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Lines Redacted

    The Leeds-based art-rock trio, Mush, release their feverish second LP, Lines Redacted via Memphis Industries. 

    Whereas the band’s debut was very much a product of its time, something part-inspired by the political atmosphere of mid-2019 and a genuine moment of optimism when the prospect of a socialist government in the UK was on the cards, this new record uses tongue-in-cheek cynicism as a coping mechanism for the environment that we now find ourselves in. From one song to the next, Lines Redacted introduces a string of different narrators with each providing a different reflection on the Armageddon scenario that we are slowly entering, whether that’s bemoaning it or gleefully willing it along. 3D Routine presented a bed of scathing political jibes latching onto themes and decisions of the time. Lines Redacted mutates these ideas into something slightly more sinister whilst maintaining all of Hyndman’s razor-sharp wit that permeates the album.


    says: Lines Redacted is a whirling, snarling dervish of punky guitars, booming bass and frantic vocal ruminations. It's a visceral but perfectly measured affair, well rounded and fiery.


    Coloured LP Info: Indies only clear vinyl.


    Great Artisanal Formats


      Following hot on the heels of their debut album "3D Routine", Leeds upstarts Mush will be releasing "Great Artisanal Formats" - a 5 track EP for Record Store Day 2020. Mush have established themselves as one of the most inventive and exciting new guitar bands in the UK having supported Stereolab and Shame, been supported heavily at 6 Music (5 x Marc Riley sessions + daytime playlist) and played a host of high profile festivals including All Points East, The Great Escape and Transmusicales. "Great Artisanal Formats" is another collection of off kilter guitar licks and wry observational takes on modern society.Mush are touring the UK and Europe in April 2020. 07 Apr ñ FR Paris, Supersonic 08 Apr ñ FR Lyon, Le Sonic 10 Apr ñ FR Lille, Pzzle Festival @ Le Grand Mix 12 Apr ñ UK Ramsgate, Ramsgate Music Hall 13 Apr ñ UK Brighton, The Prince Albert 14 Apr ñ UK London, Sebright Arms 15 Apr ñ UK Bristol, The Lanes 16 Apr ñ UK Manchester, YES 17 Apr ñ UK Sheffield, Picture House Social 18 Apr ñ UK Newcastle, The Cumberland Arms Praise for Mush's debut album "3D Routine": "Old-school indie meets 2020 attitude" 8/10 UNCUT "Wonky indie rock at its best" 8/10 Louder Than War "Mush's riffy, funky post-punk is as cathartic as it is surreal" PASTE


      3D Routine

        Following on from their ‘Induction Party E.P’, Mush are circulating their own sonic mythology, blurring the lines between abstract surrealism, existentialism and social commentary. Like its predecessor ‘3D Routine’ is a sensory overload of clattering, hooky, guitar work. However, this time space emerges between the onslaughts and in this respite, room is found for new emotional depth. More expansive than ever before, ‘3D Routine’ manages to maintain the rawness of a classic debut but it’s experimentation and variety portray a band unlikely to rest on their ‘guitar band’ chops.

        Songwriter Dan Hyndman explains the genesis of the band as being “fairly boiler plate” a combination of friends old and new converging in Leeds post-uni to form a band predominantly united in their mutual affection for the Pavement back catalogue. Finally settling on a lineup of Nick Grant (bass), Tyson (guitar) and Phil Porter (drums) the band’s progression has taken them far beyond this original vision.

        Having garnered local attention in the early days for their unhinged and often calamitous live shows in Leeds, it was the unlikely radio hit ‘Alternative Facts’, (clocking in at an uncompromising ten minutes) that brought the Mush to the attention of a wider audience. The song, one of the last releases for the legendary Too Pure Singles Club saw early support from Marc Riley and others on BBC 6music with them playing multiple sessions, and the follow up single, ‘Gig Economy’ hopping onto the 6music playlist. Roaming further afield from their hometown, Mush spent the first half of 2019 heading out around the UK, earning a reputation for their intense live performances, supporting the likes of Girl Band, The Lovely Eggs, Yak, Shame and Stereolab, as well as releasing the ‘Induction Party’ EP to great acclaim. At the tail end of summer of 2019 Mush headed to Leeds’ Green Mount Studio and with Andy Savours (Dream Wife, Our Girl, My Bloody Valentine) manning the mixing desk, their debut LP, ‘3D Routine’ was born.

