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Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition

    Your Old Droog is back with the much-anticipated new album "Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition". Once again, the rap savant is putting his personal story at the forefront, going even further than the themes of his previous collection "Jewelry". “My last project was about unapologetically claiming my heritage as a Jew,” explains Droog. “This one is about embracing my Ukrainian and Eastern European roots”. Executive produced by Mach-Hommy and Tha God Fahim , the album features appearances from both of those artists along with El-P (Run The Jewels), Black Thought (The Roots), Phonte (Little Brother), and Billy Woods. Rooted in raw, minimalist production, "Dump YOD: Krutoy Edition" is a perfect showcase for Your Old Droog’s transcendent lyrical skills and vivid storytelling, imbued with the Ukraine-born emcee’s reflections on growing up as a Russian-speaking immigrant in Brooklyn.

    Your Old Droog


      Inimitable rap musician Your Old Droog is back. After recently releasing the acclaimed projects "It Wasn't Even Close" and "Transportation", the prolific artist is returning with the brand new album "Jewelry". The album is a celebration of YOD's Jewish heritage, which he is now officially revealing to the public for the first time. "Jewelry" features guest appearances from the likes of Matisyahu, MF DOOM, and Mach-Hommy (who also wears the hat of executive producer on the project), with beats by Quelle Chris, Tha God Fahim, Edan, Preservation, and more. "I'm a Jew in America", says Droog. "This is my story. Shalom." 

      Acclaimed Ukrainian-Brookyln rapper Your Old Droog recently made waves with the unexpected release of "It Wasn’t Even Close", a brand new album that drew widespread attention and endless praise after dropping in April with no advance warning. Fresh off this success, your old pal is returning less than two months later with "Transportation". The album features 15 tracks, all of which loosely relate to a method of transportation. 'Not everything is literal though,' says the artist, which comes as no surprise considering the man’s penchant for abstract metaphors.

      "Transportation" finds Your Old Droog returning to the unique remind-you-of-NYC-at-night soundscapes that served as the backdrop to his classic self-titled debut, which was named one of the top 10 albums of 2014 by The New York Times and one of the top 15 rap albums of 2014 by Rolling Stone. Similar to the first project, the bulk of the beats on "Transportation" are handled in-house by eclectic Inwood beat wizard Mono En Stereo. Droog sounds more than at home delivering the audio equivalent of comfort food, with interludes sprinkled around beats and rhymes that go together like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a cold glass of milk in the middle of the night. In Droog’s case, it might be Bulgarian buttermilk.


      says: Compiling our end of year chart it was obvious Droog was gonna feature. But choosing between this and ‘It Wasn't Even Close’ has been tough. For its wider range of styles and more consistent hit-rate throughout, this has just clinched it. Full of his downright hilarious skits and poignant commentary, Droog's still not frontin', instead concentrating on real life and metaphysical style. If you don't know - get to know!

      Finally! We've been waiting patiently for this to drop on vinyl after it arrived on CD a few weeks ago. Droog's follow-up to the critically acclaimed "Packs" is a mammoth return for Brooklyn based Ukranian rapper featuring some of his tightest and most inspired verses to date. The first trio of tracks, with cameos from MF Doom and executive producer Mach-Hommy, literally left me breathless on first listen - there's so many bars to take in you'll probably press rewind on these opening joints just to learn the lines.

      Wining our hearts with his honest and observant take on modern society without ever fronting or exaggerating; his street-scarred, humour-filled delivery is a breath of fresh air in 2019 - when rap music seems more concerned with face tattoos and benzo-additions than quality, thoughtful and suave vocal flow.

      Features appearances from the likes of DOOM, Roc Marciano, Wiki, and Mach-Hommy himself, plus beats by Sadhu Gold, Evidence, Daringer, V Don, Tha God Fahim, Mono En Stereo, and more this, along with "Transportation" (released within 2 weeks of each other), are both strong contenders for hip-hop album of the year.

      Named after a line from a classic Geto Boys song, the project was sparked by a pivotal conversation between Droog and hip-hop icon Scarface, who told the young artist he would single handedly bring New York back. 


      says: We're dangerously close to Droog overload here at Picc HQ, with his slick verses sounding out over the shop player nearly every day of the week. A real deal rapper who looks like he's here to stay.. Get involved!

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