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Macadam man Sacha Mambo turns on the red light, fills up the smoke machine and gets very weird with the second instalment of his Danzas Electricas compilation. Where the first volume saw a who's who of deranged diggers firing a wealth of obscure obscenities through the mangle, delivering a double pack+ of edit action, this new collection presents only artists from nowadays and takes distance from the edits to push original and weird electronic music of close artists friends from Dresden, Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, Lyon and Hamburg. Some of them are already relatives of Macadam Mambo : Konsistent, Wosto, Heninspace Eva Geist or Sacha himself and it introduces new acts : Ekstern (Nixxon & Spacelex), Service, Houschyard or Sauerstofff to present a good mixture of kraut, punk and industrial tracks, which never get lost in the dark.


Patrick says: Uncompromising weirdshit here as Sasha Mambo invites his nearest and dearest to dive headlong into the dark wired sound. Opting for originals rather than edits, this is the perfect soundtrack for the witching hour.

Fresher than an Outlaw's margarita, bendy like a banana and sleazier than Holbeck Lane, Leeds Zmatsutsi level up from the singles bar into the tantric world of the long player. Joining the ranks of longterm party pals Macadam Mambo, Joe, Heidi and Tim, translate a lifetime of late nights, leftfield selections and loose-limbed moves into "Hooked Up" - a five tracker of freaky disco and eyeball licking fun.
The dominatrix is wide awake on opening cut "Slip Side" as Heidi gets nice and Cosey inside a slow and low machine groove pulled from the very heart of a K-hole. Fizzing with animal intensity and voodoo funk, this one keeps you dancing while the anaesthesic takes over. The dark wired wonder continues on "Endless Pavments", a deep black hit of bass sequence whose kosmische keys charters a night flight from Leeds Bradford to Flughafen Düsseldorf, just in time to catch last orders at Salon. Next up, the titular "Hooked Up" absolutely slays with a Bobby O bassline, slo-mo Italo chug and cocaine disco guitars, the beats bringing maximum energy and minimal tempo while Heidi and Dalek Heidi give the heavy breathers and peeping Toms a piece of their mind. "Keep An Eye" dials down the intensity a little after the full pump of the B1, Zmatsutsi opting instead to hook us on a hypnotic blend of mystic leadlines, fractal sequences and Sonoran guitar. Our rave renegades sign off with the grind and groove of "Neon Lights" a murky minimal wave meets fuck-funk wrong'un which filters about 40 years of fringe dance floor brilliance through the medicated minds of Leeds' finest. 


Patrick says: You lift a floorboard in your new house and find a VHS of unknown origin. Slipping it into your Philips you find an alternate reality recording of TOTP '84 which features a purple thonged Prince getting spanked by Cosey Fanni Tutti, Patrick Cowley live soundtracking a giantess pegging special and Baldelli serving coke in a gimp mask. This is so far up my strasse it's hitting my prostate...

Lyon institution Macadam Mambo continue to carve their own path through the audio ocean, proudly pushing a penchant for those odd sounds found in the musical fringes. Metal dance, unhinged acid, sci-fi synth or NDW grunge, you name it, they've done it. Now they introduce the new Ambient / Krautrock / Weirdo / Crétin project by one half of hometown heroes The Pilotwings, Louis E Bola. Teaming up with with musicians Geddes Hadden, Arthur Tempo, Akino Karma, Sound Of Duty Free & Pierre Mortimer-Dubation, E Bola treats us to an infectious blend of  Christian Morin's "Aquarella" and Conrad Schnitzler, strolling from gentle moments of mallet-fuelled calm through vocoded drone paranoia to arrive at the waveform euphoria of digital epiphany.


Patrick says: Killer French kosmische with a hint of the new age from new group Eiger Drums Propaganda. Boasting one half of the Pilotwings alongside a crack team of musical madheads, this 5D trip is another essential from the Macadam Mambo crew.

