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Motor City Drum Ensemble

Raw Cuts Remixes - Marcellus Pittman / Mike Huckaby / Recloose Remixes

Back in the heady days of 2008/09 (was it really that long ago?) Danilo Plessow, AKA Motor City Drum Ensemble dominated clubs worldwide with a series of killer cuts called "Raw Cuts". Drawing inspiration in equal parts from jazz, soul and disco, as well as those Detroit house cats we all love so dear, Plessow quickly landed on a singature sound of  raw, emotional and mature sample-based tracks. Now Danilo takes the project to its natural conclusion by inviting some of the people who inspired him to make music in the first place to rework his modern house classics. First up is 3 Chairs firestarter Marcellus Pittman, who offers a rattling and rugged Detroit groove stitched together from a combiantion of samples from all across the Raw Cuts series. Rather than this resulting in a mega mix homage to MCDE, Pittman's trademark playful rhythms and warm soul bursts through to create a track that's MCDE to the power MP. Class. Next up, the legendary Mike Huckaby ups the pace a little and creates his own sample house screamer featuring snatches of Plessow's originals. The keen eared listener might spot a drum break here, a hi hat there, and the ever present keyboard, but this is very much Huckaby's own creation. And it's got a killer bassline, so don't wait. Lastly, deplaced Detroiter Recloose offers his take on the series, delivering one of his trademark emotive and transportive house jams rich with swooning strings and funky keys. Not only does this 12" feature three readymade club weapons, it shows an interesting and innovative apporach to the concept of the remix EP. Essential tackle G. 

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Raw Cuts # 1 & 2

Motor City Drum Ensemble are back in style on this mystery 12" that just popped up yesterday. "Raw Cuts #1" is a brilliant example of a simple loop being exploited to its full potential, it's a pretty unrelenting groove, with brilliant kiddy style voices on repeat, tight beats and a bassline teased out of the bottom end of the loop, layer up some FX and you have a winner. Over on side-B "Raw Cuts #2" has a distinctly more disco flavour being a big old slab of live bass, congas and a sample of "Ooh This Feeling" by Frank Hooker & Positive People makes for a pretty ace nu disco outing.


12" Info: This massive club stormer gets a long overdue repress!

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