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Andy Ded was an English artist who living in Paris in the mid 80's. The only trace of his work is this EP called "Summer Nightmares and Lazy Dogs" mixing industrial music with a Post-punk attitude.

Notwithstanding a danceable appeal, the release did not gain access to an audience more attracted by the emerging french Cold Wave scene.

This reissue is accompanied by a mutant Tolouse Low Trax Rework featuring additionals lyrics and vocals. With the help of some friends (Laura Lippie and Gwen Jamois aka Iueke) he adds a deviant Laurie Anderson atmosphere to the original track.

Remastered and Limited to 300 copies.


A1. Summer Nightmares And Lazy Dogs
A2. Can Swim
B1. Summer Nightmares And Lazy Dogs (Tribal Mix)
B2. Summer Nightmares And Lazy Dogs (Tolouse Low Trax Rework)


Low Era / Smoke In Japan


    A - Low Era
    B - Smoke In Japan

    Low Hummer

    Modern Tricks For Living

      Low Hummer are a fast-rising six piece from Hull that write about their life in deepest darkest East Yorkshire and their place in a world of consumerism and bad news stories sold as gospel. Daniel, Aimee, Steph, Jack, John and Joe came together from the far corners of the city’s tight knit DIY community, established a regular rehearsal home in iconic DIY venue The New Adelphi Club and set about honing their righteous, danceable garage rock before announcing themselves in late 2019 and introducing the world to Low Hummer - this band of misfits from a town left behind.

      Low Hummer released their first fuzzed-up garage anthem ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’ in September 2019 on independent Leeds label Dance To The Radio, followed by second indie-punk single ‘I Choose Live News’ in October. Both singles earned the band support from the likes of Clash, Dork, Gigwise and BBC 6 Music as 6 Music Recommends Track of the Week and a feature on the Roundtable scoring the band a wining 9/10. Following single releases, ‘The Real Thing’, ‘Picture Bliss’ and ‘Sometimes I Wish (I Was A Different Person)’ were championed by Jack Saunders (Radio 1), Huw Stephens (Radio 1), Steve Lamacq (6 Music), Marc Riley (6 Music), Tom Robinson (6 Music), the Amazing Radio A list, NME, Gigwise and Under The Radar Magazine.

      Low Hummer have just released their first album single of 2021, ‘Never Enough’, supported by BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders and Gemma Bradley, added to Radio 1’s playlist as BBC Introducing’s Track Of The Week and playlisted on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK, Dreampop, melomania, Alt.Rocked and Hot New Bands (Cover Photo). The band look forward to announcing the release of their debut album Modern Tricks For Living, set for release on Dance To The Radio in September 2021.

      “Scuzzed out indie with lashings of synths, their post-punk leaning songwriting has a surreal pop instinct running through it” – Clash.

      “Brilliant new garage rock… classic garage rock sounds that join with post-punk fury.” – Gigwise.

      “Its really charming. Great.” Laura Snapes (The Guardian / Pitchfork - For 6 Music Roundtable).


      Side A
      Take Arms
      Don’t You Ever Sleep
      I Choose Live News
      Never Enough
      Sometimes I Wish (I Was A Different Person)

      Side B
      The Real Thing
      Human Behaviour
      I Tell You What
      The People, This Place

      The Oscillation

      Untold Futures

        The Oscillation’s continuing journey into the centre of the mind and beyond shows absolutely no signs of slowing down. Indeed, new album Untold Futures is less a consolidation of all that we’ve come to love and expect from the cosmic explorers and more a leap forward into an upcoming reality. Redefining the possibilities of altered states through audio stimulation, Untold Futures finds The Oscillation at their most daring and breathtaking.

        A multi-layered assault on the senses, this is an unexpurgated experience for the seasoned connoisseur and unspoiled novice alike. Its power is felt in the multi-layered dissonance and undying throb of Dilated Mind, the metaphysical possibilities that beat at the heart of metronomic pulses of Forever Knowing and the face-melting attack of The Inner Void. Heart Of Nowhere is a mantra for the profane, while the dissonant beauty of Obscured realises re-birth and resurrection.

        Revelatory in its brilliance and an intersection between the individual self and the collective unconscious, this is music to fuel the inner technology of the mind. So load up to the brim and give yourself up to Untold Futures. Veering between krautrock edginess, droning medicated tones and noise driven no wave fuzz, The Oscillation recalls the music of Neu! and Tangerine Dream and Loop interpreted with an eye on Pil’s dubbed out punk funk, Miles Davis’ experimentalism and Spacemen 3’s strung out blues rock.

        Beginning in 2007, when DC Recordings released the debut “Out Of Phase”, The Oscillation have released many albums and, both self released and with labels (Fuzz Club and Hands In The Dark and Cardinal Fuzz). Recent releases include the mutant kosmiche techno of “U.E.F”, the pounding and otherworldly “Wasted Space” from 2018 and the epic exploration of the inner landscapes with “Droneweapon”. Now The Oscillation return with a new face-biting album questioning our strange relationship with reality as “Untold Futures”.


        Untold Futures
        1 Dilated Mind
        2 Forever Knowing
        3 The Inner Void
        4 Heart Of Nowhere
        5 Obscured

        Ambient Version LP (DInked Edition)
        Obscured (ambient)
        The Inner Void (ambient)
        Dilated Mind (ambient)
        Heart Of Nowhere (ambient)

        The Underground Youth

        Low Slow Needle - Reissue

          To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, Fuzz Club Records are reissuing The Underground Youth’s 2011 ‘Low Slow Needle’ EP on 10” vinyl with remastered audio. ‘Low Slow Needle’s hauntingly minimal, neo-psychedelic melancholy provides a more lo-fi snapshot of the now-Berlin-based band’s earlier days – when The Underground Youth was more of a DIY solo endeavour for Blackpool-born musician Craig Dyer, as opposed to the much-adored, full-band, international touring force that it is now. Looking back on ‘Low Slow Needle’, Dyer said: “The EP was recorded in September 2011, I had just returned to the UK from St. Petersburg where Olya [now drummer in The Underground Youth] and I had just got married.

