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New industrial / shamanic superpowers Dreems and Kris Baha reunite as Die Orangen and return to Malka Tuti with their third EP for the Tel Aviv label. 
On the A side you can find an epic Goa leaning version of the now classic Yaranabe track (off their debut LP Zest), by non-other than Full Circle, aka Joakim and Alexis Le Tan. The proto-goa aficionados, owners of the label Crowdspacer and huge inspiration to Malka Tuti’s sound have delivered a banger like nothing else around, and its already getting mega support by the likes of Vladimir Ivkovic, Ivan Smagghe, John Talabot and many more. After a steady percussion build up (with maximum flanger) the track locks into a pulsating throb complete with vocal samples, heady synth motifs and trippy fx, driving at a school safe speed towards the rasping acid lines which await. One immersive breakdown later and we're lost in smoke and strobes, under the influence of Belgian saw waves and croaking bass sounds. 
On the B-side you can find a new Die Orangen track, "A Perpetual Race", which is more like a Journey than track. As the duo dance through industrial, EBM, trance and motorik elements we're taken on a 15 minute trip through sonic spaces, ancient futures and alternative dimensions. 


Patrick says: In case you hadn't noticed, trance is back in a big way, and this Malka Tuti banger sets a high watermark for the revival scene. Joakim & Alexis Le Tan take us to Goa on the A-side, while the Die Orangen boys get interdimensional on the flip - #zingersnotpingers

Khidja & Balabas

Khidja Si Balabas

To sign off 2018, the label Malka Tuti have released a mega 4- tracker ep by Khida, in collaboration with their old-time friend from back home Mihai Balabas. The 4 different tracks were written over the past few years, slowly plotted produced and perfected, each in its own “twisted” direction. There are no dancefloor killers here, but instead 4 very unique voyages, experimental sonic excursions in time and space. It was the track Chloe that caught our attention, back in 2015. It's not a typical Khidja track, but the musicality and the composition in it reminded us of lost balearic moments. It made us reminisce on summery Sunday mornings back when life was still a bit more innocent, and naive. Out of our infatuation with that track came the idea of “sitting on it” until the right tracks will be ready, and here we are, more than 3 years later.

The Kloom originate from Dusseldorf feautring members from Autarkic, Naduve, Stabil Elite and more. "40 Gram Beton" is an atmospheric, Kraut-Balearic hybrid with delay-soaked vocals. The Kraut elements are electronic repetition and the crisp, Motorik beat. The Balearic elements are the rich, live instrumentation and laid back tempo. Together they combine to make something warm, inviting and stimulating; perfect for horizontal-favoured DJs to play out during the following cold months ahead. Die Wilde keeps the laid back tempo and wraps the whole thing in a thick early morning fog, instruments appearing like headlights over a hill as the track moves along, guiding by the strong live bass and delicately placed vocals. Khidja takes things to the mountain top, beating muffled floor toms when it reaches the top before announcing its motif across the flora rich valley beneath. An expansive and colourful take on the original which should please fans of Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas. Finally, we get the distilled radio edit version, harking back to the original mix but doing away with any dreamy repetition (bloody hippies!) and keeping things succinct and direct - allowing the main vocal (which seems to have been lying in the shadows until now) the limelight. Wonderful stuff! Four explorations of one musical theme and each unearthing something new and intriguing.

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