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Daylight Robbery

Moons Of Jupiter

First album for Melting Pot Music by Brooklyn based UK-producer Daylight Robbery fusing Jazz and Hip-Hop! Intergalactic Jazz fused with Hip-Hop - Think Nujabes and Pete Rock remix a Lonnie Liston Smith album arranged by David Axelrod. We realise that's far too much name-dropping for two sentences, but it describes the sound and vision of UK born producer Rob Waite aka Daylight Robbery quite well. Rob grew up in London and Frankfurt before moving to Brooklyn, New York where "Moons of Jupiter" - his first album for Melting Pot Music – was recorded. "The sonic identity of the music is my homage to all the amazing jazz fusion records that came out between 71 and 74, fused with a 90s Hip-Hop vibe I struggle to get away from" Rob explains. "With the help of some amazing musician friends I was able to move beyond loop based sampling techniques and take a step towards a more free flowing Jazz focused energy." The album title "Moons of Jupiter" and the song titles refers to the 80 known moons of Jupiter that form a satellite system called the Jovian system. 12 of these moons are visited throughout the listening experience, starting in the light and progressively moving into darkness. The album will be available on LP and digital. The artwork has been created by Cologne-based illustrator Giza One.


1. Pandia
2. Europa
3. Galilean Moons
4. Kore
5. Thebe
6. Himilia
7. Ersa
8. Elara
9. Starburst
10. Carpo
11. Moon Of Jupiter
12. Shade

Pachakuti is a musician and producer with family roots in Colombia. He plays keys, tenor saxophone and clarinet. While living and working in Berlin, he draws inspiration from the natural world, investigative travels, and ancestral traditions of Latin America and beyond. His expressive and rhythmical playing and his instantaneous compositions are directed at the human core, arousing subtle experiences. While not being conformed to one style, it always invokes a sense of liveliness and depth to be delved in. young.vishnu is a producer and DJ. He has studied philosophy and music in Hildesheim, Germany, which heavily influenced his views on meaning and mythology in music. In his DJ sets he selects and plays classic and contemporary Funk, Soul and Afrobeat. His practice as a DJ informs his work behind the boards directly, adding also more organic grooves and broader spectrum of musical styles to his in Hip-Hop based production. If you had to put one single tag on their forthcoming album Dédalo, the best choice would be Jazz. That being said, Pachakuti and young.vishnu's sound worlds might be better described in their own words: "We just make music and try to incorporate what we love about it". They are musical freethinkers with shared interests in eastern philosophy and botany who interweave Hip-Hop, Latin and Funk with musical storytelling and world mythology. Undoubtedly, their most ambitious work to date, Dédalo (Spanish synonym for labyrinth), recorded and produced over the course of a year, shows Pachakuti & young.vishnu's ambitions and growth. Where their debut work Semilla (2020) centered around the image of the seed, Dédalo takes on the entire garden. Besides playing multiple instruments by themselves, Pachakuti & young.vishnu invited a growing group of befriended musicians into the studio, including percussionist maestro Eric Owusu (Pat Thomas, Ebo Taylor, Jembaa Groove) and drummer Leon Raum (Bokoya, Wyl), as well as Brazilian newcomer vocalist Laíz, and members of their former band project Soularkestra. The 16 recorded songs, ranging from 1:19 to 14:58 minutes, take you on an emotionally honest, metaphoric journey through the maze of human existence, of modern society and mythic poetry. The mostly instrumental tracks build on expressive melodies, layered rhythms, and a wide range of musical instruments, merging the sounds of Jazz with the classical word of orchestras and choirs, and urban soundscapes with traditional instruments such as the Andean Kena and Charango, the Colombian Gaita and Marimba de Chonta, and an Indian harmonium. The Album thus weaves together past and future, and diverse cultural threads, sounds and ideas in an act of cultural appreciation and global conscience. Mixed and mastered by Roe Beardie at The Brewery Studios, Berlin. The album artwork itself merges the visionary art of Mexican painter Sergio Chávez Hollar with an original artwork-inlay of Brazilian artist Laíz and the work of Carsten Pölking of the Nima Compositions Archive.


