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Saint Petersburg habitant Pasha Mikheev aka Cable Toy drops some serotonin-flooding rave breaks here for Low Budget Family.

Former game soundtracks and ad music maker, he found himself attending dance parties more frequently in recent years, and eventually making dance music himself. After some time he started throwing parties at Tancploshadka club in Saint P, touring around Russia and quite often playing at Denis Simachev Shop & Bar, so it makes perfect sense that his first record appears on the affiliated label.

Kirill Ivanov, frontman of a Russian indie pop band SBP4, provides the only vocal snip on EP opener, "Doktorhaus" - a mainline acidic injection with classic 'jack' drums and killer B-line.

"Mc09 Jam" turns up the sfx generators for a lysergic trip into the mixing desk. Somewhere between an Idjut Boys' brain melter and a Ron Hardy sherm blast this is the one to confuse the dancefloor.

Two versions of "Boden" follow, the first featuring Lipelis which is a heavenly slice of paradisical house; somewhere between Andras Fox, Mood Hut and Telephones - all resplendent with that sun-reflecting-off-the-ocean sensibility.

"Boden Pt.2" is a peak-time banger with a vintage, 'Gat Decor'-type feel featuring a beautifully rubbery B-line and delish bleep and string sequences that take it right into coastal decadence and give it that proto, '88 Balearic flavour too. Proper. 

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