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Mohamed A Gawad / Dice Miller / Reihse

Celluloid Corridors

    Newest 2-tracker from Manchester / Berlin / Cairo massive, Gawad and Salford Based maestro Dice miller AKA Dalia Neis on vocal duties whilst the legend that is Andreas Reihse of Kreidler fame handles synthplay and arrangement. Focused around a vocal monologue, blitzed into glassine echoes, distorted and warped into an unsteadying but warmly idiosyncratic scree. 'Timehelix' kicks things off with a spoken word dialogue, focusing on the description of photographic film. Robotic echoes whirr away in the background, echoing the original sentiments, but abstracted into machinelike code, speeding up and slowing down as though being mistakenly spooled through a genetically imperfect machinated medium. It's a visceral but fascinating process, never veering too far from the original thread but smashing things into an otherwordly alter dimension. 

    'Sermon' sees Dice Miller take monologue duties, but this time backed with abstractions of classical instrumentation, with stabs of strings warped into a thousand fragments, brutally interspersed with piercing shrieks before bringing things back to earth with perfectly measured throbbing organic whirrs. Again focusing on images, but this time bringing things almost chronologically forward, with the history of film being investigated. 

    It's a fascinating and impeccable duo of avant noise fragments, simmering unease and warming, euphoric relief. 

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