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Rewind to 1994, something brand new is stirring in the studio of the Housey Doingz crew, a fresh stripped down, swinging sort of funk emanating from the monitors. This would be their very first record as a unit and they definitely didn't know what sort of impact it would have in the coming decades. A record like this would certainly have sounded alien back then, but boy you can guarantee it caught people's ears! Kicking off with that infamous vocal sample 'Brothers' is a bonafide roller of the highest order, punctuated by dubbed out pianos too - devastating! 'Brothers Bump' is almost the 2nd part of the first cut, while they share some of the characteristics, it's it's own little world of acidic funk, try it - you might like it... 'Poet' welcomes us to the B-side, those cymbals just pull you in, almost jazz style, this one's a breaky minimal peaking number, killer. 'Magical' is the EP closer, and it's another total trippy weapon akin to the output of Holy Ghost Inc and similar outfits with it's building wall of acid and clipped vox. The whole record is so varied and brilliant it had noted journalist, producer and DJ Dave Mothersole proclaim "the first tech house record is arguably this". A truly rare record that every home should have, now on the streets again. Wicked.

Officially licensed repress taken from the original tapes and pressed to the highest standard! 

Back to 1994 and Charles Webster's lesser used Together Trax alias brings us 4 tracks of that deep, soulful and slamming garage house sound. Released on UR's much celebrated Happy Soul sub-label, famed for its gospel soaked, piano driven uplifting jams, Together Trax serves it up in fine style. Strange for UR to sign 4 cuts from a guy from Derbyshire, but once you hear both sets of mixes of 'Celebrate / Ain't Nothin' Wrong' it all makes sense! Both tracks could have come from the deepest, darkest basement session in downtown Detroit no problem, and it's obvious why Mad Mike signed them. This is old-school house, for the connoisseur who remembers how it used to be, way back. When dance music was fun and put a smile on your fave. Often a rare catch, this 12" fetches tidy sums in the netherworld of Discogs and the like, but now it's here again, lovingly restored and ready to make its way into your record bag once again.

Going back to 2007 with MC045, to the man like Brawther's very first record! That's right - 'Izmo' aka Brawther dropped the now classic 'Where Is Eddie?' EP on French label 9Ts, showcasing his deft ability to channel the best and deepest parts of house that we all love into something exciting and fresh. Definitely a signifier of what was to come, this 3 tracker became somewhat infamous, highly collectible and sought after by house diggers around the world. Brawther wasn't afraid to show his influences and his inspirations with the lead cut 'Where Is Eddie?', an open verbal letter if you will, to NJ producer Eddie Perez of Smack productions and too-many-to-name underground house classics asking him to bring back the realness! A monstrously heavy swinging piece of late night house action right here. 'Blue Light' is more of the same, filtered, skipping drums and uplifting chords build into a jamming synth flute garage jammer that wouldn't be out of place on a vintage Nu-Groove / Burrell 12". 'What's Izmo' rounds out the EP, this one's got some ridiculous funked out bassline and spoken words that intertwine with some glacial vibes and synths, driving us into the night sky while reminding us what this house music stuff is really all about. A truly essential record this, and this repress has been a long time coming!

Tom Churchill Vs. Dennis DeSantis ‎

Spaces / Leisure

    Mint Condition’s unrelenting excavation of classic house and techno continues! Digging deep into a 20 year crevice, seams from Chicago, Detroit, New York & London, all mastered beautifully and repackaged ready for your enjoyment!

    Back to 2002, the beginning of the new millennium. Tom Churchill's Headspace Recordings label had already been making an impact on the deeper strains of techno emanating from within the UK. With releases from Detroit's Sean Deason, CiM, Hanna, Vince Watson and many more, Headspace was already a 'must check' label within record buying and DJ circles. This stellar split EP with NYC's Dennis DeSantis saw the pair remix each other’s tracks, both turning in very different, but equally complimentary sonic excursions. Churchill's “Spaces” is surefire deep-space house of the highest order, swinging and funky and melodic in equal measure. The DeSantis remix of “Spaces” is also a total winner, a stripped back exercise in expert minimalism, full of feeling and a rugged partner to the original mix. On the flip is Dennis DeSantis' “Leisure”, a sprawling and laconic house jam. Brilliant and teasing melodic synth motifs sit atop nagging acidic basslines and tons of space. Again, the remix follows the original and Tom Churchill employs more of his shuffled-to-fuck drums, deep bass and dubbed out FX. It's hard to think of an EP where two artists can remix each other’s music in such a compelling way, and for it to work so well. This is truly an excellent release and it's a real pleasure to see these tracks back on the racks. 

    Mint Condition continues its top drawer excavation of all things classic in the storied history of dance music and club culture.

    3 In Key is a super rare, one-off Eye 4 Sound excursion from 3 of London's top tech-house golden era big wigs, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles & Jiten Archaya. Boasting some sick mixdown and engineering from the mighty Bushwacka! it's one of those real nuggets from the underground, a flash of genius, and a super tough ultra-rare EP to track down. 4 cuts of that wigged-out, minimal space funk that makes this era, and this style of music, so fresh today. This is exactly the sort of record that shows up on the playlists of your favourite global DJ's, released sometime around the late 1990's (there's no actual release date online) all of the untitled cuts contained within bristle with a special after-hours energy. Trust us, this is that top shelf tech-house business, finally repressed for the heads, the dancers, the freaks and the masses!

    3 In Key's only EP - "Untitled" has been legitimately re-released with the full involvement of the Eye 4 Sound crew for 2019 and remastered by London's Curve Pusher from the original sources especially for Mint Condition. 100% legit, licensed and released.


    Matt says: Come to a Kickin' Pigeon DJ set very very soon, I gotta tip my beak to Mint Condition to putting me onto these late 90s tech-house bangers.. I thought it dug everything there was to dig from this period - but obviously not! If you're playing on the big rigs this Winter you need this!

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