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This could be the anthem you are looking for. Here is the official Alan Dixon remix of Frank Bookers gospel-house anthem "Rise and Shine" that will tie any room together like Lebowskis carpet. The flip side has Alan Dixon s house stomper "What Cha Gonna Do" feat Meleke and a remix by Chief Lumberjack Marcel Vogel. Arriving jussst in time for festival season (thankyou pressing plants!) this is a cert for open-air decadence and revelry... ahh I can picture the features, glitter and facepaint now! All getting sweaty, sticky and sexy under this heliacal banger! Don't miss out gerrit bagged quick!

German via Amsterdam producer, occasional Ruf Kutz co-conspirator and general house music Casanova, Marcel Vogel drops a five track megalith of a twelve on his own Lumberjacks In Hell label!

"The Fuck The Bass Up" EP draws on a lot of different influences while sounding distinctly Vogel-esque thru and thru. Gospel, hip-hop, jazz and house all filter through this five tracker taking you on a journey through Vogel's record collection and exquisite mind.... Recommended!

Lumberjacks in Hell boss Marcel Vogel and Berlin based singer Khalil Anthony team up the second EP in the series, exploring together their version of soul, disco and house. "Dance The Blues Away" get's remixes by BB Boogie and Julien Dyne from New Zealand but it's the OG that kicks things off in funky, grooving form. Timpani, fat-ass bass and sloppy beatdown drums characterize the piece, while Funkadelic-esque whopps and chants emanate from the recesses of the mix - very good! BB Boogie slaps up the bass section, adding electric guitar and some phaze to the vox, basically just getting the whole thing pumpin that bit harder, for later in the session. Meanwhile on the B-side, Julien Dyne contribute both remix and dub, smothering the track in a celestial haze whilst making use of the infectious percussion littered throughout the track. It's a smooth ride on both versions but it's the dubbed out one that clinches it for me... Ace stuff all around, nice work team.

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