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Here's a new EP from Pender Street Steppers, Vancouver's hottest house exports and one of the poster boys for the Riviera's iconic Mood Hut label. Thankfully, they're not ready to switch up the formula juuust yet, as that natural drum kit (think Jack J's "Something On My Mind"), airy synth-flute, sweeping pads and gorgeous atmospheres all make a welcome return across five brand new tracks. There's joyfully picked guitar lines, squelchy analogue elements, and hazy, celestial washes - but the whole thing is undeniably PSS! It's nice to see the inclusion of some more experimental bits ("Mirror (Dub)") as well as them offer up some content to the recent converts of all things electro-funk and street soul related, thru the intimate and heartfelt licks of "No Need". Another Mood Hut essential? Youbetcha. The only thing you'll need to keep warm of the Winter months.... Imperative.


Matt says: Sure to get enough hype via the blogosphere and similiar information streams, but for once it's rightly deserved. Possibly their strongest release to date. And that's sayin summat.

Mood Hut pull off somewhat of a coup and enlist the very talented and highly coveted talents of one RAMZi into theit hallowed halls. Fans of the label or the producer will instantly know what a wonderful moment of synchronicity this is. Montreal based RAMZi (aka Phoebé Guillemot) is a relative new comer; but has established herself as a freakish purveyor of lysergic tropical music, psychedelic world beat, dub, jazz, glitch, and video game music through releases on Total Stasis, 1080p and RVNG Intl. Here she debuts on the now iconic Mood Hut label - a one stop shop for the lo-fi, psychedelic house vibrations and melting pop of musical culture that is Vancouver. You might say Mood Hut to Vancouver is what Rhythm Section is to Peckham (!) but let's move onto the music rather than get bogged down with cultural idents. What we have here is a totally succinct, encapsulating, full-vision of a sonic environment. Capturing that transformative magic that say, Tolouse Low Trax or Wilson Tanner both achieve in their totally separate ways. You can't listen to the EP and not be taken off somewhere deep into your subconscious. Images of memories of things that may or may not have occurred flicker past the mind's eye in a dazzling array of kaleidoscope imagines, thick with the smoke of some psychotropic plant and fully focused on breaking through into alternative realities.


Matt says: Having recently heard the news that certain lichen contain psilocybin, I wouldn't be surprised if biological dissection of this record revealed similar hallucinatory qualities!

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