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Duke Spirit

Cuts Across The Land

    Twelve slices of cool, sassy garage rock'n'roll veering between throbbing slo-mo tracks like the opener "Cuts Across The Land" and "You Were Born Inside My Heart" to spikier more uptempo tracks: "Fades The Sun" and the excellent "Lion Rip". All topped off with Liela Moss' great vocals at times reminiscent of PJ Harvey's best bluesy croon, at others more abrasive and occasionally, sweet and soulful.

    The Bravery

    The Bravery (Special Edition)

      Five more cool but still fun New Yorkers, this lot make post-punk electronic rock / pop just like it's England in 1982. You could fit them in with Franz or The Killers today, but really it's poppy Cure, early Duran Duran or the pre-rock Simple Minds that spring to mind. By the way: this is a Good Thing. The New Romantic era was full of exhuberance and the music was made to get you up and out as much as it was to listen to. And with songs as catchy and uplifting as this, The Bravery will surely go far.

      The Open

      Never Enough

        Choppy riffs open this, then you're tumbling into the comforting open (sorry) arms of familiar, softly jangling dreampop. Makes sense, 'cause The Cocteau Twins' Simon Raymonde is the producer and this song combines an urgent, yearning clench-fisted chorus with swirling, blissed-out verses. Perfect.

        The Hiss

        Back On The Radio

          This lot are from America, but this track has a real britpop / rock feel to it, with its catchy, driving guitar riffs.

          The Hiss

          Clever Kicks

            A little bit Oasis, a little bit Queens Of The Stone Age, this is a pure, driving, rock'n' roll powerhouse of a tune. In fact all three are cut from the same classic cloth, with a little bit of Iggy to boot. They believe !

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