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Nadine Shah

Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink follows up Shah's Hyundai Mercury Prize nominated 2017 album Holiday Destination which received critical acclaim including AIM Awards 'Independent Album of the Year', a #7 'Album of the Year' from BBC 6 Music and #5 from The Quietus as well as prominent positions in lists from Loud and Quiet and The Line of Best Fit.

    With the same ferocious determination and distinct voice Shah now turns her sights closer to home with an album that explores her own story as a woman in her 30's and the societal pressures and expectations that come with that. Jovial and playful at times, unblinkingly daring at others - Kitchen Sink is bursting with Shah’s beloved personality while simultaneously refusing to compromise on the social commentary that she continues to deliver so fearlessly. Once again produced by Shah’s long time collaborator Ben HillIer.


    Darryl says: Nadine's superb fourth album is an atmospheric blend of warm PJ Harvey style vocals, moody guitars and groovey rhythms. The album is an razor-sharp observational piece on the expectations of a woman in her 30's and all the pressures that come with it.


    1. Club Cougar
    2. Ladies For Babies (Goats For Love)
    3. Buckfast
    4. Dillydally
    5. Trad
    6. Kitchen Sink
    7. Kite
    8. Ukrainian Wine
    9. Wasps Nest
    10. Walk
    11. Prayer Mat

    Nadine Khouri

    A New Dawn

      An early devotee of shoegaze and the dreamy melancholia of bands such as Mazzy Star and Sparklehorse, Khouri began her career as an acoustic singer-songwriter in New York, selfreleasing her first EP ‘A Song to the City’. Returning to London, she was eventually discovered by producer John Parish (PJ Harvey, This is the Kit) and began writing songs for what would become her first LP, ‘The Salted Air’ released in 2017. The album earned plaudits from the likes of MOJO and Drowned In Sound, was celebrated by Q (Feb 2017 Critics Choice) and selected as one of Rough Trade’s Albums of the Year 2017. In the past year, Khouri has toured in the UK and Europe and has shared the stage with artists such as Low, John Parish, Aldous Harding, H. Hawkline, Howe Gelb, Adrian Crowley, and many more.

      Self-produced and recorded in London in between touring commitments, Khouri’s latest offering was mixed by Alan Weatherhead (Sparklehorse, Julien Baker) and is a powerful return from her acclaimed debut. If her debut ‘The Salted Air’ were an allegory for displacement, in ‘A New Dawn’ Khouri has found the shore and displays a quiet, newfound confidence. The title track, which premiered on CLASH in August, opens with droning harmonium, cascades of tremolo guitar and mermaid-like backing vocals.

      ‘To Sleep’ sees violinist Basia Bartz doubling Khouri’s nylon string guitar in a pizzicato set against swelling harmonium, piano and flurries of guitar delay. Penned as “a lullaby she wrote from the point of view of a younger self” in a war zone, Khouri deals with the sounds of shelling by singing herself to sleep: “Teach me / A melody / So I can hum myself to sleep”. The beautifully arranged EP highlights Khouri’s talent for creating songs that feel both vast and intimate, as her sumptuous vocal takes centre-stage with poignant lyrics set against delicate atmospheric soundscapes.


      1. A New Dawn
      2. To Sleep
      3. The Hours


      Oh My

        Here to remind us that music is not just an audible experience, Minneapolis/New York’s Nadine make melodies that transcend acoustics. Their debut album oh my is collection of sophisticated modern pop songs that resonate in the gaps, the space between deadlines and timelines.

        More akin to poetry set to music, Nadine is all about exploring feeling. Whilst most poets revel in the personal, Nadine's process is collaborative whose core is singer Nadia Hulett (part of the loose collective Phantom Posse) and Julian Fader and Carlos Hernandez (both of Ava Luna). The trio's practice is marked by their commitment to playfulness, curiosity, and fluidity.

        Nadine's songs have one foot standing firm in pop, but ebb and flow with exploration and experiment. Polyphonic melodies swing and gambol, instrumental layers take generous flourishes and unexpected turns with an ear to the wondrous and occasionally weird, crafting jazz-tinged lounge-pop all held together by Hulett’s characteristic vocals, strong with a sincerity and gentleness that holds the listener. Let go of old ideas. Listen for tricks of the light. What does it feel like?


        Side A:
        Ultra Pink
        Not My Kinda Movie
        New Step
        That Neon Sign

        Side B:
        Little Self In The Garden
        Can’t Be Helped
        Peace In The Valley

        For most of us, 2016 was a tumultuous and ugly year - one steeped in political chaos and an air of uncertainty. For Nadine Shah, these headlines had been a big part of her life for years and ‘Holiday Destination’ - her brilliant and compelling third album out on 1965 Records - sees her stepping out of the shadow of the complicated relationships she examined on her second album ‘Fast Food’ and taking account of the world at large.

        Shah pulls no punches, exploring equally pertinent, difficult topics with similar intelligence and personality; from global issues such as the Calais refugee crisis and the Syrian civil war, to the more personal problems of inner turmoil surrounding the pressure of social conforming, the state of our mental health and simply encouraging others to have empathy. However, despite its themes, ‘Holiday Destination’ is anything but a difficult listen. From the off it immediately becomes apparent that Shah and collaborator, co-writer and producer Ben Hillier’s knack for sharp hooks and rhythms have only progressed further.

        For Shah, the first ideas for ‘Holiday Destination’ came back in 2014: “I saw this really shocking news piece. It was about migrants and refugees turning up on the shores of Kos in Greece by the thousands. There were some holidaymakers being interviewed and they were talking about how ‘they’re really ruining our holiday’. The fact that they had no shame in saying that whilst being interviewed, on national television... it really shocked me. This is what I am seeing across the globe: people unashamedly saying these awful things. It’s like, wow - people really don’t care and they’ll happily talk about how they don’t care. That’s why it’s called ‘Holiday Destination’.”


        Place Like This
        Holiday Destination
        Out The Way
        Yes Men
        Mother Fighter
        Jolly Sailor

        Nadine Khouri is a British-Lebanese musician and songwriter currently based in London. Influenced by dream-pop, moody soundtracks and spoken-word, her sound has been described as a “music born of perennial outsider-status.”

        Noted by John Parish (PJ Harvey, Giant Sand) for her voice, Khouri was invited to sing on a track on his Screenplay LP and subsequently recorded her forthcoming album with the producer in his hometown of Bristol. The resulting album is a haunting collection of poetic & atmospheric meditations on loss and transformation.

        Khouri’s singular voice soars above droning organ, pulsating shakers, and an occasional choir of male voices, creating a self-contained world, reminiscent of Stina Nordenstam & Hope Sandoval in their heyday. Pumping harmoniums meld into reverb-drenched electric guitar, while Khouri’s languid voice offers a dream-like incantation set against a beating Moroccan tar on ‘Broken Star’. An esoteric thread runs throughout the album, notably on ‘Shake it like a Shaman’ (a tribute to the late Jeff Buckley).

        The album also features guest contributions from Parish, Irish singer-songwriter Adrian Crowley, violinist Emma Smith (James Yorkston, Hot Chip) and others.


        Barry says: Minimal chimes and haunting acoustic guitar mingle with throbbing folky percussion and Khouri's unmistakeable voice. Mystical ambience and heartbreaking string swells, a perfectly crafted adventure.

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