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The Kloom originate from Dusseldorf feautring members from Autarkic, Naduve, Stabil Elite and more. "40 Gram Beton" is an atmospheric, Kraut-Balearic hybrid with delay-soaked vocals. The Kraut elements are electronic repetition and the crisp, Motorik beat. The Balearic elements are the rich, live instrumentation and laid back tempo. Together they combine to make something warm, inviting and stimulating; perfect for horizontal-favoured DJs to play out during the following cold months ahead. Die Wilde keeps the laid back tempo and wraps the whole thing in a thick early morning fog, instruments appearing like headlights over a hill as the track moves along, guiding by the strong live bass and delicately placed vocals. Khidja takes things to the mountain top, beating muffled floor toms when it reaches the top before announcing its motif across the flora rich valley beneath. An expansive and colourful take on the original which should please fans of Bjorn Torske and Prins Thomas. Finally, we get the distilled radio edit version, harking back to the original mix but doing away with any dreamy repetition (bloody hippies!) and keeping things succinct and direct - allowing the main vocal (which seems to have been lying in the shadows until now) the limelight. Wonderful stuff! Four explorations of one musical theme and each unearthing something new and intriguing.

Exactly one year after their sold-out debut album "Zest", Die Orangen (aka Dreems & Kris Baha) are zurück! No. 1 of two records, this first part consists of a new live version of the track "Yaranabe", recorded in a live session as part of the Duo’s infamous analogue live act. Electro-goths Tapan remix "Metal Man" into a sludgy crawl: depositing concentric analogue arpeggios onto a churning mechanics and a gate reverberated vox.

On the B-side lies Gordon Pohl’s reimagination of "Mersey River. The track's epic slow opening and evolution into rhythm resembles in many ways the psychedelic collaboration works of the late Pete Namlook & Move D on Namlooks own Fax records, which was always a significant influence on the Malka Tuti world. Super stuff here that'll no doubt appeal to all the slow-mo wigged-out warriors currently doing the rounds (Jon K, Nose Drip, Vladimir Ivkovic, Tolouse Low Trax etc etc).


Wabi Sabi - Inc. Moscoman Mix

J.A.K.A.M is Japanese artist Takashige Miyawaki, a long serving producer commonly found on Crosspoint Records. On this release for Malka Tuti Miyawaki draws on a thrilling spread of influences to make a truly soul-stirring track. At times the vocals lean towards a Middle Eastern lilt while the saxophone burns with the fire of the post punk era. With monolithic drum hits, yearning violin and plenty more besides, "Wabi Sabi" is a many-headed beast of a track. Moscoman takes the original and simmers it down to a more focused but no less exotic tribal house workout. This cat's really been making a name of himself of late with his unstoppable Treisar series - fans of which will pick up on the painfully current but undeniably lysergic production traits this producer's fast making his ident. DSP never sounded so good! - and proves that you don't actually need to spend loads on analogue hardware to make sick dancefloor tunes - just a great idea and a keen ear for a vibrant mix-down. Moscoman leads the charge of the new brigade and we at Piccadilly are fully behind him. Top stuff. 

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