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More D4ta

    For bands, a “hiatus” is usually just a polite way of announcing a break-up, but sometimes, a hiatus is just that—a hiatus. Back in 2017, when Moderat announced that they’d be taking an extended break following a final concert in their hometown of Berlin, many assumed that the group was basically calling it quits. After all, they’d already completed a celebrated trilogy of albums, repeatedly broken into the pop charts and performed all around the globe (including MainStage sets at some of the world’s biggest festivals including Coachella, Roskilde, Rock Werchter, Glastonbury, Primavera, Sónar and many many more)—what else was left for the German trio to accomplish? Moderat, however, always knew that they’d find their way back to one another.

    10 TRACKS
    MORE D4TA, the group’s fourth album, arrives more than six years after its predecessor (2016’s III), yet its contents are quintessentially Moderat. Although the trio’s hiatus was absolutely real—exhausted after years of touring, Apparat (a.k.a. Sascha Ring) and Modeselektor (a.k.a. Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary) spent two years away from one another, focusing instead on their own respective projects—once they decided to resume working together, the music (eventually) started flowing again.

    It wasn’t an easy process. It’s never been easy for Moderat, an outfit who tellingly titled their debut EP Auf Kosten Der Gesundheit (translation: At the Cost of Health) and then needed seven years to put together a follow-up. Back in those days, the group’s members were essentially remixing each other, but over time, they’ve gradually developed into a proper band, writing together and developing a workflow that’s totally distinct from their other projects. (In a band where all three members are artists, producers and mixing engineers, striking that sort of creative balance is trickier than it might seem.)

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    Created largely during a time when touring (and most traveling) was off the table, MORE D4TA is an album that wrestles with feelings of isolation and information overload—issues that have become particularly pronounced over the past two years. Many of its lyrics are rooted in Ring’s frequent trips to Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie museum (often with his infant daughter in tow), where he’d seek refuge in the great paintings of the past while worrying about the future.

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    MORE D4TA is rooted in that same collaborative spirit, but long before any of its tracks were laid down, Moderat spent months hanging out and getting musically reacquainted, indulging in extended bouts of experimentation and slowly fleshing out ideas as they dove into modular composition, field recordings and other sonic oddities. That said, MORE D4TA is very much a Moderat album. No matter how far the band ventures into music’s outer realms, they always wind up back in their own unique soundworld, a place where emotive pop and fluttering electronic soundscapes walk hand in hand. What they make isn’t necessarily dance music, but it is something that shines brightest in the dark of night, the group’s rich melodies and Ring’s ethereal vocals emitting a warm, almost bioluminescent glow.

    Although the LP’s title is an anagram for “Moderat 4,” there’s more to it than cheeky wordplay. In a time where everyone is constantly bombarded with content, and taking part in the cultural conversation requires engaging with digital platforms more interested in harvesting data than celebrating art, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disillusioned. MORE D4TA acknowledges that reality, but it also refuses to be cowed by it. Moderat’s new album is ultimately just another addition to the content pile—there’s no escaping that—but the trio still yearns to create and connect. They’re not a conceptual outfit, and never have been: After spending the better part of two decades making music together, they’ve carved out a sound and aesthetic that are all their own, and MORE D4TA showcases a group that’s creatively recharged and fully dedicated to its craft. Maybe bands should take hiatuses—real ones— a little more often.


    Barry says: As expected, this collaboration of these two musical masterminds sees a perfect juxtaposition of laid-back mellow electronica and more dancefloor orientated heft, and is probably the most refined of their musical visions thus far. Both brilliantly produced and endlessly deep, it's a wonderful journey.


    1. FAST LAND
    2. EASY PREY
    3. DRUM GLOW
    4. SOFT EDIT
    5. UNDO REDO
    6. NEON RATS
    7. MORE LOVE
    8. NUMB BELL
    9. DOOM HYPE
    10. COPY COPY



      EXTLP is very much rooted in bombastic rave sounds, but there’s much more to this romp than barreling techno and neck-snapping breakbeats. Across its 15 tracks, Modeselektor tear through mutant crunk distortions, glitchy dub meditations, neon synth-pop and more. EXTLP features a star-studded slate of guests from around the globe, including veteran dub vocalist Paul St. Hilaire, sharptongued UK rapper Flohio, avant-pop rulebreaker Catnapp and legendary Einstürzende Neubauten frontman Blixa Bargeld.

      Arriving on the heels of Extended mixtape — and the three EPs that immediately followed it — EXTLP is the final piece of what might be the most prolific period of Modeselektor’s entire career.


