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Monster Magnet

Test Patterns Vol. 1

    Born from the Red Bank of New Jersey, the early days of Monster Magnet were a cosmos away from the major-label, alternative rock boom that would suck the band into the shiny MTV world of the early to middle 90s. Originally formed by Dave Wyndorf, John McBain and Tim Cronin, Monster Magnet lysergic oozed into the world in 1989 with two demo tapes – ‘Forget About Life, I’m High On Dope’ and ‘I’m Stoned, What Ya Gonna Do About It?’ – making it perfectly clear from the start where they were coming from. This was a band revelling in bad trips and the death of the hippy dream with a Manson Family stare, playing squelchy lo-fi psychedelic music with a rabid punk rock sneer, like The Stooges terrorising Hawkwind at the most unpleasant free festival imaginable. There were tales of entire audiences at their gigs being spiked with LSD. It didn’t matter if this was true or not, it all added to the mystique. This was indeed a satanic drug thing, you wouldn’t understand.

    Those two demos formed the base of what would become their pivotal ‘Spine Of God’ album from 1991 and the ’25…Tab’ EP, which featured the mesmerising 32-minute opus itself, ‘Tab’.

    Long considered to be the true essence of Magnet’s early psychedelic voyages, ‘Tab’ is finally returning to earth’s stratosphere with the release of ‘Test Patterns: Vol.1’,

    ‘Test Patterns: Vol. 1’ features a 2021 remix of ‘Tab’ by John McBain, alongside the original demo, recorded in 1988 and then released on the aforementioned ‘Forget About Life, I’m High On Dope’ in 1989.

    “When Magnet started, John and I worked in record stores in Red Bank and Dave worked in the comic bookstore and we made a lot of tapes for each other,” recalls Tim Cronin. “A lot of ‘check this shit out’ kind of stuff…Hawkwind, early UFO, Amon Duul, Can, Skullflower, Morgen, Loop, Crystalized Movements, early Alice Cooper, Walking Seeds, Butthole Surfers, Spacemen 3. When we recorded the first demo and got to TAB, we just beat the shit out of it until it became heavy, noisy, weird, mean and either too long or not long enough, depending on your mood. Everything we wanted in a song (at least everything I wanted in a song), punishingly psychedelic. Jersey Shore krautrock.”


    Tab (2021 Remix)
    Tab (original Demo, Recorded In 1988 & Released On 1989's ‘forget About Life, I’m High On Dope’)

    Monster Magnet

    Monolithic Baby! (Re-Issue)

      2004 saw the release of Monster Magnet’s sixth studio album Monolithic Baby, the follow-up to 2000’s “God Says No”, which cemented the Red Bank, NJ rockers in the world of space rock and roll. This 14-track journey of masterful hard rock features 11 ripping originals and three cover songs recorded in true classic Magnet style, including covers of The Velvet Underground, David Gilmour and Robert Calvert. Monolithic Baby is being reissued on August 19th via Napalm Records on orange vinyl with white and black splatter, as well as in a limited glow in the dark vinyl variant! Don’t miss the album Ultimate Classic Rock calls “a revitalized, fire-breathing Monster Magnet” and All Music calls “another collection of undeniably Wyndorfian tunes.”


      1. Slut Machine
      2. Supercruel
      3. On The Verge
      4. Unbroken (Hotel Baby)
      5. Radiation Day
      6. Monolithic
      7. The Right Stuff
      8. There's No Way Out Of Here
      9. Master Of Light
      10. Too Bad
      11. Ultimate Everything
      12. CNN War Theme

      Monster Magnet

      4 Way Diablo - 2022 Reissue

        Recorded in four different studios (Sound City Studios, American Studios, The Sunset Lodge and Hydeaway Studios) throughout 2006-2007, 4-Way Diablo is the seventh offering from legendary riff masters Monster Magnet. Featuring rippers such as “Wall of Fire,” “You’re Alive,” and a cover of an obscure Rolling Stones song “2000 Lightyears From Home,” 4-Way Diablo is a true gem in the Monster Magnet catalog. The album is being reissued on August 19th via Napalm Records on white vinyl with gold and black splatter, as well in a limited, special glow in the dark vinyl variant! Don’t sleep on an album Blabbermouth called: “A mix of MAGNET styles old and new, it still bears the unmistakable stamp of one of stoner rock’s most identifiable and unique voices.”

        Monster Magnet

        A Better Dystopia

          Monster Magnet's A Better Dystopia dominates with a psychotic selection of proto-metal and psych-rock obscurities! "Take a trip inside the mind of psychedelic rock legend Dave Wyndorf with Monster Magnet's A Better Dystopia – a delightfully psychotic selection of proto-metal and late-era psych songs that fit the band like a glove! With wonderfully obscure song choices and excellent sequencing, the mighty Magnet pay homage to some of their favorite songs of all time, crafting another exciting and unique listening experience alike what they’ve become famous for. While the album marks a new frontier for Monster Magnet as their first covers record, this is not your typical set of standards released to pass time. Wyndorf is at the top of his game on A Better Dystopia – howling, crooning, speaking… whatever it takes to get the emotional message of these very special tunes across, delivering each lyric in his own inimitable style. Musicians Phil Caivano, Bob Pantela, Garrett Sweeney and Alec Morton own the sound on A Better Dystopia – vintage and old school, dense and heavy, with searing fuzz leads and pounding bass and drums all played in a deft style that's almost been lost in modern music..


