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Man Like Me

Pillow Talk

    London duo Man Like Me release their new album ‘Pillow Talk’. The album has been mixed by Mike Skinner, who is also credited as executive producer after re-launching his label tBeats to release the record. Skinner helped co-produce and mix the new album which includes last summer’s electro smash, 'Squeeze' and new single, 'Wallow' - a concoction of carnival drums and whistles, muddled electronics, big bass and an insanely infectious chorus.

    Man Like Me

    Wine And Dine - Williams Remix

      Having wowed us all with the ace "Oh My Gosh", Man Like Me returns with live favorite "Wine And Dine". On the flip the grind-tastic grime groove of the original is whisked up into a fierce and frolicsome slice of electrohouse by Tsuba boy Williams.

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