1. Call Of The Eulipions
2. Bajrangbali
3. La Manzana
4. Heyoka
5. Jornada De Eno
6. El Paso (feat. Masha Kashyna)
7. Dédalo De Concreto
8. Liu
9. Burj Maqlub (feat. Jens Aurich)
10. Arjuna's Fate (feat. Yami Maho)
11. Nencatacoa
12. Maqamat Al-Tuyur (feat. Masha Kashyna)
13. Yedi Vadi (feat. Masha Kashyna)
14. Sangha
15. Odé (feat. King Owusu, Laiz & Jens Aurich)
16. Amani (feat. King Owusu)

New album by pioneering German beatmaker FloFilz. On Close Distance, the lofiturned-hifi producer blends hip-hop inspired beats with contemporary jazz, alt r&b and a little rap. Featuring Alfa Mist, Blue Lab Beats, Jerome Thomas, KeepVibesNear, Summers Sons & C.Tappin, Dal & Hunter Rose.

Close Distance" is his fourth album for Melting Pot Music. Since 2013, the self-taught bedroom producer and classically trained violinist has sold more than 10k LPs and gained 200 million streams.

Close Distance literally means "near in space or time" (or "nah dran", as we say in German). The 16 songs on Close Distance came to life over the past two years. Many sketches were birthed at FloFilz's old home studio in Aachen. Some songs were made from scratch in London, where Flo did sessions with UK jazz supremos Alfa Mist and Blue Lab Beats at their studios. One was recorded in a kitchen in Streatham, where rap duo Summers Sons and pianist C.Tappin reside. More sessions were already in planning when lockdown kicked in and travelling was no longer an option. Around the same time, Flo was about to move from Aachen to Berlin which he eventually did in November 2020. Once installed, he started sharing beats and files out of his makeshift studio in Moabit. Beat folders were sent to London where two of our favourite new alt R&B vocalists – Jerome Thomas and KeepVibesNear – live. Another one went to Dartmoor where the jazz/hip-hop trio Dal added their magic touch while Hunter Rose processed her sultry vocals in Cape Town - 12 flying hours away from Berlin. The album artwork has been created by Indonesian illustrator Fatchurofi, who caught FloFilz's attention through his work for everybody's favourite band Khruangbin. Taking influences from Japanese Ukiyo-e art, Fatchurofi is adding a zen-like clarity (and tranquility) that resonates very well with the album. It is no exaggeration to say that FloFilz has not only created another inspiring album with Close Distance but one that demonstrates how music can close the distance which we all have experienced (and still do) in a beautiful way.


1. Hidden Portal
2. Early Waves
3. Sensitive (feat. Jerome Thomas)
4. Nacré
5. Skybox (feat. Blue Lab Beats)
6. Monkeyflowe (Interlude)
7. One4Dumile
8. Dust On A Curb (feat. Summers Sons & C. Tappin)
9. Levada (feat. Dal)
10. Orbit ° Sundog
11. Mount Rakko
12. Seaside Dreams (feat. Hunter Rose)
13. Uteki (feat. Alfa Mist)
14. Warplude
15. Half Nine (feat. KeepVibesNear)
16. Ajar

Lofi heavyweights Mr. Käfer and Phlocalyst are restructuring the metaphysics of a jazz thing - to quote Gang Starr's genre-defining classic "Jazz Thing" from 1990. The fusion of hip-hop and jazz has come a long way but there are still new routes to explore and new stories to tell. Mr. Käfer and Phlocalyst are adding their own chapter to the saga with their collaborative album Now / Again to be released via Melting Pot Music. The vibe of the 12 tracks is chill. The kicks, snares and basslines are crisp but relaxed. Wrapped up in warm melodic layers and led by the distinctive sound of Phlocalyst's trumpet.