        The way in which the album brazenly moves from polished 3- minute punk tracks, to avant-garde spoken word, to sardonic-political funk, whilst sounding like the same band is testament to an uncompromisingly unrefined ethic and compounds the jarring nature of Mush. Together, the songs form a unified, abrasive, emotive, frenetic and entirely beguiling concoction of sound and opinion, a fast-moving snapshot of current times, relatable, politically minded and incredibly personal. Music for those who want their guitars loud and weird, and their political commentary a little less ‘on the nose’. 


        says: Clashing post-punk attitude meets with playful 'oi' vox and brilliantly intricate counter melodies, forming a melodically diverse but consistently enjoyable shift of pace and style. With more arty sections brilliantly offset by a cohesive anthemic drive, 3D routine is a brilliantly assured debut.


        Coloured LP Info: 180g orange vinyl.

        LP Info: 180g black vinyl.


        Gig Economy

          Rising from the ashes of the Too Pure Singles Club, home to debut singles form the likes of Hookworms, Pulled Apart By Horses, DZ Deathrays, The Lovely Eggs, The Lucid Dream, Drahla, The Anchoress, Menace Beach, Tiger Cub, Cowtown and many more comes a brand new label, Dipped In Gold Recordings.

          After 10 years and 120 releases Too Pure Singles Club came to a natural end as a subscription based label in December 2017 and the label closed its doors. It was a sad day for many reasons none more so than there was now one less label championing underground UK music and generally bringing the mother flipping ruckus… Fear not Dipped in Gold is here to fill that void!

          We begin this momentous journey with our first release… by Leeds Art- Rockers MUSH Like ‘Alt Facts’ before it ‘Gig Economy’ combines a wry social commentary with spasmodic and Idiosyncratic hooks and general guitar wonderment.

          Mush have been causing quite the stir on the DIY scene supporting the likes of Rolling Blackouts, Omni, Ulrika Spacek, Drahla and Parquet Courts.

          Golden Glow’s debut, 'Tender Is The Night' is an upbeat Brit-pop album swarming in romance. Whether on the album’s more pop-based tracks (“Adore Me” “Locked Inside” “Books”) or the more hazy meditations (“The Blizzard” “On My Own”), Pierre Hall proves that you do not need million dollar studios or technically perfect performances to capture meaning and feeling in music. To say the recordings are raw is to do story of this album’s creation a disservice. After suffering a serious car accident that left him unable to walk for close to six months, Pierre Hall created Golden Glow, wrote the songs, and forced them onto his four-track with pure determination. When finished, he toyed with the idea of re-recording the songs in a cleaner studio. Then he thought of releasing the songs in their original form but limiting the outlet and calling them demos, but everyone who heard the tracks gave the same advice. Don’t ruin the magic was captured on that four-track. Don’t clean-up the charm. Release the music as it is. 'Tender Is The Night' is the result.

          Golden Glow is the charming solo project of Manchester singer/songwriter Pierre Hall. Son of a British father from Trinidad and Tobago, and a Mauritian mother, Pierre established himself in Manchester first as a party promoter and then fronting the Brit-pop band Lead Balloons. In late 2009, Pierre began to write songs as a solo artist. Naming his new project Golden Glow as a tribute to the band Felt, he used a dark period of his life to capture what he was feeling through his music. Starting simply, and sticking to the DIY aesthetics that have marked Manchester bands since the first days of punk, songs were written and recorded on a four-track with minimal equipment and no grand plan for where things might end up. After befriending and opening for The Drums, the track “Adore Me” was included on a compilation for their label, Holiday Records. By late 2010, the set of songs that were to become Golden Glow’s debut, 'Tender Is The Night' were completed and a series of lo-fi music videos began to get attention around the internet. With a beginning equally dependent on talent, necessity, and happenstance, Golden Glow is a project that deserves the recognition that is surely coming its way.


          says: Disturbed but beautiful, doomy but empowering, Mancunian melancholia. Smart.

