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    Kavinsky is a zombie who came back from the dead after his Testarossa crashed in 1986. His first song, "Testarossa Autodrive", was an instant success, and was followed by two singles. In 2007, he was chosen by Daft Punk to open their now legendary "Alive" tour. In 2011, his track "Nightcall", produced with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, became the theme song for the film "Drive", and consequently a worldwide success. Kavinsky's first album, "Outrun", was released in 2013, followed by a collaboration with The Weeknd on the song "Odd Look".

    In 2022, Kavinsky is back with "Reborn", his second album recorded at the famous Motorbass studio in Paris, due March 25th. "Renegade" which was recorded in collaboration with Victor Le Masne and Gaspard Augé (half of Justice) reinvents the French producer’s unique recipe: dark mood but with a thunderous groove. With a vocal assistance from Cautious Clay, « Renegade » announces one of this years’ most anticipated comebacks.


    A1. Renegade
    B1. Renegade (Instrumental) 

    Sébastien Tellier

    La Ritournelle - 2022 Reissue

      "La Ritournelle" is undoubtedly Sebastien Tellier's biggest song. Since its first release in 2003, it kept growing and circulating throughout the world year after year like a virus. Considered by many as the ultimate love anthem of the 21st century, the song has now infected numerous hearts and lovers, and gained a classic status.

      The song is made of 7 epic minutes of a sensual and mesmerizing piano hook, with the late afro-beat maestro Tony Allen on drums, lush romantic strings, Philippe Zdar on the mix, and a heartbreaking lyric at the center of the song that goes:

      Oh nothing's going to change my love for you / I wanna spend my life with you So we make love on the grass under the moon / No one call tell, damned if I do Forever journey on golden avenues / I drift in your eyes since I love you I got that beat in my veins for only rule / Love is to share, mine is for you

      Since the release, we have received countless love messages. One from a famous DJ who told us he heard the tune while driving on the freeway and had to stop on the side of the road, in tears. Many couples have asked whether Tellier would perform "La Ritournelle" at their wedding ceremony.

      It was sampled by The Weeknd for the song on "Kiss Land" (2013) and used in several long feature films. "La Ritournelle": often been copied and covered, but rarely equaled.

      For the first time, Record Makers is releasing the song with its most successful remixes on one EP, and a special gift in memory of his genius: Tony Allen's bonus beat, the original drum track, a must have for DJs. Also included: Gilligan Moss' mix, an atmospheric remix and a streaming hit, and Mr Dan's Magic Wand mix, the chorus/verse version of "La Ritournelle", basically "Unfinished Sympathy pt. II", according to the NME.


      A1. La Ritournelle
      A2. La Ritournelle (Mr Dan's Magic Wand Mix)
      B1. La Ritournelle (Gilligan Moss Mix)
      B2. La Ritournelle (Tony Allen Bonus Beat)



        Kavinsky is a zombie who came back from the dead after his Testarossa crashed in 1986. His first song, "Testarossa Autodrive", was an instant success, and was followed by two singles. In 2007, he was chosen by Daft Punk to open their now legendary "Alive" tour. In 2011, his track "Nightcall", produced with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, became the theme song for the film "Drive", and consequently a worldwide success. Kavinsky's first album, "Outrun", was released in 2013, followed by a collaboration with The Weeknd on the song "Odd Look".

        In 2022, Kavinsky is back with "Reborn", his second album recorded at the famous Motorbass studio in Paris, due March 25th. While recording it, Kavinsky had this special project to record a sequel to his hit song "Nightcall", which after all sounded almost like a movie scene. This sequel would be called "Zenith".

        Therefore, like in the original, he composed a duet between a girl and a man, but reversed: the verse is sung by the woman, the chorus by the man. Prudence (formerly from the successful duet The Dø) is the female vocalist, Morgan Phalen (who sung with Justice and is the vocalist of the band Diamond Nights) plays the male character along with a special guest: the saxophone. "Zenith" showcases Kavinsky's romantic side on a muted and futuristic sound.


