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The second Dewolf delight which are the great Frank McDonald & Chris Rae. Presented on this slick 7” are 3 songs from the Night Moves album, the opening track is Yes "Night Moves" a deep heavy groove, spooky, seductive and dreamy all at the same time, library music just gotta love it. Zero Hour presents a mid-tempo, spacey funky groove. "Bank Job" is a super funky little mover, Drums Bass & Rhodes holding down another heist feeling.


1. Night Moves
2. Bank Job
3. Zero Hour

Night Moves

Can You Really Find Me

    Night Moves’ new album, ‘Can You Really Find Me’, pulsates and glows with the same sublime energy that radiated from breakout single ‘Carl Sagan’ in 2016, however in the intervening years, John Pelant and Micky Alfano have grown up.

    The songwriting, while still steeped in super-catchy, velvety riffs and pure pop glaze, feels more sophisticated and modern. Since the pair met in high school, awestruck by such ear-candy wizards as Brian Wilson, Todd Rundgren, Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, they set off to craft their version of what sophisticated, emotional modern pop music can and should sound like.

    2016’s ‘Pennied Days’ was a breakthrough and set a new bar for the members of Night Moves. After spending the subsequent two years on ‘Can You Really Find Me’, they’ve scaled new heights, where the sounds are still just as sweet but now smarter, more evocative and perfectly designed for a summer release.

    ‘Can You Really Find Me’ was produced by Jim Eno (founding member and drummer of Spoon) out of Public Hi-Fi Studios in Austin, TX and recorded with live band members Mark Hanson and Chuck Murlowski.


    Barry says: Night Moves expertly craft a brilliantly emotive and drippingly filmic selection of 80's inspired ballads and rhythmically fluid disco-tinged pop anthems on 'Can You Really Find Me'. Any of these pieces could easily be a slow-motion montage soundtrack, dynamic but with a hint of latent morosity, these are modern and eminently enjoyable anthems, and another reason to pay attention to Night Moves.


    Keep Me In Mind
    Strands Align
    Waiting For The
    Ribboned Skies
    Coconut Grove
    Saving The Dark
    Can You Really Find Me

    ‘Pennied Days’ is the second album from Minneapolisbased band Night Moves.

    Written and recorded by principle band members John Pelant and Micky Alfano and produced by John Agnello (Kurt Vile, Sonic Youth, The Walkmen), the album follows 2012’s ‘Colored Emotions’.

    The album feels warm with feeling, tinged with a deep appreciation for rock & roll’s most storied songwriters. Ranging from traditionalist heroes like Leon Russell and The Band to R&B originators Curtis Mayfield and Sly Stone to pre-punk experimentalists Suicide. It’s distinctly modern and a great leap forward from ‘Colored Emotions’.

    ‘Pennied Days’ was recorded following tours with Father John Misty, Lord Huron, Django Django and Polica.


    Carl Sagan
    Denise, Don’t Wanna See You Cry
    Leave Your Light On
    Border On Border
    Kind Luck
    Hiding In The Melody
    Staurolite Stroll
    Only To Live In Your Memories

    He was known as a traditional singer-songwriter, acoustic guitar and vocals, French cousin to Will Oldham and Jason Molina. Then, he became the leader of a rough and enraged band who recorded Off the Map, an electric storm of a record, with Steve Albini (Nirvana, PJ Harvey…), at the legendary Electrical Studio in Chicago.

    But the truth is we hadn’t seen anything yet. H-Burns is back with a new album that proves once more that it’s possible to reinvent yourself endlessly while staying true to yourself. Calmer, more pop, cleaner, more Californian, but still as anxious and sorrowful, Night Moves was produced by the all too rare Rob Schnapf (who produced Beck, Elliott Smith and Guided By Voices’ greatest albums) with musicians as prestigious as A.A Bondy and Troy von Balthazar.

    The result: 11 songs orchestrated around one main theme: night-time in Los Angles. A restless and troubled night with the insidious threat of an earthquake lurking in the shadows. There are ghosts there too, those of Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, Neil Young, Roy Orbison and Bruce Springsteen.


    1. Nowhere To Be
    2. Radar
    3. In The Wee Hours
    4. Silent Wars
    5. Night Moves
    6. Big Surprise
    7. Wolves
    8. Radio Buzzing
    9. Signals
    10. Too Much Hope
    11. Holding Back

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