Those freaky French folks at Macadam Mambo serve up something special for their second release of 2017, inviting a crowd of friends and family to offer their own take on some lesser known new/neue/nouvelle/no wave winners. United under Sacha's 'metallic vibe', the weird and wired collection of post-punk, synth-pop and experimental oddities get twisted and tripped into dark dance-floor creepers for the Metal Dance / Pudel / Salon crowds. Whether you do der mussolini or dance the Adolf Hitler, this collection of ring modulated basslines, snapping drum machines, serrated synthery and monotone vocals should have you dancing like the mashed meccano man at the start of the Lowdown! 


Patrick says: Macadam Mambo enlist an all star line up for a double LP + bonus 7" set of weird 'wave' edits. Joining the dots between Gigolo's New Deutsch, Trevor Jackson's Metal Dance and Bahnsteig 23's reign of club craziness. Ace!


2xLP Info: Plus Bonus 7"

Fresh from the metallic stomp of the "Danzas Electricas" double pack (on its way back in soon, folks), Macadam Mambo team up with their friends and fellow freaks at Simple Music Experience for a snarling survey of contemporary France's electronic underground. Originally given a cassette release (SM05) by the Bordeaux/Marseille label in 2016, this 17 track set powers through industrial, synth-pop, jakbeat and post punk, keeping things experimental and electrified. We're in scuzzy synthwave territories on Alex Larsen's opener, before Alfa Suspiria harness the gloomy electronics of the So Young, So Cold comp. Violent Quand On Aime, Lostsoundbytes and Le Matin adopt the Tolouse Low Trax style of industrial funk before the varied B-side sees Mr. Crane, Svezia Inferno and Panoptique tackle post punk, darkroom industrial and rain-soaked ambience respectively. On the C-side HÉLAS! get all Bauhaus, United Assholes (what a name) buzz through eastern synth tones and Panoptique delivers a definite standout with the concentric weirdness of "Inutiles Abats" before the exceptional Simplists take over the turntable to take us home with three of the last five tracks. I'd suggest you take a hit of Sasha Mambo's madcapped edit of "Workforce" or the brilliantly titled "Trigger Of Hell" if you like it slow and low...


Patrick says: Macadam Mambo serve up their second double pack in as many months with this vinyl version of Simple Music's 2016 cassette. Bristling with electricity, punk attitude and lo-fi power this is the perfect companion piece to Danzas Electricas. All hailz the dark wired sovnd!

Macadam Mambo put pay to any misty memories of the season of goodwill with their first release of 2017, a very special EP of radical dance music by the German band The Blech revisited by Hamburg's Wosto. Working industriously and industrially between 1985 and 1996, The Blech released 6 fizzing LPs of the dark wired sound. These cult recordings have become a treasure-trove of extravagant, groovy dancefloor artistry, at once hypnotic, irritating and erotic. Here, Hamburg's Wosto (one half of Fallbeil) selects two tracks from 1987's "Zip Zip" LP, "Nichts Wie Vorher" and "Zip Zip", and "Die Einame Trane" from 1989's "Ich Wollte Meine Schuhe Zerschneiden", and transforms them into bristling metal dance cuts. "Die Einsame Trane" dives off at the NDW deep-end in search of rusty industrial wreckage. Churning bass, squealing horrorscore synth-strings and guttural vocals set a queasy tone, occasionally punctured by brief outbursts of metallic percussion. The steady intro of "Nichts Wie Vorher" grows from post punk dirge into a weird and warped mutant disco cut, alive with undead orchestral samples, snapping drum rolls and arabesque vocals. It's already an unhinged winner, but you'll be punching the ceiling and stomping like a berserker when Wosto drops the 303! The B-side belongs to Wosto's "Power Dance Mix" of "Zip Zip", a teutonic technoid slammer which sees tough beats punctuated by cut and paste sampler work, yelped German vocals and dreamy synth work. If Yello had pursued a career in the scuzzy world of the new beat underground, then this would be their "Oh Yeah". All hailz the Dark Wired Sound...


Patrick says: Hamburg's Wosto gets 2017 underway for Macadam Mambo with three dark dancefloor treatments of NDW heroes The Blech.

