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If we told you that you'd be seeing the future back in 1996 would you have believed us? Maybe not, but Armando may beg to differ, yes that Armando. Chicago's prodigal son (RIP) hooked up with one of Chicago's other prodigal sons - Cajmere - to drop this stellar piece of jacked-up, hi-tech, slamming house on the infamous Radikal Fear imprint ran by Felix Da Housecat. Yeah, that's a lot of legendary names right there, for sure. Sit back, take it in for a second, let it marinate. "The Future" is a banger, no doubt about it. Punishing kick drums, manic synth stabs and that creeping trademark Armando acid is all there and it doesn't let up. Driving in all the right ways it's a surefire weapon. Classic Chi-town sounds here, second wave style. Over on the B-side we are lucky to be treated to an exclusive, respectful re-edit of Cajmere's absolutely heavyweight remix of 'The Future', again this one kicks hard in Curtis' unique style. We were granted access to our homie and long time freak, Chicago house aficionado and advocate Luke Solomon's private edit of this jam. To say that it works is an understatement, Luke knows what he's doing 100%, decades spent behind the mixing desk and turntables all over the world have made sure of that. Oh, by the way, be careful with that bassline on the remix, it's capable of bringing out the weird side of anyone exposed to it on the dancefloor.... in the best possible way, of course! Essential stuff here, for the heads for sure!

Arnold Jarvis should be a familiar name if you're a fan of deep House and classic NJ Garage sounds. The unique voice behind many classics of the genre including the mighty, anthemic 'Take Some Time Out' on NYC's cult Fourth Floor imprint from 1987 as well as lacing Satoshi Tomiie's huge 'And I Loved You'. Needless to say Arnold has lived house music, he's been in the game for numerous years and has collaborated with a host of incredible artists including Kerri Chandler, Louie Vega, Dennis Ferrer and too many more to mention! Now, we flashback to London, 1994, when Arnold Jarvis recorded a session with the UK's Ian Tregoning (aka Trego) for the label Subwoofer, a sub-label of Freetown records. Ian Tregoning is an engineer whose pedigree has seen him form an integral part of the massively influential Warriors Dance crew and man the boards for artists like Yello, Fela Kuti, Joe Strummer, YMO, S'Express, Orbital and many more. The record consisted of 4 mixes and dubs of 'The Way You', a sublime deep garage groove of the highest degree featuring Tregoning's mixing desk prowess and Jarvis' soulful vocals that never saw the light of day due to some tragic events. Existing only as a white label for the last 20+ years and finding favour among the deepest house diggers 'The way You" is something of a lost gem. It's unknown how many white labels were pressed of this sleeper record but it wasn't a big quantity at all, making this a truly rare and sought after record. Luckily for us lucky buggers, Mint Condition count Ian Tregoning as a close friend and associate and through some discussion the idea was hatched to release 'The Way You' 'properly' for the first time, now in 2017. A. A piece of mid 90's house history, made available again to a wider audience for the first time. Beautiful. Records like this don't pop up everyday at all.

Dig in.... 7th Movement's 'Odyssey' is one of those mythical beasts, a record that transcended scenes and genres. 'Odyssey' obviously spoke to DJ's effortlessly as it's a track that continually shows up in the mixes and playlists of a whole host of different people, new and old, including - Derrick May, Masters At Work, Mike Huckaby, Doc Martin and more. It's a simple, yet devastating record, dubbed out Disco chopping Funk of the highest calibre! Built on a handful of carefully chosen (and well known!) samples and collaged in the most old-school way, it's a passionate hark back to the 70's and 80's mega-mix and edit techniques of yore with a healthy handful of swagger, dub and echo thrown in for good measure. 'Odyssey' still sounds amazing today, even after being out there for on the streets for over 20 years it still works, as appealing to the Disco crew as it is to the hardcore House heads. Originally released by the legendary Junior Boys Own crew on their highly coveted Jus Trax imprint this is some pure 1995 heat that will have heads rushing the booth asking for a track ID. Try it out. Also featured on this fine reissue is a 'lost' version, a previously unavailable mix / edit that flips the track into some pretty trippy territory, in fact, you may find that you might need x 2 copies of this monster so that you can blend them together in a truly old school manner, garage or block party style! Essential London business here from the heady, og days of 'Nu-Disco' & House. Snooze ye not! 'Odyssey' has been legitimately released with the full involvement of the rights holders for 2017 and remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original DAT sources especially for this release. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to us by the caring folks at Mint Condition!