          1. The Diamond Mine
          2. Born To Go
          3. Epitaph For A Head
          4. Solid Gold Hell
          5. Be Forewarned
          6. Mr. Destroyer
          7. When The Wolf Sits
          8. Death
          9. Situation
          10. It’s Trash
          11. Motorcycle
          12. Learning To Die
          13. Welcome To The Void

          Tarquin Manek

          Tarquin Magnet

            A unique synthesis of time-dilating folk-jazz romanticism, brittle chamber dub and plasmic post-techno electronics, "Tarquin Magnet" is Australian artist Tarquin Manek’s first full solo release on Blackest Ever Black, but by no means his first contribution to the label: he is one half of Tarcar (with Carla dal Forno) and a member of F ingers (with dal Forno and Sam Karmel), while his track "Not Missing You" features on the BEB compilation "I Can’t Give You The Life You Want". Manek has been busy elsewhere, too: he released "Th Duo", an LP made under his LST alias, on Another Dark Age earlier this year. The disturbed and enchanted environments of "Tarquin Magnet" are the result of improvisation, domestic field recording and fastidious editing; for all its rough textures and strange juxtapositions, this is masterfully mixed and arranged music, its deep spatial dynamics and higher dub logic powerfully apparent. 

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Sassafras Gesundheit
            2. Fortunes Past
            3. Fortunes Begun
            4. Perfect Scorn
            5. Blackest Frypan

            Fusing garage rock, progressive rock, heavy metal, punk and psychedelia – Last Patrol is Monster Magnet’s tenth studio album following 2010's 'Mastermind' and a testament to everything they stand for. In addition to musical influences, the band has always been inspired by comic book, science fiction, horror movies, and B-movies by filmmakers such as Roger Gorman and Russ Myer.

            “Last Patrol is a return to our roots in terms of vibe and recording style. It’s full-on psychedelic space-rock with a 60’s garage feel, recorded almost exclusively with vintage guitars, amps and effects in our hometown of Red Bank, NJ. The songs are a kind of Space-Noir, tales of cosmic revenge, peaking libidos, alienation and epic strangeness."

            "It’s a weird trip through the back alleys of a dark, retro-future, which not by coincidence very much resembles my own life. (laughs) The lyrics aren’t fantasy really, rather a recounting of my musings on, observations of and general emotional reaction to my life and environment during a 1 week writing period in February of 2013. But I tend to use the vernacular and imagery of science fiction and surrealism to express myself and that’s where these lyrics get trippy. There's also our cover version of Donovan’s “Three Kingfishers” which I thought fit the mood of the album.” - Dave Wyndorf.

            FOR FANS OF: Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Led Zeppelin, Queens Of The Stone Age, Alice In Chains

            Produced by Monster Magnet themselves, Dave Wyndorf & Phil Caivano, Mixed by Evil Joe Barresi (Kyuss, Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Coheed And Cambria) and includes additional production by Matt Hyde (who worked on 'Powertrip')

            TRACK LISTING

            1. I Live Behind The Clouds
            2. Last Patrol
            3. Three Kingfishers
            4. Paradise
            5. Hallelujah
            6. Mindless Ones
            7. The Duke (Of Supernature)
            8. End Of Time
            9. Stay Tuned
            10. Strobe Light Beatdown (CD Bonus Track)
            11. One Dead Moon (CD Bonus Track)

            Owen Tromans

            Hope Is A Magnet

              Backed by his touring band, The Elders, this is a record full of soaring melody while lyrical themes blur the everyday and the cosmic. The garage band thud of "Light It Up" with its call to celebration sits alongside the aching pedal steel of "The Last Word On The Sunshine Girls" and closer "Pinball", which provides a feedback and brass coda.


              On Your Side

                God this is absolutely...lovely. Acoustic guitars, a sweet soft, dreamy voice, but, sorry to be muso, it's the production that gets you. There's swirls, echoes, space and light atmospherics, Moogs and Mellotrons, disturbance and dubbiness. It all washes around the glowing gorgeous songs of Even Johansen. The sleeve is lush and enhances the magical effect. The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan does the strings. I know little else about this supremely talented Scandinavian. If you like Jeff Buckley, Air, Radiohead or Elbow you're in for a treat. It could be your surprise album of the year!

                Jerk Magnet

                Seven Minutes In Heaven

                  Having already taken over the NY punk community Jerk Magnet release this great debut, sounding like a cross between New Found Glory and Sum 41 but with more energy and bite. These young guys could go the distance, they're certainly contenders.

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