, grime, country, the gothic and the modern), ‘Dream A Garden’ remains rooted in the bleakness of the present: everyday life under the regime of high capitalism. Turning the avenues of lifestyle fascism we walk through everyday into psychedelic, surreal daydreams; Jam offers his songwriting as a coping mechanism, a form of rescrambling a landscape dominated by ideologies of selfishness and hatred.

        Bok Bok

        Your Charizmatic Self

          In late February Bok Bok revealed ‘Melba’s Call’, the single featuring vocals by Fade To Mind star and BBC Sound Of 2014-listed Kelela.

          Now Night Slugs are pleased to announce an album of new material from the producer and labelhead; his first full work since 2011’s ‘Southside’ EP and its club anthem ‘Silo Pass’.

          Expanding on a theme first started on the ‘MJT’ white label in 2012, this EP sees Bok create a replicant electro-funk, built with fragments of classics, arranged with a grime logic and weaponised with 2014 sub-weight.

          The ‘Melba’s Call’ video is the setting for the entire EP, reverb from the bare concrete walls of the bunker-studio can be heard throughout. A central greenhouse is filled with a steamy jungle of corporate flora, unsettlingly hyper-real, like the warmth of the record’s sample material is being rendered bionic, pumped through military-grade equipment.

          Running through the tracks is the influence of London’s futuristic millennial music - grime. The brutalism of alternating 8-bar structures is the DNA of Bok Bok’s productions. These tracks continue in the tradition of R&G (Rhythm & Grime) and its project to blend the soul of R&B with the potency of grime. Propelled by melody and at times almost sadistic in their repetition, the club tracks of the record play with pain and pleasure, while the two shorter ‘Greenhouse’ tracks allow brief moments of stillness.

          And ‘Your Charizmatic Self’? It’s a reference to the source material and the exuberance of original live performances captured and automated. It’s also a message of charm and positivity, of self-realization.

          Double LP in black paper inners in 5mm spine sleeve, with download card which features a bonus, digital only track.

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