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Philip Michael Thomas

Starry Eyed

    Actor/singer Philip Michael Thomas impresses yet again this time not as Detective Ricardo Tubbs on the TV series Miami Vice alongside Don Johnson, but as composer and producer of another downtempo dreamy lovers rock escapade - “Starry Eyed” - featuring melting Spanish romantic spoken word break down. Previously unreleased, originally produced in 1985, fresh from the master tapes now out for the very first time on MISSYOU.


    says: Now a total silver fox (google him!) one time Miami Vice hero P.M. Thomas, had a lesser known, but equally dope recording career. Somehow this one stayed in the can way back when, but it sounds like a killer to me. Reggae for the Balearic crowd...

    JC Lodge


    Heavily sought after in the digging community, "Alien" is an exquisite oddball reggae meets electro production by Jamaican maestro Willie Lindo. Originally released as part of the Jamaican first issue of the "Revealed" album from 1984 and never included in later re-issues, this strange and beautiful space oddity is now available again on this totally limited MISSYOU 12". The synth heavy club beat falls between electro, freestyle and proto house, while the songwriting and JC's gorgeous vocals are brimming with the sultry sounds of Jamaica.


    says: One of those amazing eighties oddities which feels like its fallen from another planet. Reggae meets electro meets freestyle in outer space!

    Light Of Love

    Melting Pot

      Two early digi-reggae super rare masterpieces by Arnold Brackenridge, made available again, now on 12" format, remastered and restored from the artist's master tapes.

      Killer cosmic disco re-ish here which chucks the Byrds favourite Bible verse over a new wave meets space funk backing. Originally dropping in 198o-something, this sleazy and smacky groover is primed for redeployment on the modern dancefloor.

      Walter Martino's "What Love Can Do", a dreamy piece of Italian disco, was originally found on Martino's 1980 album, "Nervi A Pezzi". Virtually impossible to acquire via discogs, I reckon this is previously the domain of secretive trips to the Italian countryside, pretending to the missus that you're taking her on a dream holiday when really you're off to mine the chazzers of Sardinia. Anyway, not only have Miss You sourced the best track of the whole album, they've given it a whole side of fresh 12" wax to entertain with, and backed with a tasty AF remix from Castro Helicopter which transforms it into an avant-disco percussive tool laced with acid blasts and a full percussionist really going to town. Essential stuff for the glitter ball dancefloors and certain to fly outta the door. Get those orders in quick folks! 


      Sweat Till Your Body's Wet

      As is so often the case, "Sweat Till Your Body's Wet" was originally tucked away on the B-side, away from prying eyes and free of the straight jacket of perceived chart conventions. Co-written with Miami Vice actor Philip Michael Thomas (Rico MF Tubbs), the track is a synth and drum machine reggae bomb, complete with cosmic synth work and crazy vocoder. Imagine Sly & Robbie teaming up with Larry Levan on the Easy Street payroll, except it's all a figment of a Ruf Dug DMT trip. Check the clip - lose your shit!


      says: Well this is entirely off its rocker! Rico Tubbs teams up with Dhaima to create a slo-mo vocoder reggae bomb based around a killer machine riddim. Ace


      Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 300 copies.


      Music Love Song / Mother Hernie

      Hot on the heels of their stellar (maybe interstellar) Dealer / Whizz reissue, Sound Metaphors return to their Miss You offshoot to hit us with an officially remastered reissue of an amazing and obscure 1979 disco bomb. This rare Italian/French production was originally only released in Portugal, which might be why so few people have heard it. Live bass, drums, guitar riffs and percussion clatter and batter at a brisk 140 bpm, turning up the heat on any decent dance floor. Over on the flip, "Mother Hernie" is a slow soul ballad for a sunday morning, nice enough, but you're buying this for the banger.

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