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Apollo Brown


    An all new edition, complete with alternate cover art, the complete track listing, and cloud white vinyl. Clouds is a 27 track instrumental project from Detroit producer Apollo Brown (The Reset, Brown Study, Gas Mask). While most have come to know Apollo's production for its smash mouth, head nodding, grime, Clouds reveals another aspect of his production ability. This complex, mello instrumental album is ideal on a winter afternoon, or as a nightcap to the day. Each track is hypnotic and imaginative.

    Clouds is a 50 minute instrumental ride, a backdrop for reflection. For some, clouds come to mind when pondering over the definition of being lost in thought. Formed in different sizes, shapes, and colors, set high in the sky or hanging low at arms reach, clouds seem to stir up a type of calm that we all need at times. This album is a collection of instrumentals put together to do just that. Whether to meditate on a certain mood within, or to accompany heavy reflection, Clouds puts forth music to provoke thought.


    1. Sound Of Guns
    2. Seed Of Memory
    3. The Sky Is Falling
    4. Blue Ruby
    5. Never In A Million Years
    6. Just Walk
    7. Shadows Of Grief
    8. Balance
    9. Time Passed Autumn
    10. The 11th Hour
    11. Wisdom
    12. Choices
    13. Father And Son
    14. Black Pearls
    15. Shoot The Heart
    16. A Conscious Breath
    17. Push
    18. Drinking Life
    19. One Chance
    20. Imagination
    21. Tao Te Ching
    22. Human Existence
    23. Know The Time
    24. Heart Of Glass
    25. The Baghdad Sun
    26. Heirloom
    27. A Day's End

    Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson

    Dice Game

      Someone once said that life's a gamble. Kinda like shootin dice in an alley. The risk is high but the gain is higher, and when it's all said and done, you hold your breath and collect your dues. With lyrics that grip like a handful of ones, and beats that hit like ivory on cement, this album is just that, a Dice Game.


      1. Ink Blotches
      2. Freezing Dice
      3. Reputation
      4. Neverending Story
      5. The Cook Up
      6. Let's Play
      7. Truth Be Told
      8. One Man
      9. Nasty (feat. Planet Asia)
      10. I Can Do No Wrong
      11. Wrong Hand
      12. Potatoes (feat. Torae)
      13. How Will I Go
      14. Change
      15. Dear Jane
      16. Lose You


      The Odd Tape

        Oddisee is an everyman with extraordinary talent. Both a rapper chronicling the perils and joys of ordinary existence, and a virtuosic producer attuned to the vibrations of how life actually sounds. But don’t mistake the Odd Tape for the noise of birds chirping, idle chatter, or car alarms; it’s that internal soul-jazz reverberating at the back of your brain. For the last decade, the Mello Music Group artist has alternated between instrumental albums, full-length rap records, and his role as one-third of Diamond District. The Odd Tape is technically the former—there are no vocals—but if you call this an instrumental album, you might as well say the same about Bitches Brew. After a decade making music, the Prince Georges, Md.-raised and Brooklyn-based has transcended influences, comparisons and genre. The Odd Tape showcases the range of a composer bending hip-hop, soul, and jazz into singular form, tapping into that same emotional Fort Knox that animates all wordless choruses. The Odd Tape revolves around the rhythms of the artist’s daily life. It starts in the morning with “Alarmed,” that sounds like if Shuggie Otis did a psychedelic eye-opening cover of Nas’ “Shootouts.” It rolls through “Right Side of the Bed,” with its glitter-gold sax lines, loose drums, and sunshine-slanting-through-the-blinds keyboards.

        Oddisee went from sampling to creating the eternal sounds of his original inspirations. You can hear older gods like Roy Ayers, Bob James, and Fela, but mostly you hear Oddisee continue to come into his own. As Pitchfork described his previous album, 2015’s The Good Fight: “the music feels distinctly international and unhindered, far removed from the straight-ahead boom-bap he used to make. He’s always created on his own terms, but [this] feels like a hearty "fuck you" to prevailing groupthink and the industry’s creative limitations.” But this record marks another ascension. It glides, meditates, and simmers from “Alarmed” to “Still Sleeping.” The soundtrack to his coffee in the morning, a trip to the corner store for fresh groceries, producing in the afternoon, cruising his bike through the city for inspiration, late afternoon song writing, stepping out into the evening with friends, hookah on the rooftop in Brooklyn, and settling into the dream world again. This is the Odd Tape, life as you’ve never heard it before.