        A1. Zenith
        B1. Zenith (Instrumental) 



          Kavinsky is a zombie who came back from the dead after his Testarossa crashed in 1986. His first song, "Testarossa Autodrive", was an instant success, and was followed by two singles. In 2007, he was chosen by Daft Punk to open their now legendary "Alive" tour. In 2011, his track "Nightcall", produced with Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, became the theme song for the film "Drive", and consequently a worldwide success. Kavinsky's first album, "Outrun", was released in 2013, followed by a collaboration with The Weeknd on the song "Odd Look".

          “Cameo” is the third and last stepping stone which lead to Kavinsky’s long-awaited new album “Reborn”, out March 25th. Its raging funky beat and syncopated synths offer the most perfect case for American sensation Kareen Lomax to deliver a warm though exhilarating vocal performance. Robot disco guitar bumps all along and that secret recipe everyone knows was invented iin Paris. Yet another humongous track by the and only dead & alive 88.1 to 107.9 FM fiend.


          A1. Cameo
          B1. Cameo (Instrumental)

          Sébastien Tellier

          My God Is Blue - 2022 Repress

            “Don’t listen to my record, listen to my message, vibrate to my music, let’s merge our dreams, together spreading our combined energy in an immense blue wave that will flood the world - and the truth with emerge.”

            Announcing his long awaited return with this distinct message, Sébastien Tellier bounds back to the forefront of our collective musical conscience with his highly anticipated fourth studio album, My God Is Blue.

            It’s a record whose message is powered by something almighty, by some higher plane, by something much more spiritually significant than anything else the Parisian artist has composed to date. It’s an album harbouring a prophetic philosophy and a vision of ideality, an album whose music seeks to not only entertain, inspire and charm, but also to create a community of like minded individuals searching to follow their dreams, and find their true path in life.

            “I’d finished my tour for Sexuality and needed to recharge and re-motivate myself to go and make a new record,” says Tellier. “But I was a little bit… lost. I was looking for a subject that I was passionate about.” It was this search, this quest for spiritual and musical inspiration that led Tellier to take heed of the advice that “ to be able to make pure music, you have to focus on removing yourself, distancing yourself from your dreams.”

            As such, Tellier began to notice a pattern in his dreams, and one which would go on to become the foundation of his latest oeuvre: “It had a really strong effect on me, I realised that I had blue dreams, I was having blue visions. When I went back to Paris to start making music, I wrote while thinking about what this meant, thinking about blue dreams, about spirituality, about truth.”

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Pepito Bleu
            A2. The Colour Of Your Mind
            A3. Sedulous
            A4. Cochon Ville
            A5. Magical Hurricane
            A6. Russian Attractions
            B1. Mayday
            B2. Draw Your World
            B3. My Poseidon
            B4. Against The Law
            B5. My God Is Blue
            B6. Yes It's Possible

            Sébastien Tellier


              In January 2004, Sébastien Tellier released "Politics", an ambitious album which preaches the defense of the oppressed peoples, in a luxurious dressing. The press went mental, and he was consider elitist and entitled. Nevertheless, "La Ritournelle" is a piece which the whole of France knows, without knowing who sings it. It goes on to be the last ever song played at Manchester’s infamous Electric Chair. Keeping Tellier’s idiosyncratic murmerings etched onto the craniums of whole generation of acid house dads and Balearic wash-outs.

              Sébastien Tellier's live shows reached a kind of artistic summit, a model of intensity and starkness. Tellier then decided to record, on December 30th 2005, an acoustic session of his catalogue accompanied by the pianist Simon Dalmais. The fruit of this session gave birth to this album, "Sessions", intimate and stripped back. "Sessions" is a collection of timeless pieces, stemming from his directory, with sympathy to the authors / composers / performers whom the songs were originally written. This is the first time this album has been released on vinyl.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Bye Bye
              2. La Ritournelle
              3. Black Douleur
              4. League Chicanos
              5. La Dolce Vita
              6. Fantino
              7. Kissed By You
              8. Broadway
              9. Universe
              10. Classic

              Sébastien Tellier

              Politics - 2021 Reissue

              Sébastien Tellier, the first signing to Record Makers, returned after his 2001 "L'Incroyable Vérité" album and his appearance on the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's "Lost In Translation" with "Politics", a stunning eleven-track CD of almost indescribable cinematic and uplifting music. Produced in Paris by the legendary Philip Zdar (Cassius, Etienne de Crecy), "Politics" is an uncompromising album featuring contributions from artists as diverse as Tony Allen (Fela Kuti), Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo) and the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra.