Macadam Mambo kick off their much anticipated 7 inch series with 2 crazy acid house / electro tracks by Japan’s new comer Jin Cromanyon. "PZ" is truly out-there stuff and should appeal to anyone who's dug the Arabic and eastern influence on house and techno this year - fans of Acid Arab, Ahmed Fakroun, Highlife etc need to pay attention! "Pulse Beat" is just as incendiary; old skool synth lines converging on a dusty proto-house beat before another heavily eastern phrased vocal is layered over the top. Both tracks scream of hedonistic revelry when you'v got the dancefloor just where you want them and can experiment with out there sounds. Rémy Mattei, who previously made the artwork for Ultima Sensazione last year, is back with another demented drawing. Limited to 350 copies, I get the feeling this is gonna be somewhat of an underground smash. Don't sleep! 

Macadam Mambo swap the edits for the originals with another hot drop on their Trax offshoot, inviting relatively unknown trio, The Farmers, Konsnix and Heninspace to freak us the fuck out. The Farmers kick the set off with "Toss Your Salat", an odd fish which grows out of wintery dubby ambience into a thudding and chugging new beat number driven by distorto bass and crunchy drum machines. Slightly druggy and entirely deranged, this isn't the kind of track you bring home to meet your mum. We remain in European mode on the flip as Sacha Mambo tweats Konsnix' "70A-1" into an NDW / Belgian new beat banger with gloomy basswork, doomy synths and sampled vocals which sound like a distant public announcement. If you railed a rackload of ket off a knackered copy of Logic System's "Unit", then this is probably what the resulting K-hole would sound like (lazy drug cliche alert!). Last but not least we're rocking to the slow and sludgy drum box and bass of Heninspace's "Humla", a slow mo cosmic stomper repping every notch on the resonance dial. If you're looking for A Love From Outer Space and have a healthy collection of Porn Wax under your bed, this one's for you. 

After popping up alongside best buddy Guillaume des Bois on Passport To Paradise this week, Sacha Mambo returns to the homestead with his first solo EP of edit eccentricity. Pushing aside the voodoo dolls and pentagrams, Sasha digs deep into his private collection, handpicking a quartet of devilish dancefloor edits, primed to work their black magic on you. The dark disco begins with "The Devil Dance", a campy, vampy slice of Germanic disco, alive with dramatic strings, wah guitar and killer synth solos and topped off with some blood curdling vocals. The tempo drops completely for the dense and dubby coldwave of "Cultura Ghost", a weird and warped transmission from the furthest reaches of the spirit realm, or at least 80s Milan. Heartbeat paced drum machines, squirming bass sequences and swelling synths should have the whole room swaying through deep sedation. We sprint across Europe for B-side opener "Mitt Liv", a brilliant bit of Scandi new wave right out of the Wildlife stocklist. I can only imagine Duran Duran once played a blinding set in Stockholm, and this leisure-suited sensation emerged from the resultant euphoria. Sacha brings the curtain down with the dark and deranged italo of "The Fake", a slow motion stomper perfect for deployment in the witching hour. Four fresh cuts for the eyeshadow crew - get inovolved.

France's Macadam Mambo top off an exceptional year with arguable their most ambitious release yet. "Be In Sync" is the result of a long distance collaboration between the excellent Andrea Noce and legendary David Kristian carried out during 2013. The duo arranged basic guidelines of style, tempo and structure for each track, then begin to fire loops and compositions across continents, aiming to create a new track in 36 hours. The result is a three track Mini-LP of progressive synthesis, electronic experimentation and deep and hypnotic frequencies in line with Innovative Communication or Editions EG. "Be In Sync" opens the LP with a sense of drama and urgency, as an insistent 80s bass sequence cuts through squeeling drones, cosmic leadlines and electronic percussion, referencing Robert Schroder as well as Goblin. "So Far So Good" offers a change of tack, veering into Balearic waters via new age pads, bright harp, trippy vocoder and crashing waves. Over on the flipside, "Sleepiness Scale" hypnotises us completely with metallic polyrhythms, deep drones and sprawling sci fi synthlines. By the latter stages your consciousness has left your body behind entirely and is happily bathing in the collective energy pool. This record is completely intemporal, made for the past, the present, the future, with marvelous atmospheric and space sounds, escape from your body and synchronise.

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