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Walter Martino's "What Love Can Do", a dreamy piece of Italian disco, was originally found on Martino's 1980 album, "Nervi A Pezzi". Virtually impossible to acquire via discogs, I reckon this is previously the domain of secretive trips to the Italian countryside, pretending to the missus that you're taking her on a dream holiday when really you're off to mine the chazzers of Sardinia. Anyway, not only have Miss You sourced the best track of the whole album, they've given it a whole side of fresh 12" wax to entertain with, and backed with a tasty AF remix from Castro Helicopter which transforms it into an avant-disco percussive tool laced with acid blasts and a full percussionist really going to town. Essential stuff for the glitter ball dancefloors and certain to fly outta the door. Get those orders in quick folks! 

Lorna Bennett / The Revolutionaries

It's My House

Heavy reggae-disco-dub stylings here from Lorna Bennet & The Revolutionaries who, via Miss You's 2nd tasty reissue this week, provide a nothing short of eeessential 12" release for fans of that Jamaican groove.

Lorna Bennett (born 7 June 1952 in Newton, Saint Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica) is a reggae singer who twice topped the Jamaican singles chart in the early 1970s, and who is best remembered for her reggae version of "Breakfast in Bed".

"It's My House" was originally released, with little fanfare, on High Note sometime in the mid 80s. Fetching pricely sums online and feverishly collected by those who know, the vocal version is a heavy roots cut - resplendent with horns and loud bass. Bennet's vocal sits beautifully atop of the groove; sugary but not too sweet, melancholic but not depressive. It's on the flip that the instrumental really comes to life, a ridiculously well produced cut which is so far going unaccredited! It's clear and focused, hinting at the more digital, 16-track studios that became popular in the mid 80s but I have to hold my hands up I don't know anything about this record. What I do know is that I'm nodding my head harder to this instrumental than some of Wackies best efforts.. and that's saying summat! 


Matt says: Another sterling dub to compliment the recent slew of Wackies / Scientist freak-outs. Unbeknownist to me until now, this is what you need for the warmer months ahead.

Originially released in 1981, Jorge Ben's "Bem-Vinda Amizade" saw the legendary Brazilian musician translate the tropicalia, samba and jazz styles with which he'd made his name into a rich and groovy strand of soulful MPB perfectly suited for cocktails by the pool. This contemporary sound, informed by years of songwriting experience and a deft touch with rhythm and melody, as well as its 80s release date made the LP a classic play on Italy's cosmic scene and in the nascent days of Ibiza's Balearic revolution. Opener "O Dia Que O Sol Declarou O Seu Amor Pela Terra" sets the scene with carnival rhythms, tropicalia guitar and a sing-a-long chorus, before the optimistic 80s soul of "Santa Clara Clareou" lays down a massive Balearic marker. The DJ heat continues with "Oé Oé (Faz O Carro De Boi Na Estrada)", a fresh cocktail of disco bass, boogie percussion and loose Latin guitar taken to the next level via Jorge's joyful vocal. And so it goes through another 7 essential tracks, all blending soul, disco and 80s pop with the classic sounds of Brazil - loved by the Balearic crowd, Brazilian collectors and anyone with taste, this is a total masterpiece!


Patrick says: Arguably the Brazilian Balearic masterpiece, Jorge Ben's "Bem-Vinda Amizade" is blessed with a flawless tracklist and love and appreciation from all your favourite DJs. And it's got a lovely doggo on the sleeve - nice touch.


Sweat Till Your Body's Wet

As is so often the case, "Sweat Till Your Body's Wet" was originally tucked away on the B-side, away from prying eyes and free of the straight jacket of perceived chart conventions. Co-written with Miami Vice actor Philip Michael Thomas (Rico MF Tubbs), the track is a synth and drum machine reggae bomb, complete with cosmic synth work and crazy vocoder. Imagine Sly & Robbie teaming up with Larry Levan on the Easy Street payroll, except it's all a figment of a Ruf Dug DMT trip. Check the clip - lose your shit!


Patrick says: Well this is entirely off its rocker! Rico Tubbs teams up with Dhaima to create a slo-mo vocoder reggae bomb based around a killer machine riddim. Ace


Ltd 12" Info: Limited to 300 copies.

More Miss You aceness from the Sound Metaphors camp as they hit us with a bigly yuge reissue of Risqué's sublime slo-mo disco bomb "Starlight" - pressed loud AF and ready to tear the dancefloor asunder! Approved by none other than Sarcastic hero DJ Harvey-himself (check his Boiler Room for a damage report), the track materialises with twinkling arps, soft pads and jazz-funk guitars, all underpinned by that solid kick which carries us to the pay off. Two synth vamps later and we're rocking under the influence of that MASSIVE synth bass, swaying from side to side as the cosmic sequences and big female vocals reach for the ecstatic. What very heaven it is to peak at 98BPM! 


Patrick says: Top five slo-mo disco weapon here - originating in Holland 1982, now back in press for those who know in 2k18. WTF is powering that bass sound? Did these girls came from outer space? Have I just necked a gary? This record is the only answer you need!

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