      1. Tacken (EXTLP Version)
      2. Hyendo Dancehall (EXTLP Version)
      3. Social Distancing Feat. FLOHIO
      4. Keller (EXTLP Version)
      5. Bangface (EXTLP Version)
      6. Dating Is In China Feat. Catnapp (Speed Dating Version)
      7. Ohm (EXTLP Version)
      8. Puls (EXTLP Version)
      9. Komm Feat. Blixa Bargeld (Long Version)
      10. Movement Feat. Paul St. Hilaire (EXTLP Version)
      11. Kupfer (EXTLP Version)
      12. Cthulhu Drums (EXTLP Version)
      13. Sekt Um 12 (EXTLP Version)
      14. Klangkrieg (EXTLP Version)
      15. Bilbao (EXTLP Version)

      "Who Else" has been in the works for two years and was made within a month. It’s a record offering essential Modeselektor, a record formed by experience, self-confidence and the usual madness. It raises a question and answers it straight away. "Who Else" is yet another counteraction to boredom and formulaic approaches. Hear Modeselektor casually kicking against the pricks. Somebody’s gotta do it. Who else?

      Technical knowledge and craftsmanship have improved their creative process, but in the studio they are driven by the same old things. It’s the quest for the beat they haven’t made yet, the eternal hunt for the perfect mix. No bass drum sounds like the other on this record, no snare repeats itself in a different track. Each hi-hat is tailor-made, no synth sound recycled on another occasion. This isn’t one of those predictable techno records, and that’s what makes it such an effort: the endless search for new sounds while always bearing in mind that less is more.

      "Who Else" represents the sound of Berlin in all its ambivalence. You’ve heard lead single "Wealth", a hip hop track featuring London Grime artist Flohio. "WMF Love Song" pays tribute to the long-gone formative Berlin club, but who could call these relentless UK vibes nostalgic? Estonian rapper Tommy Cash parties on the crunchy and playful "Who", Otto von Schirach lends his screams to the dark industrial techno of "I Am Your God". And there’s many other tracks that show Modeselektor rambling, raving, experimenting or just enjoying themselves. Is all of this considered hot and valuable by dance industry standards? Doesn’t matter, they don’t play by these rules too much.


      Side 1
      1. One United Power (3:24)
      2. Wealth (4:06)
      3. Prugelknabe (3:26)
      4. Who (4:42)
      Side 2
      1. WMF Love Song (4:35)
      2. I Am Your God (album Version) (4:17)
      3. Fentanyl (4:16)
      4. Wake Me Up When It's Over (5:22)

      While "Parastrophics", Mouse on Mars' 10th studio album, was recorded over a period of 5 years, "WOW" is of much more spontaneous nature. Right after "Parastrophics" was released in February 2012, Mouse on Mars started collecting the ideas for "WOW", a bass heavy club orientated album. The final assemblage took about 5 weeks and was finished by the end of July. "WOW" is based on immediacy. A bass drama of three letter words. Intuition, Punch, Massiveness.

      The host who leads through the entire album is Dao Anh Khanh whom the band met during their Asia tour 2011. Dao is a performer and sculptor from Vietnam, who invented a fantasy language which the band recorded together with him in an arcane Hanoi studio.

      Further voice contributions are from the Argentinian girl punk band Las Kellies and Eric D. Clarke. All together it makes a story which is epic, abstract, intense and ridiculous at the same time. Mouse on Mars gone theatrical.


      1. SOS
      2. DOG
      3. HYM
      4. VAX
      5. PUN
      6. BSD
      7. ACD
      8. APE
      9. CAN
      10. ESO
      11. SUN
      12. WOC
      13. CAT

      Side D Is ETCHED

      When Modeselektor got introduced to the music of eLan, they immediately fell for the effective simplicity and on their constant mission to discover the next new beat, signed the young talent from California right away. Following the release of a much acclaimed vinyl EP trilogy on Monkeytown Records, eLan, member of the super eclectic WEDIDIT Collective (incl. Shlomo and several others), part of the Indigo Pyramid crew now brings us the CD version. This 2xCD contains the 12 original tracks from all three EPs as well as remixes from Modeselektor, Lazer Sword, Cosmin TRG, Byetone (Raster Noton), Anstam and many others. On top of all the vinyl highlights you will find several unreleased bonus tracks and remixes on this 2xCD. A must have for all fans of the Monkeytown Records camp!


      1. I Can't Breathe
      2. Benson Bridges
      3. Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp
      4. Dry Lemons
      5. Good High
      6. Alligator Snaps
      7. Hunting Season
      8. Saccharin On Top
      9. Shoot The Beam
      10. Blackout
      11. Next 2 Last
      12. Brandy
      13. 2in5four

      1. Next 2 Last - Mindesign Remix
      2. Benson Bridges – HeRobust Remix
      3. Hunting Season - Mike Gao Remix
      4. Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp – Byetone Remix
      5. Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp – Lazer Sword Remix
      6. Good High - Devonwho Remix
      7. Alligator Snaps – Cosmin TRG Remix
      8. Saccharin On Top - DJ Pound Remix
      9. Hunting Season - Nasty Nasty Remix
      10. Bleep Bloop Brrrrmmp – Modeselektor Remix
      11. Shoot The Beam - Fitz Ambrose Remix
      12. Saccharin On Top – Anstam Remix

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