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Conceived under the leaky roof of Casa Di Ruffino, the first ANF on NAFF is a 3 track extended player from Dust-e-1 and Priori. Crunched out sci-chedelic jams that flirt with interstellar flux - ready for the new age but occupying the old.

Vintage hardware meets a modern mindset, as ANF conjure up magical and enchanted box jams - sonic odes and love letters to our mycelium-based forefathers based deep in the galaxy.

RIYL: Nite Vision, Derrick May, Cerberus Future Tech, Dream House / Blind Jack etc etc. 

Ex-Terrestrial arrives with four tracks from the outernational fringes of global dance music. "Portal Vision" serves up 5th dimension sounds in two flavours, "Kali" and "Plain". "Kali" is serene, sublime and with that coastal exuberance that's fast becoming its own genre here at Piccadilly. Mallets, analogue swirls and kinetic beats converging on dreamy pads and tantalizing vocal snatches for a moments of heady, comforting bliss. In its second outing, "Portal Vision (Plain)" the track's dubbed out somewhat, reducing the mallets to just bass, drums, vox and synth, nicely introducing the main ideas of the song for later on in the session when you drop the full beast. Clever! "Vanilight (Rezoned)" is a sultry, eyes-down Balearic house groover, nicely bolstered with congas and powerful bass. Finally, "2DS" sees serotonin levels sky-rocket as sumptuous piano stabs ride a buoyant wave of slow, baggy beats and laid back melodies; sounding a little like a lost early 90s crossover tune fed up on 4aco-dmt. This is the first release on NAFF recordings, a Montreal based label piloted by Adam Feingold and Francis Latreille. 

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