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Hot Biscuit continue their unrelenting grip of the discoball this week with another salvo of hot and hefty edits circulating amongst its key proponents. Mark Grusane should need no introduction to lovers of sliced tapes and disco music; and sticking to the label's doublepack formular he delivers six primo-grade sizzlers direct from the studio shelf marked 'EXCLUSIVE'. Pressed ultra fat and ready to roll at your local discotheque, these edits are a cut above the rest - possessing a wild and frenzied energy which could draw comparisons to Jamal Moss' "Members Only" series only with less fuzz and more buck! Seriously, these kick so hard you'll need a new pair of trainers when you're done dancing to them. In limited supply and flying out fast. Get those orders in quick!  


A1. Disco Phobia
A2. Jack’s Groove
B. Stay Close
C1. Spectrum Of Love
C2. How Y’all Doin
D. Disco In Outerspace

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