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End Of Your Era

    MNEA are a collective of artists based across the U.K collaborating remotely to produce their take on Hip Hop in 2023. End of Your Era is a nostalgic tale, a tale of what inspires us, what changes as we grow and what shapes us to be who we are.

    Set to infectious head-nod production by Conbel Evrence with co-production from Dweller, the beat sits on a soulful piano loop that sets the scene for vocals from Northern duo SimpleSamples laced with the precision cuts of DJ Simon C.

    The flip side holds an uber summery remix from the one and only French powerhouse of Hip Hop production Djar One. Breezing on a West Coast feel with a pumped-up snare drum and simple synth notes punctuating the melodic loop underneath them.


    Barry says: A superb duo of production from MCR / UK based collective MNEA. Classic cuts and deep vocals are offset with a superb remix on the flipside. Superb modern hip-hop.


    1. End Of Your Era 04:07 
    2. End Of Your Era (Djar One Remix) 03:32

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