              "Bye-Bye", the first track on the album was originally written as part of the score for Sebastien's starring role in the Quentin Dupieux directed file "Nonfilm", with Tony Allen striking the perfect chord for 'Bye-Bye's rhythms. However after 'Bye-Bye' everything came together for the album - and Tellier began composing music in Phillippe Zdar's studios at 84 Rue Des Martyrs, Paris.

              "Let's give the minorities their say, and show the way to those who have forgotten the roots of our planet's problems! The East Germans should know, and the wetbacks, and those who work themselves into the ground! Say no to stylistic controls, don't fight the rhythm - Tony Allen will be there to support me along with the rest of them", he said.

              And that's what happened: the troops stormed in to defend the Native Americans ("Ketchup Vs Genocide"), the Mexicans ("League Chicanos"), two Africas, one idealized and one torn by civil war ("Wonderafrica" and "La Tuerie"), and a sporty East German who actually misses the Berlin Wall because she hasn't been able to play solo tennis since it's collapse ("Mauer") - in short, the oppressed were finally given a voice and re-ushered into a very personal but also universal "POLITICS".

              This voice is magnified by open, melodious music that is unfettered and full of pleasure. With 'Politics' we blissfully sing of the pleasures of eating bananas under the sun, or of making love with the moonlight. It's that simple. Under Tellier the oppressed fought valiantly in the Martyr Road Studios, right up until 31st May 2003, when Paris' 18th arrondisement was itself stormed - by freak hail, which destroyed all of the artist's equipment. Only the master tapes remained, which, then dripping wet, he was grateful to pass onto Phillippe Zdar for the genial mix that is now 'Politics'.

              And on this album appears Sébastien's masterpiece, the melody that everybody knows, "La Ritournelle"

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Bye-Bye
              A2. League Chicanos
              A3. Wonderafrica
              A4. Broadway
              A5. La Ritournelle
              B1. Benny
              B2. Slow Lynch
              B3. Mauer
              B4. La Tuerie
              B5. Ketchup Vs Genocide
              B6. Zombi

              Six studio albums, four original motion picture scores, and a plethora of side projects... Sebastien Tellier writes with every breath, composes melodies to the whim of his obsessions like his musical peers Robert Wyatt, Todd Rundgren or Ariel Pink. Since Sessions (2006), the first time he covered his own repertoire, Sebastien experienced an international success with Sexuality, and released the great epics of My God Is Blue and L’Aventura, and the bustle of his new role as a father with Domesticated.

              His new album Simple Mind is a lush though very minimalistic resume of some of his most beautiful compositions ; a classic live-recorded album where old and more recent songs will find a confined listener caught in a wave of domestic bliss.

              "Simple Mind is a total rebirth for my music. For this minimalistic live recording, I’m cleansing my own songs so you can (re)discover them in the most pure and intimate way. I want to take you to the closest of my chords, my melodies and my voice in order to share the essence of my art with you. As simple as that. Bisou." - Sébastien Tellier

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Domestic Tasks
              A2. L'amour Et La Violence
              A3. Look
              A4. A Ballet
              A5. Divine
              B1. Intromission
              B2. Fingers Of Steel
              B3. Stuck In A Summer Love
              B4. Comment Revoir Oursinet?
              B5. Ricky L'adolescent
              B6. Against The Law

              Music Makers Band

              You Can Be

                Previously Unreleased Disco-Soul-Funk Album With Mixes By Kenny Dope. The Gatefold LP Includes Extensive Liner Notes And A Download Card to WAV Files Of The Full Album. CD Contains Instrumentals And Kenny Dope Extended Remixes. Tucked in the back corner of a linen closet in Macon, Georgia since 1979 sat a box that very few people knew existed. Lost and presumed forgotten, this box contained reel-to-reel tapes of the lost album by the band that issued the lauded Black Gold as The Mighty Chevelles in 1977. By 1979, while transitioning to the name Music Makers Band, the band entered Capricorn Studios and recorded this previously-unreleased disco funk opus, finally issued as You Can Be as part of the Now-Again Reserve series. Nearly all songs have been remixed from the original multi-track masters by Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez. Georgia funk and soul historian Brian Poust details the band and album’s story in detailed liner notes in an oversized booklet.

