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How Did You Find Me?

    Theo Delaunay aka Panoptique aka Constance Chlore releases his first solo album on Macadam Mambo. Head of the Simple Music Experience label (dedicated to releasing punk experiments on tape), member of Violent Quand On Aime, Succhiamo, Simplists, Ono Omen and United Assholes, he had previously been part of the “Danzas Electricas” volumes 1 and 3, released a little single in 2019 and curated the “Simple Music Experience Vol.2” compilation. Panoptique sticks to what he knows best, to present his stories, singing spoken words, gogolitos deliriums, whispers and rough voices on minimal synth wave ballads or Drexciyanesque electro bangers. It’s scuzzy, DIY, maverick sometimes gritty sometimes groove. Special mention to his guest : Fiesta En El Vacio, for her ‘caliente’ featuring on “Menta Y Regaliz”.

    Perfectly suited to the label’s ethos and a treasure for DIY electronix, minimal wave and electro-punk occultists! Check! 


    A1. La Colonie Penitentiaire
    A2. Slippery
    A3. Sable
    A4. How Did You Find Me
    A5. Menta Y Regaliz (Featuring Fiesta En El Vacio)
    B1. Rice & Beans
    B2. My Desire
    B3. Sulpice
    B4. Sub RDV
    B5. Look At The Stars (Shoot A Drone, Man) 

    Fresh from the metallic stomp of the "Danzas Electricas" double pack (on its way back in soon, folks), Macadam Mambo team up with their friends and fellow freaks at Simple Music Experience for a snarling survey of contemporary France's electronic underground. Originally given a cassette release (SM05) by the Bordeaux/Marseille label in 2016, this 17 track set powers through industrial, synth-pop, jakbeat and post punk, keeping things experimental and electrified. We're in scuzzy synthwave territories on Alex Larsen's opener, before Alfa Suspiria harness the gloomy electronics of the So Young, So Cold comp. Violent Quand On Aime, Lostsoundbytes and Le Matin adopt the Tolouse Low Trax style of industrial funk before the varied B-side sees Mr. Crane, Svezia Inferno and Panoptique tackle post punk, darkroom industrial and rain-soaked ambience respectively. On the C-side HÉLAS! get all Bauhaus, United Assholes (what a name) buzz through eastern synth tones and Panoptique delivers a definite standout with the concentric weirdness of "Inutiles Abats" before the exceptional Simplists take over the turntable to take us home with three of the last five tracks. I'd suggest you take a hit of Sasha Mambo's madcapped edit of "Workforce" or the brilliantly titled "Trigger Of Hell" if you like it slow and low...


    Patrick says: Macadam Mambo serve up their second double pack in as many months with this vinyl version of Simple Music's 2016 cassette. Bristling with electricity, punk attitude and lo-fi power this is the perfect companion piece to Danzas Electricas. All hailz the dark wired sovnd!


    A1. Axel Larsen - Thème 1
    A2. Alfa Suspiria - Obsession
    A3. Violent Quand On Aime - Sheraton
    A4. Lostsoundbytes - Disacordedd (Short)
    A5. Le Matin - Gone Ego
    B1. Mr. Crane - Le Temps (Extended)
    B2. Svezia Inferno - Armabianca
    B3. Panoptique - Alright
    C1. HÉLAS! - Reaching The Top
    C2. United Assholes - Untitled
    C3. Panoptique - Inutiles Abats
    C4. Radiante Pourpre - Untitled
    C5. Simplists - Antenne De Satlingrad
    C6. Futeisha - Dannato
    D1. Simplists - Workforce (SM Edit)
    D2. Simplists - Trigger Of Hell
    D3. Tamara Goukassova - La Collision Des Mondes

    Macadam Mambo put pay to any misty memories of the season of goodwill with their first release of 2017, a very special EP of radical dance music by the German band The Blech revisited by Hamburg's Wosto. Working industriously and industrially between 1985 and 1996, The Blech released 6 fizzing LPs of the dark wired sound. These cult recordings have become a treasure-trove of extravagant, groovy dancefloor artistry, at once hypnotic, irritating and erotic. Here, Hamburg's Wosto (one half of Fallbeil) selects two tracks from 1987's "Zip Zip" LP, "Nichts Wie Vorher" and "Zip Zip", and "Die Einame Trane" from 1989's "Ich Wollte Meine Schuhe Zerschneiden", and transforms them into bristling metal dance cuts. "Die Einsame Trane" dives off at the NDW deep-end in search of rusty industrial wreckage. Churning bass, squealing horrorscore synth-strings and guttural vocals set a queasy tone, occasionally punctured by brief outbursts of metallic percussion. The steady intro of "Nichts Wie Vorher" grows from post punk dirge into a weird and warped mutant disco cut, alive with undead orchestral samples, snapping drum rolls and arabesque vocals. It's already an unhinged winner, but you'll be punching the ceiling and stomping like a berserker when Wosto drops the 303! The B-side belongs to Wosto's "Power Dance Mix" of "Zip Zip", a teutonic technoid slammer which sees tough beats punctuated by cut and paste sampler work, yelped German vocals and dreamy synth work. If Yello had pursued a career in the scuzzy world of the new beat underground, then this would be their "Oh Yeah". All hailz the Dark Wired Sound...


    A1. Die Einsame Trane (Wosto Edit) 5 :56
    A2. Nichts Wie Vorher (Wosto RMX) 8 :29
    B. Zip Zip (Wosto’s Power Dance Mix) 8 :23

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