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The Detox Twins

I Don't Like Christmas (But I Love The Sound)

    The Detox Twins don't particularly like Christmas, but still they have recorded a Christmas single. Why? Because they do love the sound of Christmas, as poet Devi Von Teufel assures us on the A-side of The Detox Twins’ contribution to the eight edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club. Devi's companion, Mark Vorderhaus, the other half of The Detox Twins, backs up her words with a soundtrack of catchy early 80s inspired synthesizer wave and electro. On the B-side The Detox Twins turn the most famous British Christmas rock song ever, Slade's 'Merry X-Mas Everybody', into an electro pop song, with vocoder style vocals by Mark Vorderhaus.

    The Detox Twins is the duo of Berlin-based poet Devi Von Teufel and Mark Vorderhaus, who now resides in Yorkshire. Since 2014, The Detox Twins have released a range of mostly lathe cut 7"'s on Polytechnic Youth, that, as all releases on that label, sold out in no time. In 2019, Polytechnic Youth also put out the duo's debut album, 'Dead Horse Ghost', on which many of the songs that first appeared on the limited singles, were revisited. Besides taking care of the music and sometimes vocals in The Detox Twins, Mark Vorderhaus also does a solo project, Vorderhaus, with several releases for Polytechnic Youth.


    Coloured 7" Info: Limited to 240 copies on snow white vinyl.

    The Dust Brothers

    FIGHT CLUB - Original Motion Picture Score (Love Record Stores Edition)

      Love Record Stores Edition.

      Mondo are proud to present the soundtrack to Fight Club on Vinyl for the first time in over 15 Years. The Dust Brothers only film score to date, Fight Club is arguably one of the most enjoyable soundtrack albums to come out of the 90's and part of that has to do with the fact that it is one of the best sequenced scores of all time. Weaving all of the films cues from the film into 16 songs, the album winds up feeling like the best instrumental Trip-Hop album you've never heard. Buy it, or you will be incomplete. But be warned, this album is not beautiful, clean or perfect. It is not Mint, or even VG+. It is Fair at best. Just like you.

      You are not your record collection.

      Final pressing only 300 copies worldwide

      100 copies for the Love Record Stores Event UK (on sale 20th June)
      50 copies for End Of An Ear (Austin, TX on sale June 20th)
      50 copies for Waterloo Records (Austin, TX on sale June 20th)
      100 copies for Mondo (on sale July 8th)


      2xColoured LP Info: Power Animal Blue Marble Vinyl.

      "I first stumbled across this record on a Tony Humphries Kiss FM Mastermix from 1990. While my obsession with vintage Humphries radio shows is no mystery, "Das Rote Haar“ stayed one for a while. With all the ingredients of a novelty record (German lyrics about someone falling in love with a red haired person), but graced with a backing track that sounded somehow like a Ben Cenac or Larry Heard production and not German at all, it was almost impossible to be placed in any corner. A few years down the line, I finally found out that it was by a - surpassingly enough - short-lived German studio project called Love Club. Behind it was one of Germany’s longest-serving DJs: Jens Lissat. Together with Peter Harder they recited a poem by Francois Villon that was made popular by the late German actor Klaus Kinski and built a deep house instrumental around it. According to the creator the idea was indeed to find a groove that was similar to those of the "cool records going out of Chicago and New York at the time“. So there you go. Re-issued, re-mastered and with a re-designed picture cover, it’s your chance to share my joy with a record that is as balearic as it is basement ready. Including a dub and in case the vocal creeps you out, an instrumental version par excellence. But maybe you will fall in love with the red hair, too."
      Gerd Janson


      says: Once again Gerd Janson works his reissue magic, bringing us a wonderful German House obscurity he first heard in a Tony Humphries mix. Think Sceneries Not Songs era Larry Heard or Frankie at his most melodious, but with a breathy German vocal on top.

      Herb Ward / Bob Brady & The Con Chords

      Honest To Goodness / Everybody's Goin' To The Love-In

        Two classic floor fillers from the DNSC record label.

        Featuring Herb Ward’s 1968 RCA release that goes for around £200 if you can find a copy.

        A Catacombs Club favourite that emphasizes Ward’s deep soulful vocal with a gorgeous call-andresponse bridge that leads into a truly uplifting chorus.

        Backed with Bob Brady And The Con Chords’ blueeyed soul classic from the same year.

        Often compared in style to Smokey Robinson, ‘Love In’ is a brass-led scorcher with a pulsating back beat that could have been a Motown 45.

        Both tracks remastered from the original sound sources for maximum dancefloor effect.

