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Pépe joins the Lobster fam after a stunning, twinkling EP of miniature electro & house for Renascence. Taking aim at wider sonic territory, "Lemon Fanta" showcases the Valencia producer's multi-floral sound palette across three shifting times and moodscapes. The A-side is taken up with the epic "Rainfall". Spread across two parts it begins with a galloping percussion section embellished beautifully with emotive piano chords, heartfelt strings and twinkling keys; signaling the beginning of the kind of deep house epic you didn't think they wrote anymore. The track seems to abandon its excess baggage as it progresses, stripping things back to the four essential elements of the track. On the flip, "Lemon Fanta" does a grand job hammering home the record's intentions though glowing melodies and a tropical slant. "Benzine Electronics" concludes proceedings with loopy synth riffs molded to fit into a bright crepuscular haze. Wonderful stuff.


Sil says: Pepe from sunbathed Spain gifts us three stunners of summery breeze and melodic trips. Behind the beautifully crafted cover there are three solid tracks to back it up. No lemons here!

Deep, cosmic, neck-snapping, gut-gurgling electro straight outta the 'Dam via ITPDWIP. Follows a previously huge release on Brokntoys with another four tracks of authentic, x-rated machine abuse. "Blinded By The Light" kicks things off - an emotive micro-anthem for pitch black dancefloors and cybernetic lovers of the night. Over ITPDWIP's taut electro grooves we get a melancholic, almost goth-like male vocal taking about being blinded by the light but now can see. Nice! Jeremiah R has a go at remixing the track. Rolling out machine-code 808s through a slew of hazy pads and creeping bass. Lovely stuff. Onto the side B and don't forget to switch to 33rpm as "I Am Not Him" introduces itself slowly but directly, with swirling pads accompanying a buzzing lead bass and dripping electronic arps. When the beat finally drops its more on that ghetto-tek, electro-funk vibe made popular by Mr. De and Godfather. Street-ready and primed for extended JIT. Finally "Outernet" concludes in suitably narcotic and out-there fashion - a plethora of mechanical sequences converging on some radiant atmospheres and garbled alien chatter. Strong stuff here from ITPDWIP and the excellent Lobster Theremin. TIP.

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