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The English Riviera (Instrumentals)

    The Joseph Mount-fronted electronic pop collective Metronomy announce details of the forthcoming special vinyl release of the instrumental versions of their career-changing 2011 album The English Riviera, which is this year celebrating its ten year anniversary. The English Riviera (Instrumentals) are available to listen to online now and will be released on vinyl in November.

    The Dinked vinyl edition of The English Riviera (Instrumentals) will be a cream coloured 12” vinyl with numbered sleeve, complete with transparent sticker sheets, A6 Postcard and Dinked sticker.

    A love letter to the stretch of coast a stone's throw from where Joe Mount grew up, The English Riviera marked a breakout moment in the band’s history that would lead them to global success and see them constantly developing their sound for a decade to come. 


    A Side:
    The English Riviera
    We Broke Free (Instrumental)
    Everything Goes My Way (Instrumental)
    The Look (Instrumental)
    She Wants (Instrumental)
    Trouble (Instrumental)

    B Side:
    The Bay (Instrumental)
    Loving Arm (Instrumental)
    Corinne (Instrumental)
    Some Written (Instrumental)
    Love Underlined (Instrumental)



      When Metronomy meets Ed Banger Records. “Mandibules” new song by Metronomy is the music of the new movie “Mandibules” by Quentin Dupieux aka Mr Oizo.


      The English Riviera - 10th Anniversary Edition

        Metronomy’s career-changing album The English Riviera is turning ten years old.

        To celebrate, the band are re-issuing their much-loved album with six previously unreleased bonus tracks available for fans to stream and buy on 30th April 2021 via Because Music. The reissue will be available on limited edition and numbered heavyweight 180g vinyl with etched fantascope on side D. To mark the announcement, the Joseph Mount-fronted indie pop collective today have shared previously unheard bonus track ‘Picking Up For You’, listen now.

        Of the anniversary, Joe says “My first apartment in Paris had an almost comically perfect view of Montmartre and the Sacré-Cœur Basilica. In the shadow of the Sacré Coeur, with Barbès and the hill of Montmartre as a backdrop, I sat idly one day and wrote what would become one of Metronomy’s most popular songs.

        I was tinkering around with one of Marion’s keyboards and after a short while came up with the bit that gets stuck in your head; the der-de-der-der bit. I played around with it a little, hit a wall and thought ‘it’s not really Metronomy, is it’. Four months later, we finished recording The Look at the Smokehouse in London. We quite liked it, but that was about it. Then I distinctly remember the journalist Dave Simpson asking me about the song after we performed it for the first time at the Leeds Cockpit in January 2011. That was probably the moment I realised it had something about it.

        I still don’t know precisely what that something is, but when we perform The Look live and I hear thousands of people chanting the bit that gets stuck in your head back at me, der-de-der-der, it often brings a tear to my eye. It really is amazing what that seaside song and this whole album has done for Metronomy.”

        A love letter to the stretch of coast a stone's throw from where Joe grew up, The English Riviera marked a breakout moment in the band’s history that would lead them to global success and see them constantly developing their sound for a decade to come. The band are currently working on what will be their seventh album, due for release next year.

        Metronomy’s biggest album to date, The English Riviera was nominated for the Mercury Prize, is certified Gold in the UK and platinum in France, and upon release was met with wide scale critical acclaim: ranked as NME’s #2 album of the year (“a deep sea of ideas and imagination”), NYLON’s #2, Uncut’s #3, Mixmag’s #4, and #7 by The Guardian (“an assured, beguiling album”) among many other end of year lists. The English Riviera’s standout tracks ‘The Look’ and ‘The Bay’ remain Metronomy’s biggest and best recognised songs to date.


        The English Riviera
        We Broke Free
        Everything Goes My Way
        The Look
        She Wants
        The Bay
        Loving Arm
        Some Written
        Love Underlined
        Aquarius (outtake)
        Picking Up For You (outtake)
        French Organ (outtake)
        Friends (outtake)
        The Ballad Of The 17 Year Old (outtake)
        Jazz Odyssey (outtake)

        Metronomy & Clara Luciani

        La Baie / La Grenade


          Numbered & coloured 7" edition. It all started with French songwriter Clara Lucianaís first record ëSainte-Victoireí (now platinum) which included a cover adapted in French of her favourite Metronomy song 'The Bay'. She then met Metronomy in Paris, shared artistic visions and eventually decided to conceive this joint 7íí project which includes her cover of ëThe Bayí & Metronomyís take on her own track ëLa Grenadeí. Joseph Mount & Clara Luciani imagined & created together the 7íí artwork"

          The follow-up to 2016’s ‘Summer 08’, ‘Metronomy Forever’ features 17 tracks. Its length is born from a desire for breathing room, from not wanting to stuff the hits together like a bouquet of petrol station roses – a modern way of listening to music. Metronomy’s innate skill for blending off-kilter funk, energising club vibes and esoteric pop is interspersed with some mood-setting, glistening and melodic electronic tracks.

