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Second installment of Kerri's "Finger Printz" EP. Originally released in 1998 on his own Madhouse records. Four tracks that would go on to further cement the KC sound and become underground classics in their own right. Throughout the EP we see Kerri's unrivalled and highly skilled beat programming really come into its own; each track, bites, kicks and bumps in all the right places! The unrelenting, fast paced grooves are also worth a mention as the New Jersey influence runs true throughout. Plenty of swagger, booming kicks drums and, on "Up And Away", a ridiculously soulful, powerful vocal part further embellished with vibing brass section. Personally, this is one of my favourite KC records, its effortless but direct; arresting but sincere and unforced. Its 100%, unadulterated Kerri Chandler, through and through. Remastered and reissued with full involvement of Kerri and Madhouse. 

Tony Lionni

Just A Little More

    Three years after his debut album, Berlin based but British born producer Tony Lionni is to release his second album, Just A Little More.

    Lionni's career dates back to the middle of the last decade, but he has continually served up classic house cuts on labels like Keith Worthy's Aesthetic Audio, German techno stable Ostgut Ton and Freerange records. His sound veers from deep and moody techno to more uplifting and piano laced house and that production range and dexterity is something that again characterises all 13 tracks of his exceptional new album.

    One single from the album has already been heard on plenty of dancefloors after Kerri Chandler first aired it on Radio 1 back in early 2013. That sultry single is 'Take Me With You' featuring Rachel Fraser and is one of a few collaborations. Others include the organic deep house and rippling chords of 'Time Stands Still' featuring seminal Chicago house vocalist Robert Owens, whilst the elastic beats and twinkly melodies of 'Do You Believe' features talented Manchester vocalist Maria Marcial.

    Elsewhere on the album Lionni explores hugely musical house sounds with lush sweeping strings on 'Black Orchid', jazz tinged and chord laced atmospheres on the mid-tempo delight that is 'Lost Souls' and more driven beats on tracks like 'When 2 R In Love'.

    Of course as well as offering plenty of great material for DJs, this is an album so musical and carefully thought out it also works on headphones and at home. This is an album that makes you feel good without resorting to the usual tired tropes, and retains plenty of class from start to finish.

    Few people are making house music as emotionally honest and artistically accomplished as this nowadays, but once again Lionni proves he is a master of his form.

    Various Artists

    Kerri Chandler - A Basement, A Red Light And A Feelin' Vol.2

      New York's DJ / producer Kerri Chandler brings us this tasty selection of garage grooves. Includes Arnold Jarvis, Isis, Fingerprintz etc, and tracks by the man himself. Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering, HE invented the 'basement, redlight, feelin'' phrase.


      2xCD Info: Includes mixed and un-mixed versions.

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