          Olya had to stay in Russia to finalise her paperwork before we would move into our first home together in Manchester. It was a difficult time, being apart after just getting married, and so I distracted myself by working on these songs that would become the Low Slow Needle EP. It was sort of my love letter to that period, looking back and also looking to the future. I worked closely with mine and Olya's friend in St. Petersburg, Daria Xenofontova, who gave her beautiful voice to my words and featured on three of the most popular songs on the EP, 'Midnight Lust', 'Addiction' and 'Blue'. These three songs still remain popular with our fans, who still request we play them live to this day.” When compared with the cinematic folk-noir heard on the band’s tenth album, the newly-released ‘The Falling’ (2021), what we find here captures a more stark and stripped-back The Underground Youth as the project was about to come out of its embryonic phase: “All five tracks were recorded in my bedroom and I really wanted to strip back the sound, to give a romantic feel of that period for me. To consider it 10 years on, it feels like the beginning to the next step of the journey, my life in Manchester with Olya, making contact with Casper at Fuzz Club and signing up with the label (this came just after the release of Low Slow Needle) and us putting together the first incarnation of TUY's live band (again this followed the release of the EP). So, in a way, this record marked the end of the first era of The Underground Youth, and in doing so, paved the way for the next.”


          1) Midnight Lust
          2) On Your Screen
          3) Addiction
          4) Blue
          5) Witchcraft


          Hey What

            Focusing on their craft, staying out of the fray, and holding fast their faith to find new ways to express the discord and delight of being alive, to turn the duality of existence into hymns we can share, Low present HEY WHAT. These ten pieces—each built around their own instantaneous, undeniable hook—are turbocharged by the vivid textures that surround them. The ineffable, familiar harmonies of Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker break through the chaos like a life raft. Layers of distorted sound accrete with each new verse - building, breaking, colossal then restrained, a solemn vow only whispered. There will be time to unravel and attribute meaning to the music and art of these times, but the creative moment looks FORWARD, with teeth.

            HEY WHAT is Low's thirteenth full-length release in twenty-seven years, and their third with producer BJ Burton.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: 'Hey What' follows on nicely from 'Double Negative', continuing the dedication to avant-noise drone tempered with the majestic vocal accompaniment of Parker and Sparhawk. This time they move the sound forwards with a clever and unique mixture of that shadowy drone and the more pop-focused melodies of their early work. Stunning.

            TRACK LISTING

            White Horses
            I Can Wait
            All Night
            Days Like These
            There's A Comma After Still
            Don't Walk Away
            The Price You Pay (It Must Be Wearing Off)

            Something special for the pill goths and gloom crew as Low Standard Deviation deliver some maximally dark and manic minimal wave on Bunker. A fine example of the Dark Wired Sound, this eight track outing is times slightly reminiscent of Siouxsie and the Banshees or Joy Division, though sung through old and charming, slightly dissonant 'Samba' melody lines in keeping with the artist's Brazilian heritage. Detuned guitars, fuzzy drum machines, distorted vocals and bloodless synth sound abound on this bedsit masterpiece.

            TRACK LISTING

            A1. Transformation
            A2. Um Dia
            A3. Seguirei Adiante
            A4. Tortura Electronica
            B1. Stalker
            B2. Ja Se Passou Foi Mais De Um Ano
            B3. La Declaracion De Helsinki
            B4. Em Algum Passado


            Ones & Sixes - Love Record Stores 2021 Edition

              Love Record Stores Edition available instore from 10am on Saturday September 4th, any remaining copies will be available on online from 9pm on the same day.
              Limited to one per person.

              Stimulator Jones

              Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection

              Instrumental beat record from multi-instrumentalist, singer, producer and hip-hop DJ Stimulator Jones, curated with Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf. Follow up to his debut album, ‘Exotic Worlds and Masterful Treasures’, featuring break out hit ‘Soon Never Comes’. 

              ‘Low Budget Environments Striving For Perfection’ is comprised of atmospheric hip-hop beats, mainly using a Yamaha SU700. Focussed and singular in style, direction and execution yet occupying a suitably stoned, hazy and liminal area which gives way to psychedelic day dreams amd optimistic moods.

              Stimulator Jones counts Billie Eilish as a fan - she has posted his track ‘Soon Never Comes’ multiple times on her socials. For fans of Dan Kye, Matt Martians, DãM-FunK, Mndsgn, Jitwam, DJ Harrison, Swarvy, Butcher Brown etc.

              Artwork by illustrator Adam Castle. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: Super chill syncopated beats and lo-fi instrumental hip-hop business here from Stimulator Jones, swinging between glitchy cut-up scratches and scattered MPC swing. It's a brilliantly psychedelic and brilliantly constructed set of gems.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. The Essence
              2. Dungeon Master
              3.Chill & Sip
              4. How Much You Care
              5. Icy Altitudes
              6. Heat Index
              7. Blowin Gold
              8. Flow Speed
              9. Errybodyguh
              10. Ecstasy Ride
              11. Grover Chop
              12. Thunderball
              13. Figueroa
              14. Watermelon Slices
              15. Rhythm Ace
              16. Peaceful
              17. Spirit (JD)
              18. Vague Vibes
              19. Quarantine
              20. Side Step
              21. Useless Trees
              22. Sun Rays
              23. Juju

              Summer has arrived and with it our first club release in ages, a high energy burner by KΣITO from Tokyo, Japan. We are more than excited to welcome this talented MPC finger drummer Keito Suzuki to fiery post-lockdown dance floors. He draws inspiration from the South African Gqom and percussive music, and in his own stately way he merges big room intensity with an experimental explosion of weirdness. Expect bare bones techno, full of earworm hooks. Tolouse Low Trax and Kӣr complement this record with a bunch of psychedelic remixes, creating a great balanced journey.

              TRACK LISTING

              Kannon Yu
              6th Street
              Ao Zora
              6th Street (Kӣr Remix)
              Kannon Yu (Tolouse Low Trax South Atlas Remix)

              Kevin Low & Fiona Carlin

              The Gayfield Enterprise - Demo Tapes From 1986

                Comes with digital download code.

                These tracks were recorded by Kevin Low and Fiona Carlin in Kevin’s bedroom in Gayfield Square, Edinburgh, in 1986. Me and my dad, Kevin, dug out a huge bunch of his tapes over the lockdown (about 80 of the them at first). Some were…better than others, however, the Gayfield Square demos were the pick of the lot. Previously Kevin and Fiona were part of the Post Punk / indie band ‘Wild Indians’, whose first release “Stolen Courage” had come out in 1983 – released on Flexi Disc via the Edinburgh fanzine Deadbeat. Throughout the mid-1980s they performed across Edinburgh’s clubs, including at the Hoochie Coochie Club (name checked on track 7), where they played alongside bands and close friends Pop Wallpaper and Visitors. The band went on to release two 12” singles, “Love of My Life” in 1984 and “Penniless” in 1986.

                After the band broke up Kevin sold his guitar amp and 7inch collection, Fiona her saxophone and they went out and got themselves a Yamaha RX-5 drum machine, Yamaha QX7 sequencer and a Yamaha DX-100. These bedroom tracks are the fruits of their first venture with this hardware, combining their experimentation with synthetic sounds (mostly the DX-100’s famous pre-sets) with a post-punk vocal style.

