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I'll Be Your Mirror: A Tribute To The Velvet Underground & Nico


    • The Velvet Underground is regarded as one of the most influential bands in rock history.

    • Their first 4 albums were included in Rolling Stone's list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

    • Ranked 19th greatest artist by the same magazine and the 24th greatest artist in a poll by VH1.

    • Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1996.

    • Critic Robert Christgau considers them "the number three band of the '60s, after the Beatles and James Brown and His Famous Flames".

    • AllMusic wrote that "Few rock groups can claim to have broken so much new territory, and maintain such consistent brilliance on record, as the Velvet Underground during their brief lifespan [...] the Velvets' innovations – which blended the energy of rock with the sonic adventurism of the avant-garde, and introduced a new degree of social realism and sexual kinkiness into rock lyrics – were too abrasive for the mainstream to handle."


    1. Sunday Morning – Michael Stipe (3:50)
    2. I’m Waiting For The Man – Matt Berninger (3:44)
    3. Femme Fatale – Sharon Van Etten (w/ Angel Olsen On Backing Vocals) (4:43)
    4. Venus In Furs – Andrew Bird & Lucius (6:55)
    5. Run Run Run – Kurt Vile (6:59)
    6. All Tomorrow’s Parties – St. Vincent & Thomas Bartlett (4:52)
    7. Heroin Feat. Bobby Gillespie– Thurston Moore Feat. Bobby Gillespie (7:24)
    8. There She Goes Again – King Princess (3:29)
    9. I’ll Be Your Mirror – Courtney Barnett (2:27)
    10. The Black Angel’s Death Song – Fontaines D.C. (3:12)
    11. European Sun – Iggy Pop & Matt Sweeney (7:45)

    Mo Disko / ApartMAN & Nico Juice

    We Just / Video Games

    Start your engines folks! The Stamp label ALWAYS sells out in seconds, and I think this particular edition might be about to set a new world record. For the twelth instalment we get a pair of cunning edits of two 80's mega-jams from Mo Disko (The Glimmers), ApartMAN & Nico Juice.

    Mo Disko (who not only represents Belgian disco heroes The Glimmers, but is also one third of last year's Piccadilly numero uno Rheinzand) pilots the spaceship on the A-side, working his magic on '85 Italo banger "Our Revolution / We Just" by Moses. Taking aim at "We Just" (A rather natty dub mix of Our Revolution with ace sampler-vox) Mo strips things back wonderfully to concoct an Italo-freestyle masterpiece which switches wonderfully between the heads down drama of the verses and that arms aloft chorus. Tagging in, ApartMAN & Nico Juice take on Ronnie Jones' "Video Games" ditching the frothy chorus and making maximum use of the overdub insanity of the extended 12" version. If you're in the market for batshit boogie with arcade aesthetics then this is gonna rock your socks off!


    A. We Just
    B. Video Games


    Drama Of Exile - Reissue

      Nico’s iconic post-Velvets return to rock! As one critic memorably put it, when Nico spoke it was like coffin-lids creaking. When she sang it was like listening to ravens taking off 13 at a time.

      Nico was like nothing rock music had ever seen or heard before or since. Features originals along with stoic takes on Bowie and The Velvet Underground.


      Genghis Khan
      Purple Lips
      One More Chance
      Henry Hudson
      Waiting For The Man
      Sixty Forty
      The Sphinx
      Orly Flight

      CD Bonus Tracks:
      Genghis Khan (alternate Mix)
      One More Chance (alternate Mix)
      Henry Hudson (alternate Mix)
      Waiting For The Man (alternate Mix)
      Sixty Forty (alternate Mix)
      The Sphinx (alternate Mix)
      Orly Flight (alternate Mix)
      Heroes (alternate Mix)

      Jennifer Otter Bickerdike

      You Are Beautiful And You Are Alone : The Biography Of Nico

        A redemptive, myth-shattering biography of one of the twentieth century's most underestimated creative and artistic forces.

        'What I have in common with Nico is the understanding of her furious frustration at not being recognised.' - MARIANNE FAITHFULL

        The real story of Nico is one of determination, self-destruction and belief in one's artistic vision, at any cost. Nico was an ever-evolving myth, an enigma that escaped definition. Born Christa Paffgen, Nico grew up in war-torn Berlin before being scouted by a fashion photographer in her early teens. At age twenty-seven, she became Andy Warhol's newest Superstar, securing the position of chanteuse for the Velvet Underground. Though she is primarily remembered for contributions to their seminal debut album - and her relationships with Brian Jones, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison - her own artistry and influence have often been overlooked.

