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Agitation Free

Live '74

    Agitation Free was one of the leading exponents of German experimental rock music in the early 1970ties and was counted among the most interesting bands in Berlin, beneath Ash Ra Temple and Tangerine Dream. The recordings on this vinyl are taken from a radio live concert of WDR/Germany, cologne on February 2nd 1974. The bonus track “Big Fuzz” was recorded in Moers on February 16th 1972

    Klaus Schulze

    La Vie Electronique Volume 1

      ”La Vie Electronique” first was published as a strictly limited 50 CD-Box and is now being released in chronological order in 3CD-sets including some material never released before. This first set contains pieces, which have been recorded between 1969 and 1972 with very simple tools like the Teisco Organ - but with a big vision.

      Klaus Schulze: “It all started about 40 years ago. I suppose you could call it an accident. In the years before, when I still went to school, I had some guitar training. And then I played acoustic guitar for about six years. Also I fooled around with the electric guitar, playing music of The Shadows or The Spotnicks. Then I started with drums. My brother was a drummer with a jazz band, so l thought that drumming would be more pleasant than playing guitar. After that l was drumming in the avantgarde/free rock trio PSY FREE, then Tangerine Dream, and in August 1970 l founded Ash Ra Tempel. One day I said to myself ‘Okay, lt’s all pretty and normal music, but I want to do something special. I should change instruments.’ That was when I started with keyboards. I didn’t know anything about keyboards. I had an old, small, used, electric Teisco home organ. And I had my drumming experiences, and a few special ideas: a kind of dream that I couldn’t explain then, or now. So I started something new. A leap in the dark. “What started as an experiment (and still is) has increased to a giant sound cosmos over the years. On “La Vie Electronique” you have the chance to experience this progression with rare recordings that haven’t been released on the regular albums.”

      “What I called E-Machines at this time were reverb, microphones, a little echo box and a Fender-guitar amp. I connected the amp to the mixing desk, but the output came back from the amp into the mixing desk. When you turned it up, there was a feedback of course, but when you used the “Tremolo-knob” of the Fender, the sound started to modulate. This way I created all the “chirpy” sounds which I later created with the VCS-3. Shortly after I finished the record, the thing was broken. Besides that, I had my Teisco-Organ, which already had a pitch wheel. I opened it and manipulated some cables. I had no idea of technique, but suddenly it sounded totally different. I liked that”.

      Agitation Free


        Agitation Free are one of the most highly acclaimed musicians in the field of Krautrock music.

        Strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide and consecutively numbered!

        When the band Agitation Free came together in 1967 as a result of the merging of two Berlin rock groups, one of the most interesting groups in a dawning independent German music scene was created. With their improvisations between rock, jazz and new music, Agitation Free – soon relegated to the category of "Krautrock" – made musical forays into areas that few of their fellow German musicians had ever penetrated. At a time when most in Germany were still orienting themselves as closely as possible to Anglo-American musical formats, Agitation Free found a completely new and very original form of musical expression. Starting with their debut album Malesch, Agitation Free delivered a fascinating sound, influenced not least by the manifold impressions from a Near East tour. The band moved toward a form of meta-music, a weaving of exotic-sounding compositions. The albums has been justly regarded as a milestone in the genre.

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