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Previously known for his underground party starters "Dancer" and "Boys Cry". This debut LP by Local Artist takes us further towards the intimate end of the radio dial, recording music as a way to process the emotions of watching his father and partner battle cancer pre-pandemic. Themes of love, loss and living life emerge in a moody brew to help you through. It's the perfect slice of downbeat melancholy to accompany the summery moods recently explored on Jack J's (also Mood Hut released) "Opening The Door". With Local Artist's sumptuous grasp of sound design, it's like diving into a crystalline pool of audio, fathoms deep and revealing new lifeforms via sonic vibration. Don’t miss this!


Matt says: Local Artist challenges Jack J as they battle it our on the Riviera for the most laid-back and beautiful LP of the summer. Shimmering in that 4:20 Vancouver haze, this is contemplative serenity at its most exquisite.


A1. Head Right
A2. Expanding Horizons
A3. Without You
A4. Neo Wise
B1. Rif Kibdani
B2. Self Healing
B3. Good Enough
B4. Give You My Love
B5. Distance Calling

Seven years since releasing two back to back dancefloor hits, Jack J returns to the airwaves with this amazing LP on Mood Hut Records. Laid back, sun drizzled house music was the previous inclination; and here Jack seems to continue to the mood, featuring his own vocals against a backdrop of vintage synth swells, organic 4/4 drums and sumptuous bass guitar licks. It's still wrapped in that 4:20 stoned glow as we get Balearic (read: Vancouver Riviera) flavours washing up against the Pacific coastline.

There's a playfulness, a sincerity, and yet a naivety which sees J's emotions painted firmly across the record. The interplay between Rhodes, vox and synthesized elements his unique calling card and one that's executed with such an effortless calm - you just can't help but be sucked in by this guy's music! Well worth the wait! 


Matt says: Seven years after those two, genre-defining 12"s, Vancouver Riviera OG Jack J returns with his debut LP. Already huge with Ryan Horsebeach and Pasta Paul we reckon this'll blow up big.


A1. If You Don’t Know Why
A2. Opening The Door
A3. The Only Way
A4. Only You Know Why
B1. Clues (Part I)
B2. Clues (Part II)
B3. I Saw Fire
B4. Closing The Door

New Mood Hut! Form an orderly (and socially distanced..) queue please!

"Obit For Sunshade" is digital technology half buried in the soil, transparent emotion in the intertidal zone; ferns growing by night out of a 4x4 flatbed. Brought to you by Scott Gailey, a new signing on taste-defining cult label: Mood Hut. The Canadian Rivieran firm have single-handedly carved an idiosyncrative paradisical world out of dusty drum machines, old synths and the odd bit of vocal interplay. On this tranquil and horizontal offering Hotspring shows a tender, hypnotic and highly liminal side as we drift off into an electro-acoustic dream world. An enchanted garden rich with intriguing fauna - vocodered passages merge effortlessly with languid synthscapes and blissed-out keyboard motifs. There's a few more excitable moments towards the end, where manipulated live drums permeate thick, sweaty atmospheres but it's mainly an ambient and almost gravity free excursion from begining to end. Load up your favourite vape device, lay down some cushions and get submerged in some of the angelic ambient music you're likely to hear all Autumn! 


Matt says: Hugely seductive semi-ambient album from the Mood Hut massive. Rounding off a rather turbulent global Summer in refreshingly arresting style. TIP!


1. Peace Whorl
2. 5000 Tons
3. Clothes
4. Resounding
5. Nighttime
6. Obit For Sunshade
7. An Item
8. Warmlight V365

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