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Retro sounds on the front on this 'Rok the Hall' tune. Early hours, smoky and dingy basement, dodgy fellas around and loads of sweat. Strobe lighting and red lights. 'Rok The Hall' adds to the vibe with its dark(ish) electro and acid attacks. All safe though, your face will not be destroyed. 

Johnny Aux decides to sweeten the affair and brings you the sunshine, takes you out of the basement into the main dancefloor upstairs where everybody is going nutty bombaaaty with this Mr. Fingers homage. There is really no trace of the original here. So let's say that Mr Fingers is behind the decks now. Very pleasant. 
On the flip, Cristophe carries on rocking the Kasbah. There are retro beats and snares to please the old fellas and also a thumpy, fat beat to please the modern more young punters. All good. 
Frank Butters revises 'Like That' and puts the emphasis on the asyncopated beat and of course the acid. A well done re-craft that will  assure everyone things are sound and safe in the Me Me Me camp. 
Nice one. Bring on some more, please!


Sil says: Peak time sounds both for the main floor and the basement. Acid, retro, 90s, and thumpy beats and groovy bass all collide to produce a great cocktail that will please many. Nightime soundtrack for those who know.

Ian Blevins

The Serpent/ Unse - Inc. Austin Ato & Kiwi Remixes

Innovative opener ‘The Serpent’ is a suitably snaking, slithering groove with acid twitches, rubbery drums and raw percussive energy. It pings about in dynamic fashion and really keeps you on edge. First up to remix, Austin Ato takes the ‘The Serpent’ on a luscious and deep trajectory that would make Larry Heard proud.

The second standout original is 'Unse’, a dark stomper with cosmic rays that strike right to the heart of the dancefloor. It’s menacing and absorbing music that is steely and unlike anything else. To remix is 17 Steps regular Kiwi, who takes ‘Unse’ in a tougher and more robust direction that will really make you sweat properly.

As ever this is a brilliant and stylistically diverse package from Me Me Me. We hope you appreciate the quality that is presented here. 


Sil says: Although a dancefloor-made record, I find this one to be as good in my headphones or laying on the sofa as it is on a dark, humid basement with a huge smoke machine, strobe lights and a red velvet carpet. Excellent output from the Man Power towers.

The mysterious Vyvyan lands on Me Me Me with a pair of floor focussed disco techno mutations as compelling as they are fun. Paul Woolford drops by on remix duties, a genuine UK legend, who by this stage is irrefutably nestled in the top tier of the British electronic music Royal Family. His remix perfectly displays the unconventional wit, and mastery of groove, that’s propelled him to where he is today. I imagine its the only track we’ll hear this year which begins on a breaks and baseline assault, and ends on samples of farmyard animals. Finishing off the release we have a remix by Futureboogie's Christophe in advance of his own artist EP on Me Me Me later this year. Christophe skews the original’s frenetic rhythms in to a vintage sounding bumping piece of machine driven house with an Italo-esque twist, which is as good as this description sounds.

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Thanks for posting about it. It’s here until next Friday May 3rd btw.
Wed 24th - 8:58
Yes! Thanks @NME for the feature. Come and visit @ianbrown
Tue 23rd - 9:48
It’s great isn’t it?! Glad you liked it and hope your wish comes true.🤞🏻
Mon 22nd - 5:55
Thank you. Come back soon.
Mon 22nd - 3:49
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