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French producer Mad Rey debutes on Glenn, Del and Max's Money $ex label with four tracks of hazy, cassette-fried techno and dancefloor electronix.

"Miracle Mike" opens with rigid breakbeats polluted with discordant bass, phazing artefacts and the odd suspended string note. "4 Ma G'z" sees squelchy and cerebral dream house conjured up in fine style, again dusted with a tape saturated aesthetic and drawing immediate comparisons with Alias G. "Volonte Breaker" is perhaps the winner for me, a quick paced attack with tropical undertones (included subtle marimba lines) and genius drum palette. Finally, "Police With Segway..." concludes with a barrage of over-driven drum hits, thunder claps and morse code woodblock. A fierce and challening end to the record that only the more skilled nightclub technicians will find use for - it's nonetheless and arresting and highly accomplished listen from this new comer.

Funkycan aka Am Kinem teams up with Max Gee, while Money $ex regulars Imyrmind & Delphonic join Glenn Astro and Lonny Benz for a jam packed Money $ex outing. "Steiermark2017" is by Funkycan 7 & Graef and is a techno track made with a DR-550 and the crumar performer. It weaves and winds with slightly discordant melodies as fizzy, saturated drums pop and spurt. Glenn and Max drop the sub heavy and highly trickski, "No Tricks Dub". Thick walls of bass and intricately programmed tribal rhythms are order of the day as the pair conjure up a track similar to Paul Daly's cult remix of Jose Padilla's "Adios Amigo" - excellent! Delphonic & Astro provide the EPs crowning glory (in my opinion), a gentle propullsive, percussive glider that sounds like it's been ripped off a Sued record and should wins fans across the board with its delicate but engrossing sounds. Finally Imyrmind collaborates with Lonny Benz for the disjointed club attack that is "DID" - a juddering assault of drums embellished with subtle analogue nuances. A belter here from all involved, most recommended. 


Matt says: I'll be honest, Money $ex doesn't always do it for me (then what does?! - ed) but this doozy from the allstars of the label has kept me more than entertained. Interesting sounds, intricate rhythms and experimental arrangements all keeping me hooked. Top one.

Brothermartino & Ivory Boy

Money$Ex7" 03

Latest arrival from the Money $ex miniatures ! It's an Italian away-game this outing, with acclaimed Deep House don Ivory Boy teaming up with flautist Brothermartino for some seriously immersed & mesmeric House steeped in live instrumentation, a'la 22a

200 copies only - no repress

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