        Nico spent most of her career as a solo artist on the road, enduring empty concert halls, abusive fans and the perilous reality of being a drug addict. Yet beneath the superficial denigrations and one-dimensional myths was a complicated visionary determined to make art that was truly her own. In You Are Beautiful and You Are Alone, defying the sexist casting of her life as the tragedy of a beautiful woman losing her looks, youth and fame, Jennifer Otter Bickerdike cements Nico's legacy as one of the most vital artists of her time, inspiring a generation of luminaries including Bjoerk, Morrissey and Iggy Pop.

        Containing over a hundred new interviews and rare archival material, this is an empowering reappraisal of an underappreciated icon.


        Javi says: One of the most enigmatic, problematic, and chameleonic figures in alternative music's history, who finally gets the biography she deserves. Iconic - Controversial - Nico.

        'Floppy Computer' is the newest set of future-gazing grooves from Periodica Records and label partner Raffaele "Whodamanny" Arcella rescuing and restoring forgotten tape compositions from a legendary Italian pop producer using the pseudonym Nico Mecca. Produced during the years 1979-1985 using cutting edge home recording techniques and the latest synthesizer. The productions across the works are incredibly forward-thinking for that time with inspirations and track titles refering to hypermodern tech and a proto-cyberpunk soundworld and progressive rock and experimental electronic music that features novel combinations of mediterranean boogie, robotic funk, sci-fi balearic, hypnagogic pop and astrotribal jazz. The discovery of the 'Floppy Computer' project is dictated by destiny and a strong cosmic interference as not only were these tracks produced by Mecca during his 30s, they were discovered 30 years later by Raffaele Whodamanny, who is also in his 30s-- facts that give the project a mystical and numerological significance, since this number and age represent a divine midpoint between youthful enthusiasm and the wisdom of experience. Amazing record with both historical as creative value! Recommended.


        Floppy Computer
        Floppy Computer II
        Italo Music
        I Guardiani Del Futuro

        Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly, James McAlister


          Flanked by a string quartet and a consort of seven trombones, this unique collaborative ensemble have assembled an expansive song cycle that explores the Sun, the Moon, the planets and other celestial bodies of our solar system (and beyond) through soundscape, song, science and myth.

          The subject of the album is not just the wilderness of outer space, but also the interior space of human consciousness and how it engages with divinity, depravity, society and self - what does it mean to be human?

          A musical and aesthetic journey as far-reaching as its subject: from lush piano ballads to prog-rock political anthems, curious electronic backbeats to classical cadenzas, which occasionally give way to ambient interludes and majestic brass chorales, buttressed by a percussive drive that keeps the momentum skyward.

          In spite of all the experimentation in sound and style, Sufjan’s vocals provide a clear and coherent centre of gravity, and includes some of his most diverse vocal performances to date (from soft hush to guttural scream); whether he’s singing through effects pedals, vocoders, auto-tune or not, his voice delivers an ambitious flight map through the cosmos.


          Barry says: Conceptually intimidating but perfectly executed suite of space themed pieces, bold and tender in equal measure, beautifully composed and impeccably performed by a superbly talented bunch of some of the best musicians of modern times.


          1. Neptune
          2. Jupiter
          3. Halley's Comet
          4. Venus
          5. Uranus
          6. Mars
          7. Black Energy
          8. Sun
          9. Tides
          10. Moon
          11. Pluto
          12. Kuiper Belt
          13. Black Hole
          14. Saturn
          15. In The Beginning
          16. Earth
          17. Mercury


          Tell Me - Inc. Ashley Beedle / Severino & Nico De Ceglia / Lay-Far Remixes

            This fifth instalment of Ashley Beedle's Back To The World label sees the esteemed selector rally the troops and present four killer remixes of the enigmatic and bohemian Waterson. On the A1 KDA provides his trademark pulsing bass – a sound that recently propelled him to No. 1 with Tinie Tempah & Katy B - delivering a rolling dub remix with nods to early-90s house. Hitting the dancefloor hot on his heels, label head Ashley Beedle works his house magic with a King Street inspired remix which pays tribute to the classic sound of Levan and Knuckles. On the flip, Horse Meat Disco's Severino teams up with regular partner in crime Nico De Ceglia to give "Tell Me" the proto-house treatement with a mix which is both raw and full of the uplifting and urgent energy of disco. Fast emerging as one of Europe's most in-demand deep-house producers and a leading light in Moscow's underground house scene, Lay-Far re-works the track with mesmerising depth and soul, closing the EP with a version perfect for fans of Motor City Drum Ensemble and Max Graef alike.

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