                These eight tracks are also, in part, the fruit of the “Enterprise Allowance scheme” - a policy venture of Margaret Thatcher’s UK government that gave unemployment claimants access to an extra £40 to top up the basic dole money. Following Thatcher’s election victories in 1979 and 1983, the policy sought to reduce the figures of mass unemployment which hung over Britain well into the 1980s. This policy, according to Kevin, helped to keep up the credit payments. He notes that, “when Fiona and I turned up at the DHSS office with the sure-fire money-making plan of making a business as a ‘song-writing’ duo they signed us up. However, I still think they thought we said, sign writing as they were filling out the form.”

                Kevin and Fiona stopped making music together shortly after these tracks were recorded so unfortunately, they never saw the light of day…until now!

                Fiona went on to work in Film and Television sound. Kevin became a photographer, working mostly in theatre. He is now an artist/painter working in Glasgow.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. Change Of Heart
                2. Nothing Else Will Ever Be The Same
                3. Your Love
                4. Kylie
                5. Lonely When You Go
                6. Miracle Town
                7. Hoochie Coochie
                8. Locked Out Of Love

                In many ways, DJ Black Low’s debut album, Uwami, shows the signs of an artist’s first offering in any musical genre. Showcasing fluency in a broad range of styles and stuffing a number of ideas to the record’s brim is the 20 year-old producer’s attempt to both introduce himself to a wide listenership and stamp a recognizable sound in their minds. In other ways, somewhat out of the young South African producer’s control, Uwami goes against the grain. The album comes at a time when South African electronic music is being fundamentally disrupted. Amapiano, the electronic music movement which first gained popularity with a small, core group of followers, now dominates the mainstream. Well-known and pervasive, amapiano borrows from a diverse palette of musical styles which are popular in South Africa’s largely Black townshipsjazz, kwaito, dibacardi, deep and afro house among them.

                Instead of pandering to the seemingly insatiable local appetite and growing global penchant for amapiano though, on Uwami DJ Black Low seeks out the limits of the sound du jour and tries to stretch them. On his solo productions, he uses the samples and compositional norms that make amapiano hits the bedrock on which to experiment and improvise. With collaborators, DJ Black Low improvises within the boundaries of listener-friendly grooves. The sound he creates has foundations of what could easily have progressed into captivating amapiano songs on their own. But he uses improvised but structured electronic percussion and distortion sounds to drive the tracks in a particular direction. What remains is something like a deconstructed amapiano.

                For a young producer living in the townships of the greater Pitori area of South Africa’s Gauteng province, there were few avenues available for Radebe to pursue a career in music. His trajectory shows the vulnerability of this pursuit. “I had started producing in 2013 and it so happened that I lost my equipment in 2014. I couldn’t afford to buy equipment. In 2017, a friend of mine who had been making music found a job and decided to quit music. He gave me his equipment and I was able to start producing again. That’s when I started getting back to it. I tried to pick up where I had left off, with hip hop and commercial house but I found that amapiano was the popular music. I liked it, so I started producing it.”

                TRACK LISTING

                1. DJ Black Low & Hapas Music Feat. DJ KS & Patna “Jaiva Low”
                2. DJ Black Low & Tap Soul Feat. Licy Jay & Eto “Emcimbinii”
                3. DJ Black Low Feat. DJ Saxo Boy “9 Days”
                4. DJ Black Low & Kapzela Feat. Licy Jay & MLG “Emonate Oe Bethela D Vosho”
                5. DJ Black Low “Downfall Revisit”
                6. DJ Black Low “Stiwawa Quitter”

                CD Version Also Includes:

                7. DJ Black Low & Mr Perfect Feat. DJ Labengwa “Alone In A Dark”
                8. DJ Black Low Feat. DJ Labengwa Licy Jay & Menate Entertainment “Sbone (Vocal Mix)”
                9. DJ Black Low Feat. DJ Labengwa “Down The Road (Original Mix)”
                10. DJ Black Low “Vula Vala”
                11. DJ Black Low “60 Days No Sleep”

                Jane Arden & Jack Bond


                  Clock, featuring two extraordinary songs written and performed by Arden herself. A vinyl-only edition of 250 copies, with fold-out poster and insert containing sleevenotes by Jack Bond, Sam Dunn, Charlotte Procter and Sebastian Saville. Arden and Bond’s collaborative career gave Britain some of the most extraordinary films it ever produced. Their filmography is woefully short - but it’s full to the brim of incredible, daring ideas and completely unfettered imagination. It’s packed, too, with pain and a disconcerting honesty about the human condition; challenging commonly-held ideas about madness and positing ideas which are far less easy to categorise or control. AntiClock, their final work together - Arden took her own life three years after its release - is a complex, contemplative piece, and Arden’s apparently comforting delivery of her self-penned songs and the see-saw flow of Mihai Dragutescu’s delicate instrumentation act only as a means to lure us in; to begin the de-programming.

                  In Arden's book You Don’t Know What You Want, Do You?, the basis for the network of ideas at play in Anti-Clock – the motif of the rat is used as a metaphor for the rational mind. The lyrics to ‘Sleepwalking’ (living in a daze, wandering in a maze) also conjure up images of lab rats, of unthinking beings adhering to rules and systems, never questioning what is beyond what they think they know to be true. At the close of Anti-Clock, the central character, Sapha, simply says, ‘It has been my whole life's will to decode this puzzle, as though inside the answer to this equation was the insurance of that peace of mind that had eluded me. But there is no puzzle. And the mind is never peaceful. And dawn’s already here as the stars appear.’ 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Sleepwalking
                  2. Untitled
                  3. Untitled
                  4. Untitled
                  5. Untitled
                  6. Untitled
                  7. Untitled
                  8. Untitled
                  9. Untitled
                  10. Untitled
                  12. Who Are Those Figures In White?
                  13. Untitled
                  14. Untitled
                  15. Untitled
                  16. Untitled
                  17. Untitled
                  18. Untitled
                  19. Untitled
                  20. Untitled
                  21. Untitled
                  22. Untitled

                  OK SPIRIT is a new label founded by N.I.B., Kilian Paterson and DJ Neewt. The Frankfurt trio get on message from the off, opening their account with a wild range of contemporary dancefloor adventures prompted by sonic shaman Bear Bones, Lay Low. On the A-side, title track 'Voces De Humo' is an epochal 17 minute journey from the Belgium based producer, twisting searing waveforms and vivid distortion around tribal rhythms in a typically lysergic fashion. The B-side belongs to the remixers, and DJ Plead kicks it off with a growling EBM / Industrial version complete with scattering, almost DnB rhythms, sacred frogs and scorched frequencies. The B2 sees the track taken on a different tack as TNC6 heads for the undergrowth with the humid and transcendental "Needles In The Heart Mix", a ceremonial stunner with a late break into wild rave breaks.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Voces De Humo
                  B1. Voces De Humo (Dj Plead Belly-Roll Mix)
                  B2. Voces De Humo (TNC6 Needles In The Heart Mix)

                  Düsseldorfer’s Detlef Weinrich returns under his Tolouse Low Trax monikor (you might know him as a member of the band Kreidler). His first solo album “Mask Talk” thrives on a feathery beat frequency and cool new-wave-strength. His recently released piece “Corridor Plateau”, which appeared as a limited edition to accompany the exhibition “Corridor Plateau” contains percussive electronics and heavy industry as strangely resonated with much of north west England’s cotton towns.