        Jimmy James & The Vagabonds / Sonya Spence

        This Heart Of Mine / Let Love Flow On

          Two more floor-friendly 45s from the Deptford Northern Soul Club’s record box. Includes Jimmy James & The Vagabonds’ super rare £100-valued 45, written by Motown’s Barrett ‘Money’ Strong. A great version of The Artistics’ track on what is an obscure gem from 1966 from the latter-day soul and ska hit maker. Backed with the often-sampled smooth soul of reggae singer Sonya Spence on a Sonia Pottinger- produced track from her £70 album ‘Sings Love’. First time on seven-inch for this class slice of funky soul.


          Show Me Light And Love / Winter Wonderland

            Los Angeles rock band Livingmore’s Christmas single is one in a tradition of American Christmas 45’s that started in 1949, 70 years ago, when the first Christmas 45’s were released. ‘Show Me Light and Love’, the A-side of their single released as part of the 7th edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club, was written by lead guitarist Spencer Livingstone and singer Alex Moore. According to Alex, the lyrics were inspired by ‘my grandmother and all the ladies out there taking care of Christmas’, who are keeping that part of the Christmas tradition alive. The song is a catchy rocker, carried by Alex’s crystal clear vocals and great guitar work by Spencer, and, of course, sleigh bells. For the flipside, the group recorded an acoustic version of one of the greatest American seasonal songs of all time, ‘Winter Wonderland’. Livingmore, with Alex and Spencer sharing the vocals, adds another great version to the many versions that exist of this song that was written 85 years ago by Felix Bernard and Richard B. Smith.

            Livingmore was formed in Los Angeles by singer/songwriter's Spencer Livingston and Alex Moore, after they met through mutual friends in 2014. Alex and Spencer, who are responsible for all the songs of the band, were then joined by drummer Mike Schadel and, since 2017, bassist Rodrigo Moreno. In 2017, Livingmore had an indie hit with their single ‘Really Mean It’, and in 2018 released it on a 7” for the bands appearance on South By Southwest. The band released their debut album ‘Ok To Land’ on Nomad Eel Records last year and followed it up with 3-song 7” ‘It’s All Happening’ in December 2018. With influences as diverse as Garbage, The Kinks, Belle And Sebastian and Roy Orbison, Livingmore have been described as a mixture between Blondie and The Everly Brothers.


            Deep Dark Creep Love

              "Nothing short of splendorious" - NME.

              "The Breeders are reincarnated via Tokyo with feedback and gossamer female vocals" - The Times.

              Critically acclaimed Japanese indie-pop four piece Taffy return this year with their fifth studio album. 'Deep Dark Creep Love' encapsulates the bands infectious, melodic take on the noise-pop genre, with a greater emphasis on big choruses and backing vocals than their previous work. The material has honed in on that classic Taffy contrast which is musically light but delves into dark places vocally. In tone it feels softer, but effortlessly dips into tracks such as 'The Bates', based on Psycho's infamous lead and his sinister relationship with his mother. At its heart, it's a record about love. Whether it's new, old, romantic or platonic, it's about love for the people and things around you, both a love-letter to their fans, as well as a deeply personal insight into romance.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: Huge euphoric rock choruses mixed with shoegazey distortion and swathes of echoing guitar, all topped with a Japanese take on the Britpop aesthetic. It's a mix I would never have expected to sound this good, but I have never been more wrong, and I am often wrong.


              Ltd LP Info: Limited splatter coloured vinyl.


              The Love Club EP


                Enigmatic 16-year old star in the making ‘Lorde’ is Ella Yelich O’Connor from New Zealand.

                Inspired by the likes of Burial, James Blake and David Lynch films – she’s inventing her own sound, writing music filled with inventive lyricism. Currently recording her album for September release.

                "Secret Love" is the first single taken from "Pearl Diver", the fourth album from the German shoegazers Malory. 10 years after their debut album "Not Here Not Now" was released they are back once again.

                Victorian English Gentlemens Club

                Love On An Oil Rig

                Since the release of their first album, The Victorian English Gentlemens Club toured for too long, then locked themselves away. They wrote 100 songs, disposed of 88 humanely, and have now laid out the remaining dozen on a 3" silver platter, for your dirty soul to revel in. Their previous opus was based on a severe lack of musical understanding. Their eponymous debut saw them groping their instruments like over-anxious teenagers, fast, furious and lots of fun. Their second is full of confidence and somewhat brutally, demands your respect. "Love On An Oil Rig" takes triple distortion, the most obscure of harmonies and refracts them through the prism of pop. Where the first record wore its influences on its sleeve, this one stands alone. The stripped down primal ideas are defined and sharp, retaining their well-developed Art school sensibilities of the absurd, the outrageous and the other. Since the recording, a new drummer and fourth club member has been recruited to enhance the ferocity of their sound, taking the noise to the next level with offset guitars, shouts and wails.

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