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Josefin Ohrn & The Liberation

Rushing Through My Mind - The Mang Dynasty Versions

They gave it to them straight: "Let us remix your song or we're taking all the meatballs." Having heard the baggy psychedelic beauty that is 'Rushing Through My Mind' on Lauren Laverne's 6Music show, The Mang Dynasty thought they could do a number on it, envisioning a royal melon twister packed with psychedelic disco power. Achieving their mission with predictable aplomb, Ray Mang and Bill Brewster relive the rushy highs of 1991's indie-dance heyday, whacking out a baggy banger that would have ripped Shoom a new one. Aside from reminding me of "Pure Shores" by All Saints and One Dove's "White Love", it's also caused Andy McQueen to reminisce about those times he spent on E's at the Haciendoh listening to "Made Of Stone" - Ace!


Andy says: A blissed-out beauty. Classic 1990 vibes. Someone needs to bring those days back!

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