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Mood Hut remain Vancouver's hottest export, presenting a new record by Ian Wyatt, performing under his cult Local Artist moniker. He’s one of the co-founders of Mood Hut, and you may remember him from his music on the Proibito and Rhythm Section record labels. You may also have checked out his releases under the moniker Slow Riffs, including the "Gong Bath" 12” from 2015. Yes, his reputation more than proceeds him!

"Dancer" epitomizes the Hut's sound so much it should have been its first release!. Drums, bass, keyboards, as well as other sounds and outboard effects (including delay) are all present as a dazzlingly radiant, hip shaking good LIVE house jam dances from the stacks. "Dreamer", as you might expect, reduces the pressure to a gentle canter, before a big b-line gets us hopping over the hurdles with ease. Just in time for those dying embers of Summer, this makes the perfect soundtrack to low, fiery red sunsets and darting crepuscular rays.

Essential BC product - get those orders in quick folks! 

Mood Hut pull off somewhat of a coup and enlist the very talented and highly coveted talents of one RAMZi into theit hallowed halls. Fans of the label or the producer will instantly know what a wonderful moment of synchronicity this is. Montreal based RAMZi (aka Phoebé Guillemot) is a relative new comer; but has established herself as a freakish purveyor of lysergic tropical music, psychedelic world beat, dub, jazz, glitch, and video game music through releases on Total Stasis, 1080p and RVNG Intl. Here she debuts on the now iconic Mood Hut label - a one stop shop for the lo-fi, psychedelic house vibrations and melting pop of musical culture that is Vancouver. You might say Mood Hut to Vancouver is what Rhythm Section is to Peckham (!) but let's move onto the music rather than get bogged down with cultural idents. What we have here is a totally succinct, encapsulating, full-vision of a sonic environment. Capturing that transformative magic that say, Tolouse Low Trax or Wilson Tanner both achieve in their totally separate ways. You can't listen to the EP and not be taken off somewhere deep into your subconscious. Images of memories of things that may or may not have occurred flicker past the mind's eye in a dazzling array of kaleidoscope imagines, thick with the smoke of some psychotropic plant and fully focused on breaking through into alternative realities.


Matt says: Having recently heard the news that certain lichen contain psilocybin, I wouldn't be surprised if biological dissection of this record revealed similar hallucinatory qualities!

Another one from the THC-soaked Vancouver shoreline. Layne Brown returns with more from the desk of H.O.D. Inc. Descend the stairs into two sides of brass and flautist celebration by the mysterious Emm Three laid atop Brown’s fixed earth rhythms. Some call House of Doors the spiritual guide of the back rooms of 524 Main Street and this release does nothing to cloud that theory! "Starcave" deploys rapid slap bass and synth brass to a droning sunshine organ while energetic drums fire on all cylinders. "Burmstar" gets two equally orgasmic mixes, the "Twin Mix" heading for the jugular with squelchy high end frequencies and bubbling low end business, candy coated with the most delicious of melodies on top- bellissimo! Finally, the "Running Flutee" mix of said track ever-so-slightly changes up the aasssthetic ma'an, for a more tropical, hazy blast of the dabs. Some say this is the summer of the flute. On the other side of the world they say this is winter. And some say this is a new 12” from Mood Hut. Shouts 2 Scent distro! Highly recommended.


Matt says: Mood Hut's most bouncy, fun-loving and downright grooving release to date drops right in time for the mid-summer dances - get those skates on folks

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