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. That Look In Your Eyes
                A2. You Can Be
                A3. Lady In My Dream
                A4. Let Me Start Lovin’ You

                B1. That’s The Way
                B2. Shake Your Booty
                B3. That True Love Of Mine
                B4. We’re The Band…. 

                The Wee Cherubs

                The Merry Makers

                  Before The Bachelor Pad, there was The Wee Cherubs.
                  A collection of lost recordings made in Glasgow between 1982 & 1985. Restored and remastered especially for this release.

                  Formed in 1982 by Martin Cotter, Christine Gibson and Graham Adam & part of the Glasgow indie scene of the early 80’s.

                  The Wee Cherubs only released one single. The recently reissued Dreaming, (which is included in this set) before calling it a day in 1985. Their range of influences are on show here, and although some tracks are redolent of Orange Juice and Aztec Camera there is no definitive Wee Cherubs sound, which makes this collection an exciting and rewarding discovery

                  Cotter went on to The Bachelor Pad a psyche fuelled head on collision between The Buzzcocks & Syd Barrett. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  Side 1 
                  1. Dreaming
                  2. Pastures New
                  3. Waiting
                  4. Two Things At One Time

                  Side 2
                  6 Poor Little Lost Soul
                  7 Painless
                  8 Goodbye
                  9 Theme
                  10 Waiting For My Man 

                  Reverend And The Makers

                  Best Of

                    With six Top 20 albums under their belts, Reverend and the Makers release the ‘Best of Reverend & The Makers’ Sept 20th. The album spans the bands career so far and includes singles and fan favourites from their debut release ‘Heavy Weight Champion Of The World’ to their latest single ‘Black Flowers’. Rounding off both albums are two new songs, especially recorded for this compilation, ‘Elastic Fantastic’ (featuring Rich Westley from The Moonlandingz) described by The Reverend (Jon McClure) as “ a fantasy about killing Donald Trump with a bow & arrow” and ‘Te Quiero Pero.’ To coincide with the release there will be a full headline tour - watch this space. Jon says this about the track 'Te Quiero Pero. When we did this I was thinking about a town I once visited on the Rio de la plata in Uruguay called colonia . It’s a real Gaucho, South American cowboy town and still has the colonial architecture and stuff. I kind of wanted to make a song that sounded like that place looks. I envisaged myself riding through it on a horse. In my mind it’s from some mad Sergio Leone or Tarantino Mexican western although critics might say its more Antonio banderas’ zorro.'

                    TRACK LISTING

                    Disc: 1
                    1. Silence Is Talking
                    2. Heavyweight Champion Of The World
                    3. Bandits
                    4. MDMAzing Feat. Howard Marks
                    5. Shine The Light
                    6. Bassline
                    7. Black Widow
                    8. Makin' Babies
                    9. Out Of The Shadows
                    10. Mr Glassalfempty
                    11. Hidden Persuaders
                    12. Open Your Window
                    13. Elastic Fantastic Feat. Rich Westley

                    Disc: 2
                    1. Hard Times For Dreamers
                    2. Long Long Time
                    3. The Beach And The Sea
                    4. No Soap (In A Dirty War)
                    5. Monkey See, Monkey Do
                    6. Sex With The Ex
                    7. Yes You Do
                    8. Something To Remember
                    9. Last To Know
                    10. Auld Reekie Blues
                    11. What Goes Around (Acoustic Version)
                    12. Black Flowers Radio Edit
                    13. Boomerang
                    14. Te Quiero Pero

                    Midnight Drive extend their winning streak with this most beautiful and unique of records - Makers 'Don't Challenge Me' - A truly idiosyncratic early 70's electronic oddity that has long been a coveted and highly prized piece of music by obscure music lovers for many years.

                    Makers was the moniker for another studio project by legendary euro-disco pioneer Boris Midney. Midney, a Russian ex-pat, explored his own sonic world and in the process crafted some of the biggest records during the most fertile times in the disco period, he created numerous projects including Beautiful Bend, USA-European Connection, Caress and many more.

