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MAI 68

Chemistry Lane

Mirrored Wall / El Acusador

Chemistry Lane debuting on cult label Mai 68 (formed by the band of same name...).

"Mirrored Wall" exudes the kinda funky, electronic disco that Phenominal Hand Clap Band, Gramme and Crazy P all count as their bread and butter. The vocals in this instance are much more yearning, leaning themselves to a nocturnal indie-dancefloor swaying with youthful abandon.

"El Acusador" on the flip combines alluring, eastern scales, tight n funky live drums and plenty of analogue swells and SFX. It's picturesque, evocative and immits a kind of rigid, urban futurism that bands like Interpol and more recently Drahla both do. I like it! 



A. Mirrored Wall
B. El Acusador

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