                  His third album “Jeidem Fall” sounds like music brought down to earth from the heavens. But its a dark cosmos in which there are only fleeting glimpses of light. All eight tracks were composed in a short space of time over the period of just a few months and fit together perfectly atmospherically. With a musical expressiveness that undoubtedly twists your emotions, “Jeidem Fall” attacks the subconscious and clouds the mind. The drums have more movement than on “Mask Talk”, and there’s a thick, noxious gloop gelling much of the elements together.

                  TLT definitely takes inspiration from Craig Leon's first reductive album “Nommos“. There is also a hint of the minimallist industrial music of the Spanish band Esplendor Geometrico in the bubbly textures. Choosing the classic MPC and his small synth setup to make his music, the music has a unique identity. Again Tolouse Low Trax has created a truly mysteriously vibrating musique which offers hypnotic magic for the shadowy dance floor. Only a little light should illuminate the whole thing and the bodies that move above them should have no fear from the threatening percussion. A dark swaying shadowy mass, ideal for those end of the night journeies and possessing a air of dark eroticism. Recommended. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Geo Scan
                  2. Jeidem Fall
                  3. Sa Eline6
                  4. Sussing
                  5. Civilisation Penta
                  6. Barka
                  7. Conpearl Walker
                  8. Words Are Closed Up

                  This is Tolouse Low Trax’s 4th solo album Jumping Dead Leafs.
                  A 38 minutes exorcism, dionysac sexyness fueled with romanticism, made of mechanical incantations mixed with spectral vocals of forgotten imaginary tribes, words from a physicist (Incomprehensible Image), and mystical breathings… To remind you that music is demanding your soul and body, fully. A master irritator, disclosing this talent all the way, down to every chosen title, for the album itself and all of its components (would you put Milk in Water ?). As repetitive or minimalist music may already make some of you feel nervous, it seems more accurate to talk here about primitive music - notwithstanding a non violent anarchism. But those are only words and vain attempts to attach TLT to a region or a family. Neither the burden of classical European music legacy, which eventually lead to pop music, seemed to interfere with his wild mind, and if it is no surprising to hear Bach in German electronic music, there is here a clear statement that you are out of this sirupy prison… For D.W. is a sorcerer. He’s been empirically learning the speaking of trance with years of touring and experimenting with all kinds of audience and venues, from clubs to museums, from Mongolia to Brazil, from his performances with his bands Kreidler or Toresch to solo ones, sustained by a steady limited set up, as the one used when he’s recording : one MPC, rudimentary synths, few effects and a mixer. No sound engineer on stage as only he knows his secret language… Raw dubmaking, leaning towards
                  hip hop, indubitably underlining here a significant distanciation from his previous industrial inspirations. The bewitchment of this record is operating with no warning from the very first seconds until the last epiphany of Sales Pitch. He is using his knowledge of techno, psychedelism (Inverted Sea), UK bass (Jumping Dead Leafs), only to bring you out of it. We all tend to be slaves, without even being conscious about it, and a balance must be existing between being a slave and showing off. Mr. Weinrich’s answer is unsettling because it is an utter call to this balance, in our world of black and white and political correctness. There is no morality in music… Don’t expect anything else than an unaccountable liberating immediate experience. Don’t expect any kind of music because you are already in the past or the future… From his recording technique mainly relying on one takes, his adoration of mistakes and jeopardy, to the core essence of repetitive music, it is all hereabout being in the present. No ears no glasses. 

                  STAFF COMMENTS

                  Patrick says: Dusseldorf's dance floor Derrida comes correct with his first solo album in six years, providing a little club deconstruction for the fringe DJ and haunted home listener! Frankly, no one sounds like Detlef, and as this LP blazes its hazy trail through warehouse smog, dislocated dubspace and an entirely crepuscular strand of psychedelia, it becomes increasingly clear how much we've missed him.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. Inverted Sea
                  A2. Berrytone Souvenier
                  A3. The Incomprehensible Image
                  B1. Jumping Dead Leafs
                  B2. Milk In Water
                  B3. Dawn Is Temporal
                  B4. Pulse Skit
                  B5. Sales Pitch

                  Low Anthem

                  Oh My God, Charlie Darwin - 10th Anniversary Edition

                    It’s been a decade since Rhode Island’s The Low Anthem released their breakout second LP 'Oh My God, Charlie Darwin'. The album trawled a sombre and indelible beauty from America’s troubled waters, and struck a deep chord with listeners. The band’s 2008 self-released version of the disc spread like wildfire via word-of-mouth audience response, eventually attracting the attention of Bella Union and Nonesuch Records. Oh My God, Charlie Darwin was licensed, remastered, reissued and traveled the globe, sweeping the DIY minded Low Anthem along with it. From the ragtag house show hopping, MySpace friending, bar gigging circuits to the venerated stages of Glastonbury, Lollapalooza, Newport Folk Festival, and the BBC.

                    “At first we were pushing the album out into the world, but then at some point we passed a threshold where the album took over, and started pulling us along on its ride,” the group’s co-founder Ben Knox Miller said. “Suddenly we were trying to keep up with it.”

                    A brief survey of late-2000s American popular culture offers no immediate clue as to why an earnest, and largely acoustic folk-rock album would so dramatically rise up from America’s underground - and perhaps no-one was more surprised by this than the band itself. “We definitely worked hard, and we had a lot of luck, but the response was overwhelming,” Miller observed.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Charlie Darwin
                    2.To Ohio
                    3. Ticket Taker
                    4. The Horizon Is A Beltway
                    5. Home I’ll Never Be
                    6. Cage The Songbird
                    7. (Don’t) Tremble
                    8. Music Box
                    9. Champion Angel
                    10. To The Ghosts Who Write History Books
                    11. OMGCD
                    12. To Ohio (Reprise)

                    The 12th installment of Fat Beats’ celebrated instrumental series, featuring harpist, pianist, guitarist and producer Low Leaf. "Not all creation is inspired. It is the Spirit of Life that gives breath to a chord, a texture, a space to explore. Pure inspiration is a direct translation from the cosmic symphony that our collective heart beats to.