                    A classically trained musician and jazz artist, his trail-blazing studio work meant he was one of the first producers to embrace the capabilities of multi-track mixing in a most creative way. Listening to this 45, a limited release on his own 'Midney' micro label, you can certainly hear genius at work, it's mind boggling that this record was crafted when it was (1972) as it sounds totally ahead of it's time and sounds exciting and original to this day.
                    This is the very first time this record has ever been reissued (it was included on the most incredible 'Personal Space' compilation from a few years ago) and people will be very surprised to hear the b-side for the very first time - 'You're Shy' - A sweet soul number that almost recalls The Staple Singers and could easily have been released on Stax or any familiar labels of that ilk that somehow manages to retain the strange and overall DIY aesthetic of the 'Makers' sound.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Patrick says: If, like me, you became obsessed with the kaleidoscopic world of those Trapdoor mixes a few years back, you'll lose your shit for this 7" reissue. The work of Boris Midney, "Don't Challenge Me" is a superbly spacey psych-funk groover, packed with seductive soul and the nebulous haze of the milky way.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    A Don't Challenge Me
                    B You're Shy

                    Reverend And The Makers

                    The Death Of A King

                      Reverend & The Makers release their sixth album, ‘The Death Of A King’, through Cooking Vinyl. Reverend & The Makers played a storming set at Wirral Live (May 20th) where Jon McClure proudly welcomed Jeremy Corbyn to the stage, to make what many commentators agree his most impassioned speech of the 2017 campaign to date. 

                      Mind Games

                      Power Of Power


                        MIND GAMERS
                        Music from the heart.
                        Mind Gamers is not a super group but UNITY.
                        Mind Gamers cheer for beautiful women in Los Angeles, Sydney and Paris.
                        Mind Gamers are: Sebastien Tellier, Daniel Stricker, John Kirby.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Come To America
                        B1. Golden Boy

                        Record Makers kick off their Sébastien Tellier reissue series with a fresh pressing of the bearded hero's debut LP, "L’Incroyable Vérité". Snapped up by Air as the first signing to their then new Record Makers imprint off the strength of his contributions to the 1998 Source Rocks compilation and the "Lost In Translation OST", Tellier released "L’Incroyable Vérité" in 2001 to marmite effect! Mixed with Mr Oizo (another total joker), the LP shifts between lo-fi electronica, bizarre cabaret, dreamy downbeat and swooning cinematic numbers, throwing a lot of listeners of the scent, but rewarding the real heads with gorgeous songwriting, intelligent lyrics and accomplished instrumentation, mostly played by Sebastien himself. "L’Incroyable Vérité" is an album about life. You can hear a dog singing, a woman screaming, and legs growing. Sébastien Tellier recommends that you listen to his album alone and by candle-light.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1/A1. Oh Malheur Chez O’Malley
                        2/A2. Kazoo III
                        3/A3. Universe
                        4/A4. L’Enfance D’Un Chien
                        5/A5. Une Vie De Papa
                        6/A6. Fin Chien
                        7/B1. Grec
                        8/B2. Kissed By You
                        9/B3. Fantino
                        10/B4. Trilogie Femme
                        11/B5. Black Douleur

                        Fourteen years on from its 2003 release, and ten years on from its first vinyl release, Sebastien Tellier's "Narco OST" gets another run on the black stuff courtesy of Record Makers. Now, while the rest of his ouevre has seen the bearded genius dabble with tropicalia, indulge in lo-fi cabaret, espouse messianic disco and put a synth-y spin on Gainsbourg's sex pop, "Narco" is a straightforward collection of stunning instrumental passages, lazy funk, soaring strings and piano. Tied together by a recurring motif and consistent sound palette, it is a strikingly coherent effort from a man known for wild changes of direction.
                        But that entire preamble is made largely irrelevant by the following information - the last track on Side B is none other than "La Ritournelle", one of the finest songs ever written and Tellier's crowning glory. If you don't know it, you're in for a life changing treat. Jazzy drums, sublime piano and gorgeous, heart melting strings dance around a core motif for three and a half minutes before Seb dives in with a stunning vocal and takes us home. Bittersweet pop perfection and the perfect end of night record, it's worth the entry fee on its own!

