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Shit Robot

Cubed / Rotation - Inc. Edmonson & Vin Sol Remixes

After a couple of killer contibutions for the MMM-assive via compilational cuts and a tasty remix of Forriner, DFA fam Shit Robot macks out completely with this top EP. The A-side kicks off with the titular "Cubed" a groovy fusion of bumptious bass, skipping perx and deep house chords. On the flip he gets nice n naughty with the jack-power of "Rotation", an acid synth to the power rave smasher. Joining him on remix duty is fellow label mainstay Edmondson, as well as Me Me Me debutant Vin Sol. Edmondson turns in a typically unique remix, yet again hinting at his background in non 4/4 sounds, and showcasing his unbelievable deftness for sound design. Vin Sol’s remix of Rotation expertly captures the spirit of late 80s house in a way that only the original early pioneers, Vin Sol himself, and a perhaps a handful others seem to pull off legitimately.

Man Power

Fidelity / Valhalla

Me Me Me hits its second birthday and Geoff keeps it personal and drops (only) his second self-produced track to date on the esteemed label.

“Valhalla” attempts to be as majestic as the name suggests, a rich canvas of Kraut-informed arpeggios, throbbing bass and vivid soundscapes which takes the label on a much more cerebral and heady route that's quite a departure from its usual dancefloor-centric moods. Man Power's got a real handle on his synthesizers on this number, turning out quite accomplished reincarnations of the Steve Moore / Vangelis / Ash Ra Temple blueprints.

Club heads do not panic! Geoff's been kind enough to include "Fidelity" for the up-all-nite cru to get fully absorbed into. It still demonstrates an inventive and highly skilled side to the producer, through more myriad arp n synth lines but, thanks to a techno-informed rhythm section holds its own on any house or techno leaning dancefloor. A dazzling, concentric piece that should see tension and drama reach an epic climax out on't floor.

Man Power’s Me Me Me label, a firm favourite with KP here at the shop, presents its first compilation, with profits donated to the Help Refugees charity.

Over 11 releases Geoff Leopard's label has established itself as a defined home for tricksi dancefloor movements, intricately produced house music and electronic curveballs. With an understated but highly skilled roster of artists, including Man Power himself, the label has found itself in countless record boxes across varying locations and styles.

Here we get two new signings (Shit Robot and Awol) alongside two label stalwarts, Pale Blue and Cult Of Glamour. Shit Robot contributes some straight up, M1-powered, late night house music while Awol opts for a more stripped back, deeper affair with nods to electro. On side B Pale Blue gets cerebral and sensual with a mallet-guided smoocher before Cult Of Glamour closes proceedings with a star-bound Italo-tinged number that hits the jugular head on. Top stuff! 

Man Power’s Me Me Me label presents us with a very special new compilation, ‘We We We’, which will see all profits donated to the vital Help Refugees charity. Help Refugees, is the leading UK NGO in a new movement of humanitarian aid, helping to plug the gaps in services not provided to those displaced by war. The man behind the compilation’s concept is Man Power aka Geoff Kirkwood, an established producer with credits for his off kilter mix of house, disco, ambient and techno on labels like John Talabot’s Hivern Discs, ESP Institute and Jennifer Cardini’s Correspondent.
Kicking off the set, Pional’s ‘Night Charmer’ is a typically inventive cut with icy drones and dehumanised vocals, while ‘Quantume Reach’ by Juan Maclean (feat Amy Douglas) is gorgeously off beat house with thoughtful chords and spine-tingling vocals with a poignant message. Onto the B-side and Force Majeure up the intensity with a percussion packed tribal tonker which flirts with disco and Italo before settling down as a techy banger. The polyrhythmic rattle continues on Edmondson's "Village" a trippy mix of minimal-style sound design, future primitive rhythms and occasional melody.
This is a compilation jam-packed with a broad array of accomplished and standout sounds, and that it is all for charity only makes it an even more essential and welcome release.

The mysterious Vyvyan lands on Me Me Me with a pair of floor focussed disco techno mutations as compelling as they are fun. Paul Woolford drops by on remix duties, a genuine UK legend, who by this stage is irrefutably nestled in the top tier of the British electronic music Royal Family. His remix perfectly displays the unconventional wit, and mastery of groove, that’s propelled him to where he is today. I imagine its the only track we’ll hear this year which begins on a breaks and baseline assault, and ends on samples of farmyard animals. Finishing off the release we have a remix by Futureboogie's Christophe in advance of his own artist EP on Me Me Me later this year. Christophe skews the original’s frenetic rhythms in to a vintage sounding bumping piece of machine driven house with an Italo-esque twist, which is as good as this description sounds.

Pale Blue

Have You Passed Through This Night / Comes Through ( Incl Pional Remix)

Pale Blue is the new alias for Mike Simonetti, NYC underground legend and long term contributor to the global dance music community. Here, he's joined by Elizabeth Wight for a seductive, three track EP on Man Power's Me Me Me label. "Have You Passed Through" is raw and daring, its female vocal reminiscent of innovative early electro, this is an intoxicating late night anthem of leftfield electronica. Its lyrics are taken from the film The Thin Red Line, a movie about mans destruction of nature, his world and himself. "Come Home" is equally alluring, with a dreamier narrative and thrusting, forward-propelled drums that recalls a high speed drag race down the rainbow road. It's angelic vocal washes and heavenly strings converging on the bubbling acid and suspended tension wonderfully, making for a heady and expansive trip. Spanish new kid on the block, Hivern regular, Pional gets enlisted on remix duties (good work MP), and twists up "Comes Home" with fresh drums, lysergic elements and his own hi-sheen sound. Wonderful stuff.

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