                    It is the essence of all that is true, whole, and free. Being planted in the periphery of Los Angeles, I have witnessed the musical landscape’s ever-evolving terrain from a spiritual perspective. I’ve come to learn the gravity of music’s inherent healing quality through life experiences; the ones that have tilled the soil of my being, season after season. By way of meditation and prayer / listening and speaking, we are capable of connecting to endless musical realms within. These are sounds that forever feel familiar, for they bring the spirit home; the return to peace and understanding. My dream is to live as music to the best of my ability, so that the Spirit of Life may use my voice as an instrument for God’s glory. create or die." - Low Leaf 

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Heart Chakram
                    2. Vetiver
                    3. Sup God
                    4. Innermission
                    5. Innersound Oddity
                    6. Tailz
                    7. O’ahu
                    8. Distant Feathers Coalesce
                    9. Black Earthsong
                    10. Pure Satisfaction
                    11. Nu Era
                    12. Entrodabata
                    13. Dusty Stringz 

                    Low Sea


                      Hailing from Ireland, Bobby (originally from Liverpool) and Billie (Bosnian born) from the ephemeral Low Sea compose music that flows like a serpentine river through the uncanny valley. Indeed, the owls are not what they seem—but even such blatant allusions can’t sketch an intuitive image of the sound-scapes woven by this intriguing dyad.

                      This is the duo’s third album having released a mini album on Lefse and a narcotic synth pop album on Dell’Orso and this album further extends their insular grey disco sound.

                      Low Sea’s woozy, gothic take on coldwave synthpop remains intact on Portals, but this time out moving from the shadows to the light of city nights. Intricately layered melodies shimmer and then pick up energy, as Billie’s unique beguiling voice sings of loss and triumph, loneliness and euphoria.

                      As with the last album there is a track mixed by the legendary Stephen Hague (Propaganda/ Pet Shop Boys), the final song All Living Creatures.

                      ‘’There are just not enough superlatives in the English language for that matter to describe how good this band are’’
                      - Dan Hegarty, RTE2FM

                      ‘’the most glorious dark – hewn pop songs – the perfect mix of heart and ice’’ NME.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      1) I Feel Uneasily Loved
                      2) Turn Away
                      3) Hunting For Your Shadow
                      4) Hanged Man
                      5) Sleeping
                      6) Mizar
                      7) All That Fall
                      8) Underground Disco Of Tehran
                      9) All Living Creatures

                      David Bowie

                      Low - 2017 Remastered Edition

                        The four studio albums ‘Low’, ‘‘Heroes’’, ‘Lodger’ and ‘Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)’ have not been available as standalone vinyl LPs for over 25 years and this is the first time on vinyl for Stage (2017), which has 5 additional tracks to the original 1978 double LP release including The Jean Genie and Suffragette City.

                        The powerful reach of Bowie's masterpiece, the first part of the much feted 'Berlin Trilogy' created with the aid of Brian Eno, is still being felt strongly almost 30 years on. Air's wonderful four hour Essential Mix began with this album's opener "Speed of Life", Q Magazine rated the album #14 in it's Greatest British Albums Ever, and Pitchfork, the New Testament for the New Indie generation, recently decreed "Low" as the #1 album of the 1970's. Side A (or tracks 1-7 for those more familiar with the CD format) are classic Bowie ("Sound and Vision", "Be My Wife"), although dealing with the unfamiliar and slightly darker topics of lethargy, depression and estrangement, highlighting Bowie's overcoming of his cocaine addiction. Over on Side B the album's true colours really come through - four ambient tracks, originally rejected for the soundtrack to "The Man Who Fell To Earth" (the source of Low's iconic cover image), which see Bowie pay homage to Can, Neu! and Eno himself. The word 'timeless' was invented for such moments as these.

                        Low in High School is Morrissey’s first studio album since 2014 and was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France and in Rome at Ennio Morricone’s Forum Studios. The record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with Frank Zappa, The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few). Morrissey’s talent for combining political statements and beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on Low in High-School, capturing the zeitgeist of an ever-changing world.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Barry says: Morrissey's new album is brimming with the sort of melancholy jangles and clever chord structures of yesteryear, but coupled with wry and ardent policism, a bit of conga and some flamenco stuff too. Lots of sounds, all worked into songs.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1. My Love I’d Do Anything For You
                        2. I Wish You Lonely
                        3. Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up On The Stage
                        4. Home Is A Question Mark
                        5. Spent The Day In Bed
                        6. I Bury The Living
                        7. In Your Lap
                        8. The Girl From Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel
                        9. All The Young People Must Fall In Love
                        10. When You Open Your Legs
                        11. Who Will Protect Us From The Police?
                        12. Israel

                        Denis Mpunga & Paul K

                        Criola Remixed - Inc. Prins Emanuel/ Dazion / Androo / Tolouse Low Trax / Interstellar Funk Remixes

                        Music From Memory continue to cook up the heaters here, beaming onto your deck with a remix disc inspired by that curious and crucial Afro-Belgian LP. The odd combination of electronic elements, rubberised grooves and the sunbaked flavours of the mother continent took us all by surprise when it dropped a couple of months back - bounding out the speaker like a long, lost twin of Zazou, Biyake & CY1 with just a little extra oddball rating. Now the dons of the 'dam invite a veritable who's who of contemporary production druids to work their body moving magic on a bunch of "Criola" originals. Swedish drum fiend Prins Emanuel kicks us off with a suitably percussive reinterpretation of "KWEI!!", cycling through chanted vocals and pinging synths over an irresistible blend of circular rhythm elements and breezy bass. Next up Holland's afro-cosmic wunderkind comes up to the plate with a "Turtle Maraca" remix of "Intermezzo B" perfect for a memorable night of chicken limbo and lysergic marinade. Picking up where he left off on "Rigola", Dazion stretches the OG into a proper cosmic roller, surrounding the psychedelic flute refrain with shamanic drums, hypnotic sequences and a deep and earthy kick drum. Second Circle's most recent recruit, Androo continues his fine run of early form with an astrally inclined kosmische mix dripping in otherworldly dub elements. The slow and sensual drum pattern holds it down from top to bottom, creating more than enough space for echo drenched guitars, delicate mallets and smooth synths to enjoy an ear pleasing threesome. Flipping the disc we're dropped into the dark and sticky domain Detlef calls home, coming face to face with a transportative Tolouse Low Trax mix of "Veronika". Slicing and dicing the emotive vocals and soft-goth guitars over a typically lopsided groove, the German makes us move...slowly. Mechanical, packed with soul and slow enough to lock your shoulders into a right good roll, it's another eyeball licking masterpiece from Dusseldorf. As we reach the B2 we take a break from the remixes in favour of an unreleased version of "Veronika 02" with about 4 tons of extra electronic bass banged under it - holy heft it's muscular. Finally, Dutch electro chief Interstellar Funk delivers a slow moving sci-fi rendition of "Intermezzo 2" which drifts through the deadzone dodging growling synth stabs and static space junk to the tripped out patter of a rippling rhythm track.

