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Jon Hassell

Further Fictions

    Further Fictions is a double CD anthology of the music on the vinyl editions (as well as over-arching title for the reissue campaign as a whole), with a disc devoted to each album in hardbound book style packaging, and an extensive booklet containing sleevenotes and archival images.


    The Living City
    1 Ituri
    2 Alchemistry
    3 Adedara Rising
    4 Mashujaa
    5 Paradise Now
    6 Nightsky

    1 Aerial View
    2 Neon Night (Rain)
    3 Cityism Superdub
    4 Harambe
    5 Freeway
    6 Cuba Libre
    7 Midnight
    8 Waterfront District
    9 Favela
    10 Emerald City
    11 Cloud-Shaped Time

    Jon Hassell

    The Living City

      The Living City captures the Jon Hassell Group in September 1989 performing as part of an audio-visual installation inside the World Financial Center Winter Garden in New York City, with Brian Eno mixing the band live.


      A1 Ituri
      B1 Alchemistry
      B2 Adedara Rising
      C1 Mashujaa
      C2 Paradise Now
      D1 Nightsky

      Jon Hassell

      Psychogeography [Zones Of Feeling]

        Psychogeography is a situationist re-thinking of the 1990 City: Works Of Fiction album, a carefully edited sequence of alternate takes, demos and studio jams put together by Jon Hassell in 2014 using Debordian philosophy as his guide.


        A1 Aerial View
        A2 Neon Night (Rain)
        A3 Cityism Superdub
        B1 Harambe
        B2 Freeway
        B3 Cuba Libre
        C1 Midnight
        C2 Waterfront District
        C3 Favela
        D1 Emerald City
        D2 Cloud-Shaped Time

        Jon Hassell

        Seeing Through Sound (Pentimento Volume 2)

          “Listen as if you were being told a secret” - Federico Fellini

          A companion piece to 2018’s Listening To Pictures, this second volume in the pentimento series presents eight new tracks by the music visionary, continuing his lifelong exploration of the possibilities of recombination and musical gene-splicing. Pentimento is defined as the “reappearance in a painting of earlier images, forms, or strokes that have been changed and painted over” and this is evident in the innovative production style that ‘paints with sound’ using overlapping nuances to create an undefinable and intoxicating new palette.

          In classic Hassell fashion, the title can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, but perhaps the most pertinent at the moment is the human instinct to sing and play through a rain of difficulties. A future blues of indeterminate and ever-shifting shape. The album is buffered by two 8-minute plus epics at the beginning and the end - the hypnotic “Fearless” with it’s metronomic, almost Can-like rhythm, and blurry, noir-ish texture of sound emerging like car headlights from the fog; mirrored at the end of the record by the beautiful sci-fi lullaby of “Timeless”, a track with a gaseous, billowing quality as electronic clicks and bubbles float over a landscape of shimmering, glacially paced complexity. The bridge between those two worlds is no less compelling, from the frantic, spidery IDM sketch of “Reykjavik” to the collapsed-time ballad of “Unknown Wish”. Whilst containing seeds of classic ‘fourth world’ fusion, this record finds the artist still questing to create new forms and mutations of music, a thrilling window into what music could sound like in a world to come.


          Barry says: In essence experimental electronic music, but with a rich and evocative seam of cohesive melody and rhythm woven through it's core. Programmed percussion and sequenced synths lend a sense of drive to the otherwise floating new-age-electronic swirls. It's amazing how many influences can be skilfully brought together in the right hands, and Hassell has those hands.


          1. Fearless
          2. Moons Of Titan
          3. Unknown Wish
          4. Delicado
          5. Reykjavik
          6. Cool Down Coda
          7. Lunar
          8. Timeless

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