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Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex

Live At Third Man Records

    Neil Michael Hagerty is best known as the laconic frontman of 90s noiseforward
    rockers Royal Trux. Back in September of 2016, NMH and The Howling
    Hex showcased an off-kilter garage stomp fused with avant-blues aggression.
    The two songs presented here are the surest insight into the mind of someone
    who helped redefi ne rock ‘n’ roll by completely destroying it, but has since
    settled into more cogent outbursts.
    • Hometown: Washington DC / Denver, CO
    • Recorded September 23, 2016 in Third Man’s Blue Room

    Neil Michael Hagerty

    Plays That Good Old Rock And Roll

    Great mix of down country and twisted rock 'n' roll from this ex-Royal Trux man.

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