                        STAFF COMMENTS

                        Patrick says: MFM revisit the madcapped magic of "Criola" with a star studded remix package perfect for the more open minded dancefloors of the world. Dig in for Afro-cosmic strollers, deep space rollers, mechanical soul and subbed up dub. A perfect accompaniment to the original, with more than enough retweak to turn the dancefloor inside out.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. KWE!! (Prins Emanuel Remix)
                        A2. Intermezzo B (Dazion's Turtle Maraca Remix)
                        A3. Funyaka (Androo's Romantic Dub )
                        B1. Veronika (Tolouse Low Trax Remix)
                        B2. Veronika V02
                        B3. Intermezzo 2(Interstellar Funk Remix) 

                        Les Graciés is a collaboration in the truest sense between Paris-based sound artist Gaël Segalen and Deepblak co-founder Afrikan Sciences. Segalen’s experiments in electroacoustic sound met the wider world this year via a debut LP for Erratum, an arresting work that showcases her ability to merge hypnotic murk ala Angus MacLise with the hard concréte of Parmegiani & Reibel. Segalen’s IHearU imprint / organization is a platform for her various doings, including psychogeographical audio works and multi-media collaborations, as well as servicing as a reference point for other contemporary female artists working across various mediums. Eric Douglas Porter aka African Sciences has been deconstructing and re-building forms of contemporary Black music since the mid-2000’s, through releases on Deepblak (the label he co-runs with Aybee) and PAN. His musical universe is one of warping cadences and celestial melody, referencing the bold work of percussionists like Milford Graves & Art Jenkins, the dissonant chords of Motor City Techno and stripped back essence of early Chicago House matched with broken Hard Bop sentiments: all tied together with an aesthetic that sits somewhere between Sun Ra’s omniverse, Jean Giraud Mœbius and Dogon cosmology. Together as Le Graciés, Segalen and Porter make a wholly unclassifiable strain of music that, while containing recognisable elements of each individual's work, also creates a third entity in the process, which can be heard to stunning effect on their forthcoming debut LP "Low Doses" for Firecracker Recordings.

                        • 2xGatefold LP from Les Graciés
                        • Strictly limited vinyl
                        • Silkscreened artwork by Al White & House Of Traps

                        TRACK LISTING

                        A1. Salubrious
                        A2. Symetric Relatives
                        B1. Pan
                        C1. Compoly
                        C2. The Entry Dance
                        D1. The Reign After
                        D2. Low Doses

                        Warehouse is a five piece band from Atlanta, GA. The band formed while many of its members were attending school for various useless degrees. Taking inspiration from the 1980's Athens, GA scene (Pylon, R.E.M., The B-52's) and having a mutual taste for bands like Stereolab and Abstract Expressionist visual art, they quickly took on a post-punk style characterized by the spidery and interlocking guitar riffs of Alex Bailey and Ben Jackson, filled by the effortless drums of Doug Bleichner and the agile racing bass riffs of Josh Hughes. The full and textural sound provides a unique body for vocals, added by Elaine Edenfield, whose lyrics can be described as sidewinding and oblique, oscillating quickly between melodicism and contrary roughness, using vocals as more of a physical tool of expression than as a glossy harmony to the sound. Warehouse can be described as breathlessly fast-paced, conveying a deep sense of desired intensity and emotionality. Warehouse's first album Tesseract was self-released in 2014 and later re-released under Bayonet Records. Their new album super low is more concise continuation of Tesseract, while still carrying the prior album's organic and wildly sprawling nature. Largely written in a notorious punk house that was torn down to build a parking garage, the album was finished in a new environment: across from a food mart called super low. The title connotes stark change, but it also hints at the additional psychological undertones of the album's meaning, to move down into more darkly subconscious and deeply endogenous areas of yourself in order to work through them and out. Also contrastingly literal, it denotes Warehouse's self-evident, uncontrived and rough-around-the-edges nature. 

                        TRACK LISTING

                        01 Oscillator
                        02. Exit Only
                        03. Simultaneous Contrasts
                        04. Arbitrarium V
                        05. Super Low
                        06 Reservoir
                        07. Long Exposure
                        08 Modifier Analog
                        09 Audrey Horne
                        10. Garden Walls

                        The Maharajas

                        A Third Opinion

                          First time on vinyl.

                          "In 2004 The Maharajas returned with one of the best garage albums of the past few years and as some sort of a special x-mas present they now come up with a brandnew one, called 'A third opinion'. Well, many of you 'representatives of the good taste' might ask if those swedes can keep up the high standard of 'Unrelated statements' and we can just tell you that there's no need to worry at all, they surely can. This album is a true classic, a monster of a record, honestly. Once again they deliver a superb mixture of wylde sixties influenced fuzz stompers and moody folk ballads that will guide you through the exciting world of garage-music of the last four decades. Their songwriting is absolutely outstanding, which especially their slower tunes show impressively. If you love the Strollers, Backdoor Men, Chesterfield KIngs, you don't need a 'third opinion' to buy this record. Just believe us and get blown away by the magic sounds of The Maharajas. "    

                          The Low Anthem return from an extraordinary five-year journey with Eyeland, an unprecedented collection of multi-dimensional future folk crafted with uncommon vision and emotional depth. The Providence, RI-based band’s fifth full-length recording, Eyeland began as a “vague and rather abstract” short story by co-founder/singer/guitarist Ben Knox Miller, based around the “sonic mythology of a moth’s dreams.”