Hot on the heels of his "Relief Sevensixty" EP comes another fresh instalment of Jaime Read heat rescued from the vaults. The "Target This MF" EP is another collection of golden-era jams from Read's envious archive. Kicking off with the serious Detroit leanings of "P.E.G." you get a real taste of what's in store, frantic claps and detuned synth swells combine to create a pacey and essential slice of futurist techno. A2 "Sux" is another epic piece of space electronics, which utilises tough drum machine programming and swirling sounds give the track a wildly disorientating feel. On the B1, "Rein (Pt.1)" mines a deeper (arf) house infused sound, matching an unrelenting bassline with blurry house keys and syncopated hats - it's funky machine music of the highest order. Jaime signs off in style with the absolute killer "Peeano", a jam that flips jazz on its head in a zero gravity groove chamber. As a fluid double bassline works its way through your limbs, the incessant piano lines drive us deep into the speaker stacks and twist us out. A total trip from start to finish, this is essential music from an unheralded UK legend.
The 'Target This MF' EP has been legitimately released with the full involvement of Jaime Read for 2017 and remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at Mint Condition!

Jaime Read is something of an unsung UK legend. An original, unique producer who has been making noise on the South coast since the mid 90s. "Relief Sevensixty" is a collection of Read's rarer tracks that have appeared in a roundabout way, on a legendary Chicago label in a tale that has by now been widely documented. But that's a story for another time. The real focus here is the music, of course. Across 4 tracks this EP shows what a dynamic producer Read is. The music contained within has a depth and maturity missing from the masses, instead delivering futuristic, funky as fuck space techno that sounds like it's just escaped the warp drive and landed here on earth and implanted itself in our eardrums. From the joyous, glorious, electronic funk of "Douch Me" to the curiously monikered piano driven, subterranean stormer 'Droopy Dancing' the whole EP captures a real insight to a remarkable UK talent operating from under the radar. 'Relief Sevensixty' is the first part of a 2 EP set covering Jaime Read's amazing music. Keep your eyes open for the second installment, winging it's way to us through the cosmos as we speak....!

Mystic Bill Torres is a Miami born, Chicago dwelling artist who's output has gained total cult status among lovers of that deep, narcotic, late-night sound that he has made his own. Bill's sound is everything that house music should be. It encapsulates the smoky after hours and throbbing dancefloors of darkened spaces where folks really get down. "'Classics From The Vault Vol.1" is one such record. Originally released on Cajmere's mighty Relief Records back in 1997 it wears it influences on its sleeve proudly. Track titles such as "Late Night At The Music Box" obviously reference where Bill's sound is coming from, but his style is completely original and crystallizes the energy and expression of Ron Hardy and Chicago's heady dance music history into something fresh and individual. In short, Mystic Bill is the shit and if you're not hip to his music you certainly will be once you get into this EP. 4 tracks of top shelf, late night weaponry right here - reissued with love and still sounding as fresh as it did on its original release in '97! And, as usual - all tracks have been remastered by London's Curve Pusher from OG DAT. Mega. 

Mint Condition continue to mine the outer fringes of classic house & techno - unreleased mixes, classics and overlooked gems from the last 20+ years of contemporary dance music history are the order of the day. This time round we have a monumental slab of NYC deepness that is "I'll Be Your Friend". Originally released in 1991 on the RCA label the track has been one of house music's most enduring anthems, possessing the seductive and empowering vocals of one of the leading voices of house music. Joined by Def Mix's David Morales (and THOSE drums) is such a heady combination that the record crossed over so many scenes and to this day remains an evergreen staple in DJ's of all persuasions bags. Featured here we have all the original mixes (with the exception of the shorter radio edit) in their original forms. Sounding super fresh and crisp, Mint Condition have done a good job of legitimately re-releasing this classic with the full involvement of RCA records.

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