          The band’s leader Joseph Mount called upon a variety of inspirations for this album. Most notably, he wanted to replicate the feeling of listening to the radio, with an infinite quality, sumptuous songs of different styles, ever rolling, helping to lighten your mood. Moving away from the bustle of his former Parisian home to take up residence atop a hill in the garden of England had an impact, infusing the album with a sense of tranquillity and a calm joy that reflects the relative happiness of his existence.

          Also influential was time spent working on Robyn’s critically adored ‘Honey’ album, with a similar feeling of emotional, intense, carnal mania informing songs such as ‘Sex Emoji’ and ‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’.

          ‘Metronomy Forever’ in name represents something looking backwards and forwards simultaneously, like Janus, something fated and eternal. You were made from dust and to dust you will return, that sort of thing.
          “What happens is when you’re making music and you enter a world where you have achieved some sort of celebrity no matter how large or small you start to think about yourself in terms of legacy and what you’re going to leave behind,” says Mount. “And then you realise that’s limited to the interest people have in you. In the end I feel completely comfortable with it. The less importance you place in any art the more interesting it can become in a way… I’m making music, I’m going to do some concerts, I need to feed my children”.


          Barry says: From tender, lightly accentuated ballads and brittle melodic synth lines to huge, bombastic pop heft within the space of a couple minutes, and without batting an eyelid. It's classic Metronomy, brimming with confidence and skill, but tastefully underplayed. Metronomy forever!


          1. Wedding
          2. Whitsand Bay
          3. Insecurity
          4. Salted Caramel Ice Cream
          5. Driving
          6. Lately
          7. Lying Low
          8. Forever Is A Long Time
          9. The Light
          10. Sex Emoji
          11. Walking In The Dark
          12. Insecure
          13. Miracle Rooftop
          14. Upset My Girlfriend
          15. Wedding Bells
          16. Lately (Going Spare)
          17. Ur Mixtape

          Limited Deluxe 3LP
          LP 1
          Side A
          1. Wedding
          2. Whitsand Bay
          3. Insecurity
          4. Salted Caramel Ice Cream
          5. Driving
          Side B
          6. Lately
          7. Lying Low
          8. Forever Is A Long Time
          9. The Light

          LP 2
          Side A
          5. Sex Emoji
          6. Walking In The Dark
          7. Insecure
          8. Miracle Rooftop
          Side B
          5. Upset My Girlfriend
          6. Wedding Bells
          7. Lately (Going Spare)
          8. Ur Mixtape

          LP 3 - ‘Oscar Cash Forever’
          Side A
          1. Vocal FX (It’s Automatic)
          2. Mellow Brass (Lately / Whitsand Bay)
          3. Bold Brass (Maybe It’s A Whisper)
          4. Fantasy Flute (Interlude)
          Side B
          1. Distant Horn (Salted Caramel Ice Cream)
          2. Synth Bass (Sex Emoji)
          3. Glide Trumpet (The Light)
          4. Plucked Guitar (Upset My Girlfriend)

          Scissor Sisters / Metronomy

          Erol Alkan Reworks

            Way back when (approx 12 years ago), in those glory days of dingy basements and gaffa taped trainers, a whole new genreration of dancers were taking a journey of musical discovery at the the invitation of one Erol Alkan and his banging clubnight Trash. Electroclash, nu-disco, post-punk, punk-funk, nu rave, techno, there was a fair bit of techno, and indie cuts all rubbed shoulders, pogoed and made out in the middle of the dancefloor, getting totally fucked up as Erol threw them into the blender. This series sees the Phantasy man showcase his ear for a tune and hand for a killer rework with retrospective series of his best reinterpretations.
            There's a bit in the CD booklet for this series about 'rework vs remix', and Erol's Scissor Sisters remix is a case in point. It's not a makeover, it's a full on Kylie Jenner facial overhaul. Aptly dubbed "Carnival Of Light" rework, Erol replaces the disco sparkle of the original with Goa electronics, festival ready beats and a sort of Michael Mayer in Rio levity. VG. Turn the page and Erol takes on Metronomy single "The Bay" from the AOR-tinged "English Riviera", upping the electronics, pushing the bassline to the fore and coating the whole things in sequins. Disco delight!


            Love Letters - Soulwax Remix


              Limited etched vinyl - 500 copies only.

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