        1. Born Before Yesterday
        2. Alarmed
        3. Silver Lining
        4. Right Side Of The Bed
        5. Out At Night
        6. No Sugar No Cream
        7. Long Way Home
        8. Live From The Drawing Board
        9. The Breakthrough
        10. Still Sleeping
        11. On The Table
        12. Brea

        Open Mike Eagle

        Dark Comedy

          One famous Oscar Wilde aphorism claimed: "if you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise, they'll kill you." Open Mike Eagle lacks the capacity to tell anything but the truth. In a nation that prizes self-aggrandizing buffoons and artful liars, morbid humor might be the sanest response-a tourniquet to stop the toxicity from spreading. If this sounds heavy, it's probably because it is. Dark Comedy, the Mello Music debut from the critically revered Los Angeles rapper, is mostly about the failure of Karl Marx's Proletariat Revolution. Yet its brilliance stems less from the novelty of its ideas than from the ingenuity of its wordplay, its caustic whimsy, and infectious melodies. Opening track "Dark Comedy Morning Show" operates as a shorthand manifesto.

          For those who haven't heard, Eagle's bad at sarcasm, so he works in absurdity (when trying not to wish death on the upper class). The airing of grievances includes racial stereotypes, inner-city warfare and Facebook logging all of his favorite sandwiches. It's Slug's "Modern Man's Hustle" if the Atmosophere frontman had been haunted by James Baldwin's ghost instead of heavily tattooed exes. Lead single "Qualifiers" finds Eagle subverting the notions of traditional rap braggadocio and lyrical terrain. His revolution isn't just some abstract political ideals, but at the crux of his approach to art. This is intended to dump Coconut Water and whiskey on the unsuspecting heads of those with false ideas of authenticity or what rap should be. Lest you mistake him for a meditating yoga-panted rapper, the rapper raised on the Southside of Chicago, wields wordplay as sharp and weird as any of his peers. He proclaims himself "the King of all rappers who don't condone date rape." Molotov Cocktails are helpfully tossed from fellow conspirators Kool AD and comedian, Hannibal Burress. Former hockey star Luc Robataille is rhymed with the Kobra Kai Dojo from Karate Kid. 


          1. Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn)
          2. Dark Comedy Morning Show
          3. Qualifiers
          4. Idaho
          5. Thirty Ego Raps
          6. Sadface Penance Raps
          7. Golden Age Raps
          8. A History Of Modern Dance
          9. Very Much Money (Ice King Dream)
          10. Deathmate Black
          11. Informations (feat. Kool A.D.)
          12. Doug Stamper (feat. Hanibal Buress)
          13. Big Pretty Bridges (3 Days In Albuquerque)

          The Lasso, Jordan Hamilton & The Saxsquatch

          Tri Magi

            Jordan Hamilton, a cellist equally equipped to perform Bach, reimagine Chick Corea, or bow a Drake top line.

            Jordan Hamilton is a "one of one" instrumentalist who somehow allows the cello to land in new revelatory situations regardless of the composition, genre, mood, or approach.

            The Saxsquatch, a saxophonist bent on twisting his instrument into the singular voice of a beast. Saxsquatch plays with a knowledge of the history/pedigree of his instrument, jazz to rock to noise, but does so with a proprietary blend of the styles that leaves saxophone sounding new.

            The Lasso, a producer who has pulled in everything while refusing genre across his run of LPs on Mello Music Group. The Lasso continues his role as providing diverse and creative landscapes that allow the lead voices of his compositions to become players in their own sonic fate.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Matt says: Massive new direction for the monumental Mello Music Group as they explore future-jazz and blunted beats via multi-instrumentalist & modern Arthur Russell reincarnation The Lasso. Joined by Jordan Hamilton & The Saxsquatch and lying somewhere between FlyLo, J Dilla & the new sound of London jazz - this is incredible!

            TRACK LISTING

            1. City Of Grasss
            2. Born Tempo
            3. Requez
            4. New Equalydian
            5. Played Thrice
            6. Crimson Drip
            7. To Dust
            8. Three Magi Get Paid
            9. Solar Plateaux
            10. Sapphire
            11. They & I
            12. Aural Floral
            13. Voyager Too

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