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Detroit bred / LA based producer Kenny Larkin has long been a force to be reckoned with, both in the studio and in the DJ booth. Under his 'Dark Comedy' alias Larkin crafted some of the deepest and most soul-searching Detroit Techno sounds to grace human ears. 'Corbomite Manuever' was originally released in 1992 and is the complete epitome of a game changer, this was Techno at it's most sensual, intelligent and human, the antithesis of a lot of what was masquerading as the real-deal at the time. These qualities are what have stood this record in it's evergreen good stead for all these years - decades, in fact. Truly genius music made by someone who lives and breathes Techno. A truly staggering collection of music that still dumbfounds today and inspires generations of producers and DJ's to this very day. The most essential of the essential, classic material from front to back. Reissued for the first time across 2 x 12"s for pure sonic superiority.

POD (Kenny Larkin)

The Vanguard EP

Detroit bred / LA based producer Kenny Larkin has long been a force to be reckoned with, both in the studio and in the DJ booth. His "Vanguard EP" from 1992 was released under the name POD, another of his aliases used for the deep sonic exploration of techno that he undertook, thus changing the face of modern electronic music right up to this day. Featured here is the full '92 EP with the addition of another POD rarity entitled "Chinese Checkers", lifted from a compilation a number of years later. The music contained within this 2 x 12" reissue should not be understated, this is pure, unadulterated Detroit techno of the highest order. A truly staggering collection of music that somehow transcends the decades since it's release 20+ years ago and still sounds forward thinking today. Like the majority of Larkin's music, this deserves the highest possible spot on your record shelf, a true classic of the genre and every single home should have one. No snoozing. Reissued for the first time across 2 x 12"s for pure sonic superiority.

The era of major label 'dance' subsidiaries and remixes certainly threw up tons of classics and unexpected favourites. A time when the A&R men in the big offices were looking for the next streetwise sound, the next club anthem. One such label was the former independent and then Atlantic-backed Big Beat, helmed by the clubbable Craig Kallman who had cut his teeth as a DJ and promo man in NYC's music underground. Utilising his skills, Kallman signed Tropical Moon's 1991 seminal deep house EP 'Love Is A Mystery', a collaborative effort by underrated house heavyweights Nelson 'Paradise' Roman and 'Blue' Jean Hughes (RIP). It's no surprise that this record became a cult must-have with DJ's, here was a sublime and mature record crafted by 2 giants of the deeper side of house music, working in unison to create something 'other'. 4 tracks deep with a wide range of style and oozing sheer class, the whole record still sounds incredible today. A must-have for anyone with a love for soulful and deep music, brought back into view for 2018. An extremely sought after and hard to obtain slab of wax right here. Forget those wack bootlegs that you may see online, this is the real deal.

'Love Is A Mystery' has been legitimately released with the full involvement of the rights holders and Atlantic Records and remastered by Bristol's Optimum Mastering from the original sources especially for this release. 100% legit, licensed and released. Dug, remastered, repackaged and brought to you by the caring folks at Mint Condition!


Matt says: Belting four tracks here from Tropical Moon. Incapable of sounding dated or anything but crucial, it's unbelievable to think this came out in 1990 - one of the best!

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