          Her Space Holiday

          Sleepy Tigers

          "Sleepy Tigers" is the lead off track from Her Space Holiday's full-length, "XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival". In addition to the title track, three new compositions are included on the release. These tracks are not outtakes or throwaways from the recording of the full-length, but are in fact fully realized works completed in a fit of inspiration as the single was being compiled. For longtime fans of Her Space Holiday, those anxious to hear the new creative direction taken on "XOXO, Panda And The New Kid Revival", or new listeners yet to discover what makes Her Space Holiday one of Mush's most beloved acts, "Sleepy Tigers" is the perfect preview of what's to come. Recording as Her Space Holiday since 1996, Marc Bianchi creates sugarcoated dreamscapes floating alongside bitter-sweet narratives of life.

          Lymbyc Systym

          Love Your Abuser Remixed

            Lymbyc Systym's has made many new friends in the last year and a half as they've toured in support of their Mush Records debut, "Love Your Abuser". They've asked some of those friends – The Album Leaf, The One AM Radio, Daedelus, This Will Destroy You, and Back Ted-N-Ted – to remix some of the material from their album. In addition Mush Records' Black Country Bibio and Austinite Reference turn in masterful reworkings. Each artist adds their unique touches to Lymbyc Systym's already epic source material, working simultaneously as a companion piece to 2007's "Love Your Abuser" and as a compelling album on its own, "Love Your Abuser Remixed" is further testament to Lymbyc Systym's powerful presence in the instrumental music scene. Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Jared and Michael Bell formed Lymbyc Systym late in 2001. Drawing inspiration from the groups Tortoise, Explosions in the Sky, and Four Tet, their compositions cleverly combine vintage keyboards, infectious melodies, analog effects, dynamic drumming, and intricate laptop programming to form melodic and cohesive tracks that blur the borders between post-rock, indie-rock, and folktronica.


            You Me And Everyone

              Fresh off the triumph of Mush's 2006 re-release of his self-titled debut (where he took the 2003 Melodic version back to the studio for a sonic overhaul), London's mighty Pedro returns with "You, Me & Everyone". While comparisons to artists like Four Tet and Minotaur Shock have been natural on his past releases, Pedro approaches this latest set of compositions in a way that continues to establish his unique take on folk and jazz based electronica. Free-jazz horn blasts ring out with new vigor, drums hit a bit harder, and Pedro continues to forge new elements into his song craft, even raising the ghosts of Liquid Liquid and A Certain Ratio on a track or two. "Me, You & Everyone" will surely be the album that secures Pedro a position among the game's elite.

              Her Space Holiday

              Let's Get Quiet Vol. 2

                "Let's Get Quiet Vol. 2" is a four-track instrumental EP. Opener "OSAF" harkens back to the electro-infused beats of hip-hop's early days. "Wrapped in Plastic" is classic Her Space Holiday: intricate string flourishes, intriguing breakdowns, and melodic refrains over electronic drums. On "Panda Strikes", Arabesque synth lines weave through thick bass lines and dancefloor-ready drumbeats. The EP's closer, "Wishbone", is all lulling tropicalia, as dense string arrangements and lush melodies float over dreamy production.

                Lymbyc Systym

                Love Your Abuser

                  "Love Your Abuser", the debut full-length from Tempe, Arizona's Lymbyc Systym, is a sprawling post-rock epic. Brothers Jared and Michael Bell's ten distinct tracks capture an emotional range not often found in instrumental music. With layers of vintage keyboards and analog effects complemented by virtuoso drum work and tasteful programming, the album glides from the playful to the sublime without sacrificing a core consistency. Drawing inspiration from groups like Tortoise, Explosions In The Sky, and Four Tet, the duo's compositions cleverly combine catchy melodies, dynamic rhythms, and intricate laptop programming that form melodic and cohesive tracks blurring the borders between post-rock, indie-rock, and folktronica.


                  White Rabbits

                    Riz Maslen (Neotropic) is regarded as possibly electronic music's most accomplished female artist.

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