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1 La Ballade Du Georges
                        A2 Le Démon Pupkin
                        A3 Le Château Pupkin
                        A4 Le Beguin Begins
                        A5 Le Long De La Rivière Tendre
                        A6 Dixi
                        A7 Pam! Exit La Folle
                        B1 Georges Thibault Rouhergues
                        B2 Rien De Rien Par Pupkin
                        B3 Gus Gracie
                        B4 Un Narco En Été
                        B5 Pupkin Et Ses Démons
                        B6 La Ritournelle

                        Reverend & The Makers release their eagerly anticipated fifth album, Mirrors, through Cooking Vinyl, on Friday 9th October. The first song to be taken from the album, Black Widow was premiered by Steve Lamacq on 6 Music and has also had early plays from Zane Lowe on his new Beats 1 radio show and from XFM. Mirrors was recorded at 2 Fly Studios Sheffield and Geejam Studios in Jamaica and was produced by Dave Sanderson with additional production by Youth and Alan Smyth.

                        'Sounds like nothing I've heard since the great concept albums of the 60's' - Noel Gallagher 

                        'Mirrors' is a magnum opus. He's a seasoned melodic master too' - Carl Barât

                        'Sounds amazing - enigmatic music out of Sheffield' – Zane Lowe 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1: Amsterdam
                        2: Black Widow
                        3: Makin' Babies
                        4: Stuck On You
                        5: The Beach And The Sea
                        6: The Trip
                        7: El Cabrera
                        8: Blue
                        9: Something To Remember
                        10: Mr Glassalfempty
                        11: The Gun
                        12: My Mirror
                        13: Last To Know
                        14: Lay Me Down
                        15: Mr Glassalfempty (Radio Edit) *
                        16: The Trip (Radio Edit) *
                        17: Makin' Babies (Radio Edit) *
                        18: Mirrors (Overproof Dub) *
                        * Extra Tracks Available On CD Or As Downloads With Vinyl Version.

                        DVD Tracklisting (COOKCD619X Only):
                        1: Amsterdam
                        2: Black Widow
                        3: Makin' Babies
                        4: Stuck On You
                        5: The Beach And The Sea
                        6: The Trip
                        7: El Cabrera
                        8: Blue
                        9: Something To Remember
                        10: Mr Glassalfempty
                        11: The Gun
                        12: My Mirror
                        13: Last To Know
                        14: Lay Me Down

                        Sebastien Tellier

                        L'Incroyable Verite


                          12” - 1x 12" 180 Gr, Glossy lacquered sleeve 380 Gr / black printed inner sleeve / Mp3 download card inside

                          « L’Incroyable Vérité » is the first album of Sébastien Tellier. His previous discographic publications consist of a participation in the Source Rocks compilation, in 1998, with «Fantino» (used in Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation film), which was noticed by the magazine Rolling Stone («(…) one of the loneliest sounds you will hear this year», December 1998).

                          The album was recorded between September 1999 and March 2000.

                          Sébastien plays most of the instruments and produced his album himself. It was mixed by Quentin Dupieux (aka Mr Oizo) and

                          Sebastien Tellier in July 2000 with the help of Guillaume Lebraz.

                          Sébastien and Mathieu Tonetti wrote the lyrics to the songs.

                          «L’Incroyable Vérité» is an album about life. You can hear a dog singing, a woman screaming, and legs growing.

                          Sébastien Tellier recommends that you listen to his album alone by candle-light.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          A1. Oh Malheur Chez O’Malley
                          A2. Kazoo III
                          A3. Universe
                          A4. L’Enfance D’Un Chien
                          A5. Une Vie De Papa
                          A6. Fin Chien
                          B1. Grec
                          B2. Kissed By You
                          B3. Fantino
                          B4. Trilogie Femme
                          B5. Black Douleur

                          Reverend And The Makers

                          Thirty Two

                            Sheffield’s finest Reverend And The Makers will release their fourth album, entitled ‘Thirtytwo’, on 24th February 2014 on Cooking Vinyl Records. It was produced by James Welsh, Jon McClure and Ed Cosens from the band, and Youth (Primal Scream/Depeche Mode/The Verve) and heralds an exciting new sound for the band.