                          The tall tale became real life as Low Anthem immersed themselves in the creation of their own Eyeland Studios, developing Providence’s once obsolete Columbus Theatre into an innovative and in-demand recording space and live concert venue. Eyeland proves a prism of the album’s inner themes, refracting Miller and co-founding drummer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Prystowsky’s sonic escapades into a full-blown Möbius strip of music and meaning. Low Anthem’s lofty aspirations and creative capriciousness resonate throughout songs like “The Pepsi Moon” and “Behind The Airport Mirror,” their elegiac arrangements and lyrical frankness marked by shimmering ambience and a hauntingly defiant tension. Psychedelic in the truest sense of that overused word, Eyeland is a perspective-shifting musical experience at once elliptical and intangible yet still precise and powerfully personal.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. In Eyeland
                          2. Her Little Cosmos
                          3. The Pepsi Moon
                          4. Ozzie
                          5. Waved The Neon Seaweed
                          6. Behind The Airport Mirror
                          7. In The Air Hockey Fire
                          8. Wzgddrmtnwrdz
                          9. Am I The Dream Or Am I The Dreamer
                          10. Dream Killer
                          11. The Circular Ruins In Euphio

                          Burnt Hills

                          Live At The Low Beat

                            'Hey daddy-o, I don’t wanna go down to the basement,’ spat some lanky bespectacled dope once a long time ago. Trust Burnt Hills to wait until he was long enough dead to afford the opportunity to not have to. Holed-up at the Helderberg House in Albany, NY, these cuddly middle-aged monsters of tuff, levitational, psychedelic thug punk swirliness have made an avant-rock legend of their agoraphobia. They played out a few times over the years – Bard College, NY; Weirdo Records, MA; Ron Schneiderman’s Festival Of Endless Gratitude back during the heyday of that ‘New Weird America’ boom; the legendary Elevens show in Northampton, MA – but their collective heart has remained between four breeze-blocked walls, surrounded by the washing machine, some DIY tools, a wall of 4×12 cabs loud enough to be heard four streets away and an occasional Monday night party crowd, every member of which knows how utterly blessed s/he is to be there witnessing this glorious band take flight.

                            When the party’s not there, the band still is – pretty much every Monday for the past 10+ years now – doing it purely for its own reward. Real goose bump shit. Golden Lab feels no smugness in having witnessed this thing in action seven times now (and sat in on one unforgettable occasion). Rather a sense of longing that the rest of the right thinking world could be afforded the same opportunity. But then, isn’t it the inaccessibility that makes it so special?

                            Live At The Low Beat does much to disprove that theory. The show presented on this LP, recorded to digital handheld recorder and mastered in Manchester, UK by Dom Tanner, took place at a local eatery regularly frequented by the band (the restaurant boasts bottles of BH founder Jackson Wingate’s homemade ‘Flipped Out Records Habanero Death Sauce’ on its tables) on December 4th 2014. It was the first of what, it has been decided, will be an annual Burnt Hills performance outside the basement. Nine of the ten full-time members of the band were in attendance on this night (guitarist Panda was absent) and it’s safe to assume that they were all pretty well smoked, fed and oiled by the time they took to the stage as it doesn’t take long for shit to really fly. Close to 50 minutes in total, this is the most savage, raging, oblivion-bound Burnt Hills set yet committed to wax.

                            There’s a whole bucketload of sensitive noodling amidst the chaos – along with the obligatory shred – but it’s, of course, the six-guitar pile-up that really takes this crescendo-obsessed troupe of suburban weirdos into the ‘Lord take me now!’ zone. As with the prior two Burnt Hills releases on Golden Lab, we feel blessed to be the label putting this out into the world. In an edition of just 250 copies with stunning psychedelic splurge art by Desmadrados Soldados De Ventura guitarist Dylan Hughes, this is gonna fly far and fast. Grip one while ya can.


                            Low : Live In Chicago

                              Recording of Disappears performing David Bowie’s classic 1977 album ‘Low’ in its entirety, mastered by Sonic Boom. Limited-edition orange vinyl, housed in a stunning see-through PVC sleeve, complete with the tracklisting on a sticker, as an homage to the original.

                              The band ran through the album twice on November 22 last year as part of a concert series entitled Bowie Changes, which featured several Chicago-based musicians reinterpreting the Bowie catalogue to mark the opening of the ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition at the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art. “Naturally we chose the hardest one,” jokes guitarist/singer Brian Case. They succeed by being faithful to the original, while turning it into something that sounds very much like a Disappears record. The seven regular songs on the first side are buzzing and muscular, injected with steroids by the ferocious rhythm section of Noah Leger (drums) and Damon Carruesco (bass). However, it is the more avant-garde songs on the B-side that are the revelation. Stripped of Eno’s EMS Synthi AKS and Minimoogs, ‘Warszawa’ becomes an intense battleground between Brian and Jonathan van Herik’s treated guitars, ‘Subterraneans’ swaps saxophones for Rother-esque kosmiche curlicues and ‘Weeping Wall’ builds to an appropriate and fearsome (Berlin) wall of noise. It’s stunning.

                              We first met Brian when his old band The Ponys played a Sonic Cathedral show back in 2006. He formed Disappears a couple years later, and the band have since released five albums through venerable Chicago indie label Kranky, the most recent, ‘Irreal’, coming out last January. They were also recently namechecked in Kim Gordon’s book ‘Girl In A Band’, thanks to her ex-Sonic Youth bandmate Steve Shelley being Disappears’ drummer for a time. In 2013 we got them to record a cover of Kraftwerk’s ‘Trans-Europe Express’ for a long sold-out split 7”, but with ‘Low: Live In Chicago’, they have excelled themselves.

                              Disappears are: Noah Leger: drums/tank drum Jonathan van Herik: guitar Damon Carruesco: bass/vocals Brian Case: guitar/vocals Recorded and mixed by: Mike Lust Mastered by: Sonic Boom. 

                              TRACK LISTING

                              1. Speed Of Life
                              2. Breaking Glass
                              3. What In The World
                              4. Sound And Vision
                              5. Always Crashing In The Same Car
                              6. Be My Wife
                              7. A New Career In A New Town
                              8. Warszawa
                              9. Art Decade
                              10. Weeping Wall
                              11. Subterraneans

                              Dirty Three

                              Toward The Low Sun

                                Legendary instrumental trio Dirty Three will boldly break cover in February 2012 with a remarkable new album, 'Toward The Low Sun', on Bella Union records.

                                'Toward The Low Sun' is the product of the most ceaselessly creative period in the band’s career, in which Jim White, Mick Turner and Warren Ellis have relentlessly made music in different permutations and locations around the globe. No other Australian band has ever impacted on international music in such a subversive fashion. This is a band that exists within itself and outside of itself, generating a massive (and massively influential) body of work.

                                Mick lives in Melbourne where he has built his own studio space, developed a fine reputation as a visual artist and released the Blue Trees album alongside the occasional Tren Brothers release. Jim is based out of Brooklyn but endlessly tours the world, recording and/or performing with the likes of Cat Power, Bonnie Prince Billy, Nina Nastasia and PJ Harvey. Warren resides in Paris, though is regularly to be found touring with the Bad Seeds and Grinderman or working with Nick Cave on soundtracks for such films as The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, The Proposition and The Road. He recently made his acting debut in the film Médée Miracle, alongside Isabelle Huppert.

