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Lunapark - 2023 Reissue

    Luna's 1992 debut (originally released under the short-lived band name Luna 2 for contractual reasons) got most of its press due to Dean Wareham's former position as leader of the critically adored Galaxie 500, but his new cohorts Justin Harwood (bass) and Stanley Demeski (drums) were fresh from stints in the Chills and the Feelies, respectively. A rarity among albums by this type of alt-rock supergroup, Lunapark sounds like an appealing conglomeration of some of the best aspects of all three participants' former bands.

    The album spawned two college radio hits, the deliciously depressive 'Slide' (with its memorable opening line, 'You can never give the finger to the blind') and the jittery, propulsive 'Slash Your Tires,' but nearly all of the 12 songs have memorable guitar hooks, stick-in-your-head choruses, and a newfound sense of humor in Wareham's deadpan lyrics.

    Roma Di Luna

    We Were Made To Forgive

      Roma di Luna, the Minneapolis band fronted Channy Leaneagh of POLIÇA, are proud to announce their new album - “We Were Made to Forgive” – after an eight year hiatus. “We Were Made to Forgive” is out on April 6th on all digital platforms and physically on 8 June 2018 RDL Records. Roma Di Luna is Channy Leaneagh (lead vocals), Alexei Casselle (acoustic guitar), Ben Durrant (electric guitar), James Everest (bass), Ryan Lovan (drums), Jess Daley (backing vocals)

      Channy says of the record:

      “It has been quite a long time since our last one, and we certainly have a history- a quick Google search will enlighten you. But here we are, all the original members, releasing nine new songs into the world and for the first time on vinyl. The title is a clue I suppose, but when all is said and done we are all connected. When we’re all in a room together we laugh, play better, laugh some more, are better. We’ve all done a lot of different things musically since our last release, and you can hear some of that in this new one. But you’ll find that same voice, heart and soul in there”.

      Most of the albums was recorded at Sparta Sound in Sparta, Minnesota, by Rich Mattson, a couple by bandmember Ben Durrant at his Crazy Beast Studio in Minneapolis, and at the Train House in Maiden Rock, Wisconsin. The majority of the songs were mixed by Alex Proctor at April Base in Fall Creek WI, but a couple were by Ben Durrant.


      Side A:
      1. Estate Fair
      2. Made To Forgive
      3. Great Lies
      4. Remind Me
      5. Decorations Of Independence

      Side B:
      1. The Wire
      2. Wonder
      3. Crying
      4. Horse + Cart


      California Blue / Rock Yr Baby

        Feral Child, the on-off label that brought you vinyl only releases from Snails, Pete Astor, The New Lines and The Orange Alabaster Mushroom, returns with not one but two totally ace LUNA 45s, due for simultaneous release mid to late October 2017.

        Both containing covers, the first acts as a companion piece to the great “A Sentimental Education” LP, with the Orbison / Petty / Lynne penned A side; “California Blue” (from Roy Orbison’s hugely underrated 1989 “Mystery Girl” LP). A key, if cautionary, comment from Dean Wareham himself on this one: “It’s not possible to duplicate the great Roy Orbison; we decided to go away from the Jeff Lynne pop style of the original and try it more in the vein of Pavement’s “Range Life.””

        The flip features the bands’ cover of “Rock Yr Baby”; “"George McCrae’s disco classic is an important single. Written by Casey/Finch (of KC & the Sunshine band), it is one of the first disco hits to feature a drum machine. It has been in our live set for a while at the stroke of midnight but only if we are playing a show on New Year’s Eve.” (DW)
        This first single is released in an edition of 500 only.

        Fear Of Men


          Fear Of Men was born when Jess Weiss (vocal/guitar) had been writing and home recording ambient songs as soundtracks to short films and Daniel Falvey (guitar) attended an exhibition of her work. The two began swapping mix-tapes and started a project based on a shared love of melody and an eclectic mix of artists such as Grouper, Pixies and Daniel Johnston. After several sold-out 7"s on small UK labels, the band have recently announced their debut album, 'Loom', to be released this April. The first single 'Luna' is set for release as a flexi-zine - a 20 page booklet curated by the band accompanied by a 5" flexidisc with exclusive b-side 'Outrun Me'

          After years of writing and performing, Ava Luna has refined their doo-wop soul meets punk-as-fuck aesthetic into something bold and glaringly defiant in today's indie music landscape. Following the release of their critically lauded first proper full-length Ice Level, the band spent an intense 2-week period writing and recording in upstate New York. Unlike previous efforts that were meticulously mapped out, the songs that would become Electric Balloon were "…a family effort." according to frontman Carlos Hernandez. For the new album, former Columbia composition student Hernandez relinquished the reins a bit, opting for a more organic approach to writing the material for what would become Electric Balloon. In the wake of Ice Level, Ava Luna's sharp edges have melted away just enough, making it easier to connect with their no-wave grooves and soaring harmonies. Distilling everything from James Chance and ESG to contemporaries like Dirty Projectors and Of Montreal, Ava Luna have landed on an aggressively unique sound that still manages to be accessible.

          “…a beaming mix o f ice-cool vintage '80s no wave grooves and extra-lush three-part girl group harmonies …Ava Luna has in fectious, minimalist, ESG-style beats for days.” SPIN


          1. Daydream (2:34)
          2. Sear Roebuck M&Ms (3:03)
          3. Crown (4:50)
          4. Aquarium (2:16)
          5. Plain Speech (4:32)
          6. Electric Balloon (3:00)
          7. PRPL (3:49)
          8. Hold U (4:13)
          9. Judy (4:18)
          10. Genesee (3:40)
          11. Ab Ovo (4:17)



            Ex-Galaxie 500 mainman Dean Wareham returns with more mellow and brooding guitars on the Jetset label.

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