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Featureless Ghost

Personality Matrix

    Personality Matrix is the debut LP by Atlanta duo Featureless Ghost following a steady stream of EP's including the recent Mind Body cassette on Night-People. All of those prior releases were great but Featureless Ghost were holding onto something special that they have now fully materialized in the form of this LP. Pre-release listens of the vinyl had friends of the band and the label awed by the heavy and deep sound of this record, a true stunner that buries the speakers and space around the sound. A fully realized master work recorded and mastered to perfect specifications; Night-People has never released anything that simply sounds this good. Featureless Ghost set high expectations and surpassed them. Any reference to the aesthetic or influence seems too simple to fully describe what has been accomplished with this release. Synth pop, dark wave, minimal synth, trance, none of it really matters. This is deep eclectic electronic music performed to live midi, hybrid digital and analog perfection.

    The dual male/female vocal delivery presented on this record shows a high concern for distinctly developed interplay and identity that is perhaps unequaled in contemporary synth pop. Cyber dreams, lost worlds, and dystopian futures seem to be the subject of Featureless Ghost's expression but the music itself couldn't be more solidly realized and perfected. Night-People is so honored to be a part of this release and we hope you end up enjoying it as much as we do. Mastered by Pete Swanson. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

    Kites / Earth Crown

    Split LP

      This is a cold vision of a dark trash covered future full of Sci-Fi nightmares and strange out of body experiences. This is the final Kites recording and is perhaps the strangest and most chaotic piece in the prolific discography. Annihilation synth and tape collage, cut up, sped up and dialed to oblivion. Earth Crown steps it back, slows down the pulse, lets the edges of the static curl around the drone to the breaking point, where the damage is let loose, purged out and built again. This LP is a reminder of how cold, desolate, and haunting life can be. Silkscreened by Shawn Reed, art by Kites and Earth Crown. Kites is from Providence, has put out several records on Load, and does a graphic novel for Picture Box. Earth Crown is from Baltimore and this is his first vinyl release.

      Broken Water


        Olympia's Broken Water has announced their new LP, Wrought, on Night-People Records. A follow up to 2012's widely-praised Tempest, the album was recorded and mixed with Steve Fisk (Nirvana, Soundgarden) and features a mix of noisy, fuzzed-out guitars and melodic vocals. For a first taste of the new record, you can stream opening track "High-Lo" where it premiered with Stereogum or via Soundcloud.

        Broken Water is very much a product of its hometown, and the band will celebrate Wrought's release with a show at Olympia's Midnight Sun on March 9th, joined by Naomi Punk, PC Worship, and Mother Tongue. Having previously shared stages with acts like The Thurston Moore Band, The Men, Screaming Females & more.

        Russian Tsarlag

        Community Death Tube

          Night People the new label set up by Racc-oo-oon member Shawn Reedis, presents the first full length LP by Russian Tsarlag, long running solo performance and recording outlet of Tampa born Providence based creep crooner Carlos Gonzalez. Russian Tsarlag infuses sci-fi and horror movie aesthetics with strange loner punk minimalism. Tsarlag's sparse, savage, downer, aesthetics, and strange audio skits, are the perfect soundtrack to the declining age. Silkscreened by Shawn Reed.

          Peak Twins / Scott & Charlene's Wedding


            Night-People presents a very fine split LP by little know Australian bands, Melbourne's Peak Twins and Scott & Charlene's Wedding who have recently relocated to NYC. This is a co-release with Aussie label Bed Room Suck our friends out of Brisbane and is the first in a string of co-released splits representing some of Australia's best bands highlighting the distinct artistic atmopshere and friendships that have made Australian underground music so vibrant right now. Melbourne duo Peak Twins (who share members with Kitchen's Floor, Bitch Prefect, Terrible Truths etc) ride the jams and compose their music with utmost attention to well played pop hooks, somber sublte psychedlics, and a general downer dissposition that never gets to heavy but lets the light shine through onto the 60's psych pop flavored jangle and shamble of their great songs. Scott and Charlene's Wedding (who share members with Panel of Judges) have a distinct punky jangly guitar pop aesthetic going that is distinctly Aussie and south hemipshere in its sound. They are good mates with rising indie rockers Twerps and have some shared influences but where Twerps keep it a bit more chill and mopey Scott and Charlene's let the angst and grit stick out more. Perfect tunes for dreamy summertime days.



              Goldendust rides deep and dark but not free of a lush joyful pop sensibility sometimes sneaking in behind menacing moments to disrupt the darkness and let a little light through. If John Carpenter's soundtracks had more Romanticism or synth pop sensibility in there stark minimalism it would sound a bit like these songs. Still something else is at play that's not so easy to pinpoint, which is what separates Goldendust from the current crop of minimal synth revivalists. Joe's vocals are unique in their delivery like a drifters sense of space and time they come not from some urban machine view of the world but from deserted small town parking lots or streets starring out into vacant fields. Maybe the experience is what separates these songs, the identity of the duo itself not as big city chic but of rural state isolation Justin's dual analog synth approach creates the perfect balance between dense bass riffs and sharp leads and both dig deep into big melody.

              Recorded by Luke Tweedy at Flat Black Studio and mastered by Pete Swanson for maximum fidelity; this is a record that sounds great and is not to be missed. Artwork by Shawn Reed.

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