The Flemish producer grew up in Ghent and relocated to Munich where he plays in a classic orchestra - a rather uncommon day-job for a lofi producer with more than 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify. Mr. Käfer was born in Salzburg – the hometown of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Crack Ignaz – to an Austrian mother and an Algerian father. Today he lives in Cologne. In his music he fuses influences from boom-bap to jazz to traditional North-African music. The album artwork was created by Cologne-based artist Giza One.


1. Facettes
2. Cloudscapes (feat. Sátyr)
3. Stellar
4. Room
5. Lanterns
6. Silence
7. Fractions
8. Memories
9. Evenings
10. Space Travels
11. Respirations
12. Drizzle

"Meraki" is the first full-length album by LESKY with contributions from FloFilz, Phlocalyst, Turt (Summers Sons), Sátyr, Ddob, Cuebe, Flynn, Tally Schwenk and others. Released on Melting Pot Music home of Twit One, FloFilz, Summers Sons, Silhouettes Project and others!

Within less than three years, LESKY has established himself as one of the most promising and ambitious producers on the German scene. For a new artist, his discography is pretty deep and versatile. No matter if he delves into sample-driven lofi-beats or dropping trap and phonk, there is always a strong melodic side to his music. The LESKY sound is a nutshell: "All meat - no fat: hard and busy drums, fender rhodes neo soul chords and a filtered moog bassline", as he puts it. With a guest list that features long-time friends Phlocalyst and Sátyr alongside MPM artists FloFilz, MC Turt of Summers Sons, Sakura Murakami and new talents like Cologne (beat) boy wonder Midan and New Jersey-based singer Tally Schwenk, "Meraki" is bringing together the best of many worlds under one LESKY groove. Other artists featured on the album are Ddob, Meadow, Cuebe, Flynn and Mensing. "Meraki" is Greek and of those words that don't translate into English very well. One could put it as follows: "When you leave a piece of yourself, your soul, creativity, and love in what you do." For LESKY, it also stands for the transition of turning your hobby into a profession. Born and raised in Leipzig, he moved to Cologne when he turned 21 to intern and later work at MPM. Fast forward to 2021, LESKY has once again packed his bags and relocated to Tbilisi, the capitol of Georgia. It looks as if the journey for this young producer has only just begun...


1. Oyster (feat. FloFilz, Phlocalyst & Sakura Murakami)
2. Palma (feat. Midan)
3. Alight (feat. Turt & DDob)
4. Coda (feat. Medow)
5. Lluvia (feat. Midan)
6. Aaliyah (feat. Flynn)
7. Augustiner (feat. Sátyr)
8. Ragazza (feat. Satyr)
9. Rakomelo
10. Apricot (feat. Phlocalyst & Satyr)
11. Saint Eugene (feat. Midan)
12. Relief (feat. Tally Schwenk & Mensing)

High John and Douniah are an alternative R&B / Hip-Hop duo from Hamburg and Berlin. Johns warm, lo-fi beats and Douniahs rich, soul-soaked voice interact in a very natural way, combining almost organically 90's urban music with the timbre und themes of the here and now.

The two first met at the St.Pauli Kreativ Nacht Festival in Hamburg. When High John started his beat set, Douniah stepped to the mic and the magic happened. John and Douniah jammed for nearly one hour and this session became the stepping stone for their future project.

High John released a split album with Plusma earlier this year titled "High+" and is part of the Raw Suppliers collective. Douniah released two dope collaborations this year: "Don't You Worry" with Fuchy (aka Farhot)
and "Naked Trees" with Cap Kendricks.


1. Dream Baby
2. Representin'
3. Like That
4. Neighbourhood
5. 90bpm
6. Get Down (Skit)
7. Back In (My) Bed
8. Early Summer
9. Thinking (Enemies)
10. I Miss
11. Smooth With Us 

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