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Another newcomer drops some heat this week as a fresh wave of producers grace the black waxes in 2018. "Bellevue Resort" is described as 'sensual vacation music for humans and non-humans alike... Think of a slightly utopian place, in a future that has not lost its humanity.' It's a great intro to the record, which touches on vintage electro stylings whilst updating its palette to reflect modern tastes and speaker specifications. The production is clean and crisp but still quite experimental, which is what you want I guess. I especially like the use of warm strings and weaving, liquid melodies; a bit of a contrast to the razor-sharp sounds and ravey bleep melodies that often dominate the genre. By the final track, "Patterns Of Contrast" we're fully in MSL's grip, his succinct but mind enhancing vibrations drawing us into a plasma pool of radioactive goodness. If you're currently feeling the vintage electro resurgence and need something mind blowing you could do far worse than this record. Recommended. 


Matt says: 2018's vintage electro resurgence reaches its natural zenith with a plethora of labels and artists extorting the style. It's all good though, as I always thought it never got enough attention first time round! MSL joins 2018's forerunners for four tracks of cyborg friendly robo-funk. TIP!

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