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    Manchester's Meena return for another huge outing, swimming with reverb laiden heft and soring shadowy vocals. We kick things off with the shoegaze thump of 'CV' rich with skittering electronic percussion and gigantic walls of guitar. There's a beautiful mix of euphoric melodicism in everything Meena do, but as follower 'Poor' shows, a deft sense of how to offset the more uplifting post-rock moments with more militant industrial leanings, with the vocals cutting through the mix like butter. 

    For me, 'Paving' is the highlight here, as brief as it is beautiful, and more than a little reminiscent of some of the feeling of Siamese Dream (for me, that's a BIG compliment), but with nicely programmed electronic percussion to offset the woozy haze. 

    We close things out with the killer closing duo of 'Blinding' and 'Curiosity', lurching from rolling distorted basslines and heady vocals from Amelia Bushell in the former to the staggering wall-of-sound weight of 'Curiosity'. 

    There really is a beautiful dynamic interplay at work here, and without such perfect production, could easily be bogged down in reverb and distortion. As it is, they don't come much more massive and much more enjoyable than Meena. What a stunner. 


    1. CV 03:05
    2. Poor 03:21
    3. Paving 03:36
    4. Blinding 03:44
    5. Curiosity 03:44

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