                            Inspired by the first wave of French house producers, Acid Washed bring us their own take on the ballroom-influence sound with this synth-heavy, arpeggios-set-to-stun electronic disco-house long player for Record Makers. Recorded after going twice around the world, ‘House of Melancholy’ is the soundtrack to Andrew Claristidge and Richard d’Alpert’s recent lives, and one that brings them right back home to France. ‘House of Melancholy’ gives pride of place to strong emotions and melodies. Without ever getting to the shores of electro-pop, the duo puts a little more of real, heavy pop, of 70s Italian variety, of Morricone or Philip Glass soundtracks, and very pure electronics in their dance music. Andrew and Richard surrounded themselves with friends in the recording of this LP: the exceptionally gifted Joakim at the production board, the stentorian Yan Wagner, the too rare Miss Kittin, the swagest Ahmad Larnes behind the mic, the geek comrades Hypnolove, Turzi or La Mverte playing around with keyboards and compressors… ‘House Of Melancholy’ brings the immediate beauty of synthesizers and pure arpeggios curled up around the organic beats spiraling to infinity. ‘House of Melancholy’ is a party, an ode to music which unites body and soul. Acid Washed welcome you to the party.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1. Heartbeat Maker
                            2. Fire N’ Rain
                            3. Golem’s Dance
                            4. Prince Acid
                            5. For Your Eyes Only
                            6. Gasoline
                            7. Hello Universe
                            8. Celestial Choirs Of Barbès
                            9. Nautilus
                            10. House Of Melancholy



                              With ‘Nightcall’ used on the Drive soundtrack, the buzz surrounding Kavinsky is massive. On the back of 30 million Youtube views for the track, Record Makers bring us his long-awaited debut album. The album features 13 tracks including eight previously unreleased cuts and some reworks. From the first notes, we can hear Paul Hahn (manager of Daft Punk) recounting an introduction to the adventures of Kavinsky. Warm and electric, ‘Blizzard’ makes its entrance and sets the tone before allowing ‘Protovision’ to take its place, which with its nervous and synthetic melody was the first excerpt of ‘Outrun’. Next we get ‘Odd Look’, the first vocal song on the record, which unveils a mysterious funky voice reminiscent of Marvin Gaye or Prince. It’s then ‘Rampage’‘s turn to take us with its menacing orchestral atmosphere; after what comes the persuasive beat of ‘Suburbia’ on which the notorious Havoc from Mobb Deep lends his mic skills. The upgraded version of ‘Testarossa Autodrive’ confirms the efficiency of this unstoppable melody. Big hitter ‘Nightcall’ is next, produced by Guy-Manuel from Daft Punk and featuring Lovefoxxx from CSS. ‘Dead Cruiser’ arrives all muscled yet melancholic, followed by ‘Grand Canyon’ which takes us with its electric ritournelle. The voice of Tyson, the new electro-funk revelation from the UK, transforms the instrumental ‘First Blood’ into a cut with genuine hit potential. The rhythmic and melodious ‘Road Game’ leads us to ‘Endless’, which gently closes this long-awaited debut along with narrated epilogue by Paul Hahn again.

                              TRACK LISTING

                              A1: Prelude
                              A2: Blizzard
                              A3: ProtoVision
                              A4: Odd Look
                              A5: Rampage
                              A6: Suburbia
                              A7: Testarossa Autodrive
                              B1: Nightcall
                              B2: Deadcruiser
                              B3: Grand Canyon
                              B4: First Blood
                              B5: Roadgame
                              B6: Endless

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                              Fri 5th - 4:00
                              Brand new banner up today from @kokorokomusic to celebrate the release of their debut album, ‘Could We Be More’ out…
                              Fri 5th - 1:39
                              Happy New Music Friday everyone. Some great new records and reissues out today. Here until 6pm today.…
                              Fri 5th - 10:29
                              #throwbackthursday One of the original plastic bags from when the shop was at Piccadilly Plaza (original location)…
                              Thu 4th - 5:05
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