                                Dirty Three’s live appearances over the past few years reflect the band’s standing on the international stage. All Tomorrow’s Parties invited them to curate a three day event in the UK, and the band has also played at ATP festivals in Japan, Australia and the USA.

                                However, all of this frantic creativity and activity is now merely an exotic backdrop to the release of the new album Toward the Low Sun. A return to the mothership was inevitable. There is a certain magic that can only be invoked when these three elements are brought together. Nothing else sounds like the Dirty Three. They are one-off phenomena. As Warren Ellis says: “There is a dialogue within the group that we are all still keen to explore”.

                                Toward The Low Sun is not a cosy, nice-to-be-back, return to the comfort zone. There is an energy and a raw excitement evident from the first electrifying opening moments through to the album’s finale. In Warren’s words, “Dirty Three has always been about the way we play together and feed off each other. We wanted this one to be a return to the more improvised and instinctive approach of the earlier recordings”. And indeed Toward The Low Sun sounds like a first ever recording, a punk avant-garde art-jazz record! And for all their incredible music of the past, the Dirty Three have never seemed more relevant.

                                Toward The Low Sun is produced by Casey Rice and Dirty Three and was recorded in Melbourne at Head Gap studios and mixed at Sing Sing.

                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                Darryl says: The return of the Australian instrumental trio, 'Toward The Low Sun' is a highly emotive avant-garde album - you can almost feel the baking hot Antipodean sun. Excellent as always!


                                The Best Low Priced Heartbreakers You Can Own

                                  Finn is German singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and fashion designer, Patrick Zimmer who splits his time between Hamburg and London, where he recently found a new home with cinematic music label Erased Tapes – a conceptualist with the voice of Leonard Cohen on helium. Born in 1977, yet combining influences that span decades, Finn had to wander through a playground of electronica and low-fi recordings to get here. His third album "The Best Low-Priced Heartbreakers You Can Own" shows a surprisingly mature and cohesive collection of haunting and mesmerizing songs as a result from his consequential musical progression. Finn lived, recorded and produced the album over the course of seven months in the catacombs of an old 14th century church underneath the streets of St. Pauli. With this release, Patrick Zimmer prescribed himself a concept album.

                                  The Low Lows

                                  Elizabeth Pier

                                    Athens, Georgia trio The Low Lows return to Europe in February to promote their new single, "Elizabeth Pier". The title track is taken from their forthcoming album, "Little Tigers". Backed with B-side "Raining In Eva", and the video for "Dear Flies, Love Spider". Their debut album "Fire On The Bright Sky" was released in October. It's a radiant, desperate prom-night of a record, in which stark southern sweetness gives way unexpectedly to great storms of guitar noise. Sheets of dissonance and singer P.L. Noon's arcing wail conjure Galaxie 500 or "Electr-O-Pura" era Yo La Tengo, while bright walls of country narcosis à la My Morning Jacket crumble into climactic, stomping feedback and lush, sad balladry.

                                    Low Frequency In Stereo

                                    The Last Temptation Of....

                                      The Low Frequency In Stereo release their third album "The Last Temptation Of...", making music that sounds fresh, inspired and focused. Recorded on analogue equipment to get the classic room sound and mixed down on digital to keep the natural sounds on the mood and instruments. Some call it lo-fi post-rock, some call it The Low Frequency In Stereo sound. Some other critics mention bands like Can, Neu and Jesus and the Mary Chain when listening to the bands music.


                                      The Great Destroyer (2018 Reissue)

                                        “From the ominous, post-punkish pulse and clang of opener ‘Monkey’, to the decidedly punky frustration of ‘Everybody’s Song’ and the unapologetic riffing of ‘California’, ‘The Great Destroyer’ pushes the band's sound on to thrilling new vistas” - The Guardian

                                        Formed in 1993, Low are a trio from Duluth, Minnesota comprised of guitarist/vocalist Alan Sparhawk, percussionist/vocalist Mimi Parker and bassist Zak Sally.

                                        Initially garnering attention as leaders of the ‘90s slowcore movement, Low went on to develop a sonic repertoire that incorporated pop, R&B and dissonant rock ‘n’ roll. With this kind of storied history, most people thought they had Low pegged. But then they turned in ‘The Great Destroyer’.

                                        The band’s seventh full-length album, ‘The Great Destroyer’ is fascinating in that it blends the band’s austere melodies (‘On the Edge Of’, ‘Silver Rider’) with an aggressive guitar onslaught (‘Monkey’, ‘Everybody’s Song’) and even melds Low’s varied styles together into a single song (‘When I Go Deaf’).

                                        Co-produced by Low and David Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev), ‘The Great Destroyer’ was a welcome surprise and, in the end, a rock ‘n’ roll revelation.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        Everybody’s Song
                                        Silver Rider
                                        Just Stand Back
                                        On The Edge Of
                                        Cue The Strings
                                        When I Go Deaf
                                        Broadway (So Many People)
                                        Death Of A Salesman
                                        Walk Into The Sea


                                        Lowest Of The Low

                                          From the ashes of Buried Alive and Carry On comes Terror. Holy shit!!! This lot have to be one of the best hardcore bands going into 2003 totally up yer arse mayhem.


                                          Kick It For The Low Times

                                            Lovely majestic, piano-led songs on this debut album from Bolton band Mazeppa. The album tracks range from intense, emotive songs with sweeping strings to heavier tracks with percussive drumming and keyboard riffs.

                                            Hunter Gatherer

                                            Low Standards For High Fives

                                              If you like Small Brown Bike, Hot Water Music or The Get Up Kids then you'll love Hunter Gatherer. From Athens, Georgia this is a brand new set of songs from this fine emo-punk band. The twin guitar leads play sophisticated and subtly powerful riffs and the dual vocals are unusual but work well.



                                                “Despite the commerce involved, we hope you will consider this our gift to you. Best wishes.” - Low

                                                Low’s eight song 1999 release ‘Christmas’ collects five seasonally-themed originals by the band and covers of ‘Little Drummer Boy’, ‘Blue Christmas’ and ‘Silent Night’.

                                                Of the originals here, one (‘If You Were Born Today’) was released backed with ‘Blue Christmas’ as a 7” single in 1997 on Wurlitzer Jukebox and another (‘Taking Down The Tree’) was released in 1998 on a compilation by the Dutch VPRO radio station. 

                                                STAFF COMMENTS

                                                Laura says: "Just Like Christmas" is a sublime pop song with sleigh bells that give it a sprinkling of festive cheer without coming across all "Now That's What I Call Christmas"!

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Just Like Christmas
                                                Long Way Around The Sea
                                                Little Drummer Boy
                                                If You Were Born Today
                                                Blue Christmas
                                                Silent Night
                                                Taking Down The Tree
                                                One Special Gift

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