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“A Small Flood” is the first long play by Tuomo Väänänen, co founder of the fine Ljudverket record label. All the label’s usual suspects are present - dub, techno and ambient mainly - and while the end result doesn’t directly fit to any of these genres, there’s enough familiar ground even for the style-specific listener.

Mainly filled with outstanding, cultured, listenable techno, adroitly traversing dub and ambient. Nothing lunky or domineering, dystopian or Gothic, this debut LP generates senses of immediate, natural being out of field recordings (Waiting Halls, Winners, Temple) and the foibles and hiccups of the music-making process itself (New to the System, Sloth, A Small Flood). Highly recommended. 


Sil says: Nice underrated, original and elusive LP when it comes to genre pigeonholing. Techno, ambient, dub? Maybe all of them together, at last. Great way to start the year. An album that can do wonders both on the safe realm of your home or in bars / clubs with decent sound systems. Enjoy.

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Laura says: My album of the week this week! Gorgeous cosmic Americana. As much lazy Summer sunshine listening as it…
Fri 23rd - 10:53
RT @Sinkyateeth: DEBUT ALBUM out 1st June!! Pre-order VINYL or CD here:
Thu 22nd - 12:00
F L O K Bar Manchester sees our Kickin Pigeon grace the platters 2nite from 8pm if anyone's looking for some shelter from this blizzard!
Sat 17th - 5:53
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