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Melody As Truth (Jonny Nash & Suzanne Kraft)

Framed Space: Selected Works 2014-2017

The music presented on this compilation, “Framed Space” consists of a selection of works from the first three years of Melody As Truth. Double CD featuring 4 previously unreleased tracks, exclusive to this set.

Disc One features the work of Jonny Nash, comprising of tracks from “Phantom Actors” [MAT1], “Exit Strategies” [MAT2] and “Eden” [MAT6]. Two unreleased tracks feature on the disc, “Treasure” and “Sayan”. “Treasure” was recorded with Gigi Masin in 2014. “Sayan” was recorded in Bali, during the same recording sessions as those that resulted in “Eden” [MAT6].

Disc Two features Herrera’s work as Suzanne Kraft, comprising of tracks from “Talk From Home” [MAT3] and “What You Get For Being Young” [MAT5]. Two unreleased tracks also feature on the disc, “Meetings” and “Seven Day Turnaround”. “Meetings” was recorded in Amsterdam shortly after Herrera relocated to the city in 2015. “Seven Day Turnaround” was made during the “What You Get For Being Young” sessions, also in 2015.

Both Nash and Herrera now live in Amsterdam, where they continue to exchange ideas and experiment on new works for MAT. The music on “Framed Space” is intended to give the listener an insight into the first chapter of an ongoing story. 

Tourist Kid's first release for Melody As Truth. Recorded in Perth and Melbourne between 2016 and 2017. Though the idea of movement between two places could be a somewhat romantic afterthought, a more palpable sense of dislocated unease creeps up on the listener throughout the album.

On "Discourse II", stutters of digital trash segue seamlessly into a plateau of serene, glassy ambience – and on "Bacterial", the hiss and sting of rehashed foley seems to dance around a plaintive, oh-so delicate piano solo. These striking contrasts are deftly managed, playing upon notions of digital noise and ambient, while never feeling weighed down by the limits of reference or gesture. Indeed, numerous touchstones to Tourist Kid's earlier work – and to that of contemporaries – are synthesized and expanded upon to great detail and atmosphere. "Crude Tracer" sits in its own adeptly nuanced and assured space.

Tourist Kid's production encompasses all manner of tangible and otherworldly sounds as a vehicle to explore something far more intriguing than a simple instrumental fetish – so much so that the overwhelming sting of blasted detritus or a broken and bent vocal is capable of eliciting such delicate impulses as glistening, heart-wrenching piano chords. It's a unique – and very special – kind of beauty that Tourist Kid gracefully achieves with "Crude Tracer”. 


Patrick says: Jonny Nash embraces the burgeoning Aussie ambient scene for the latest Melody As Truth release, inviting Tourist Kid to open our eyes and align our chakras. Shifting, shimmering and beautifully intangible, ‘Crude Tracer’ filters dreamlike compositions through the most delicate static, resulting in a truly ephemeral experience.

After sharing a split 7" and splitting the Melody As Truth release schedule between them, kindred spirits Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft conjure up their first collaborative long player for the former's faultless imprint. Unwinding over the course of eight meditative compositions, "Passive Aggressive" finds the intercontinental duo exploring space, time and beauty through tonal purity and velvetine texture. Nash's considered, calming piano recalls the calmer moments of the Jarrett catelogue, while Kraft's FM synthesis and cleansing drones could have graced any IC classic. Dexterous double bass provides hints of cool jazz and 80s avant garde on "Refractory Cafe" and "Hanging Glass Structure", while the electronics take the lead on the cinematic "See Yourself Out Of The Way". Carrying the weight of expectation with shrugged shoulders and yogic chill, "Passive Aggressive" signs off with two minutes forty five seconds of pure beauty, "Time Being". 


Patrick says: The first collaborative release from Messers Nash & Kraft finally makes its way into the Piccadilly shelves and it's ever bit as good as I hoped. Delicate, dreamy piano, swelling, soothing synthesis and organic notes of double bass and guitar combine into the perfect slow listening experience.

Since he joined Suzanne Kraft for a split 7" in November, Jonny Nash has kept the schedule brisk and the listening slow on his Melody As Truth imprint, first serving up the futurist fusion of Kraft's "What You Get For Being Young", and now returning to the long format himself for the paradisic sounds of "Eden". Recorded between Bali and the UK over the past 12 months, the LP offers seven deeply textured vignettes of island life, painting a vivid portrait of Ubud sunsets and verdant rice paddies. Fusing exotic percussion, layered field recordings and crystalline synth washes, "Agape" leads us through the early morning haze of a Seminyak market, the occasional rumble of droning bass reminding you of the island's permanent traffic jams. "Maroon Crisp" takes in the mid-day sun at Cafe Hijau, it's warm synth tones shimmering in the heat haze as the humid percussion chases delicate guitar and fragile piano through the swaying crops. Faint snatches of vocal and bleeping electronics introduce "Down In Babakan" as the humidity of the first two pieces is submerged in aquatic textures. Pealing gongs give us a sense of place while the flowing piano pleases the ears with mesmeric bursts of melody. Jonny closes out the A-side with his most rhythmic and most electronic MAT piece yet, the hypnotic "Ding Repair", which sees an ancient rhythm meet spacey UR-style synthesis before a pulsating bass sequence takes the lead in the final third. The B-side opens with the opiated beauty of "Conversations With Mike", an impressionistic combination of healing gongs, smooth chimes, dreamy harp and coastal guitar, all riding a languid bassline. Imagine Adrian Utley, Susumu Miyashita, Rudigar and Opperman giving an open air concert on the fertile slopes of a dormant volcano and you'll be catching the correct drift. "Police Bride" flows on perfectly; stripping back some of the more exotic elements to let first the piano, then the guitar weave their wonderful spell. Jonny closes this flawless set with a moment of true beauty, "Lime". Restrained and graceful, this pared back piece builds from an understated piano coda into a cushioned canopy of swooning guitar, neo classical percussion and full bodied bass, bringing proceedings to the most peaceful close. Majestic stuff.


Patrick says: After teasing us wonderfully with that split 7" at the turn of the year, Jonny Nash returns to Melody As Truth with more dreamtime magic for endless sunsets. Recorded somewhere between Bali and the UK, this ethereal, exotic set should increase your peace wonderfully.

Relaxing after a hectic festival season, Jonny Nash rolls out of his hammock and works his magic on the A-Side here, plucking our heartstrings with simple rhythms and shimmering guitar. Less sparse than his previous work on the label, "Cristina And Carolina" delivers a more immersive sound which falls into the somnolent sweetspot between Gigi Masin and Vini Reilly. The B-side belongs to the synthetic beauty of Suzanne Kraft, and his celestial "Roberto And Giovanni". The West Coaster has swapped the Pacific surf for affable Amsterdam and this new composition sees a move away from the psychedelic sound of previous productions. Trembling organs and breathy waveforms embrace over a mechanical heartbeat, creating a safe space for the new age melodies and blissed out motifs to take over our minds. Melancholic but undeniably beautiful, this release marks another essential bit of ambience from the imprint.


Patrick says: Coming together on a split 7" Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft continue the stunning work of their Melody As Truth EPs with a pair of immersive ambient gems. Put it on the platter and sail away on a swell of oceanic calm.

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